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A Question Of Reality - Recap

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The contestants each cope with the news of Tommy's death. Daniel takes it badly while Miljan insists that he'll continue with the game. The host returns at sunset and reminds them that they're in a dangerous place, out in the middle of nowhere, and that it's difficult to get help to them. He informs them that they're still trying to get information on how Tommy died, but that tentatively it looks like a fall. George steps forward and says that he's quitting, but everyone else stays. He goes to the field and hits the red button, signaling the helicopter, and it lands to pick him up.

The horn on the revealer box goes off and the contestants go to investigate. They find a map with an X and the words "What you seek, you shall find hidden on this map" and a box of bullets. Neeko assumes the map leads to a rifle and pockets the bullet over Johnny's objections, and Johnny asks if anyone other than him can handle a gun. Much to everyone's surprise, Sabina speaks up and says that she can shoot.

The contestants split up into groups and Sam follows Sabina. Esther goes with Miljan, while Johnny and Carolina end up searching the same area. Much to her surprise, Johnny speaks Spanish. However, she doesn't commit to telling him if she finds the rifle and then goes off on her own again.

Daniel goes off with Neeko, Irene, and Victoria, and notices two large branches propped up to form an X. Beneath them is a hollowed log, but there's no rifle inside. They return to the camp, where Esther is arguing with Miljan after he admits that he led her in the wrong direction so she wouldn't get the rifle. Neeko explains what they found and asks who was there first. Nobody admits it, and they notice that Johnny is gone. As the sun goes down, Johnny returns and everyone gathers around the campfire.

The next morning, Esther checks on the mushroom supply and Carolina reminds her that the uncooked ones are poisonous. Carolina figures that they aren't lethal and goes to take a nap. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to the area where Tommy died to see if he can find out what really happened.

Victoria comes over to the campfire and notices the mushrooms. She doesn't remember the warning and Esther doesn't tell her, and Victoria eats some of them. Meanwhile, Neeko goes to his bunk and discovers that someone has taken the bullets from the case that he hid underneath his mattress. He tells Carolina what happened and figures that Johnny took the bullets. Neeko goes over to confront Johnny, who denies everything, and walks away, disgusted. Carolina glares at Johnny for a moment and then walks away.

Daniel continues into the forest and finds a shattered tree.

The revealer box horn goes off and Neeko opens the hatch. There's a snake inside and he jumps back, but Sam reaches in and takes it out, figuring that it's food. Neeko sees something underneath where it was resting and picks up a key. Irene figures that it's a key to the shed that she and Miljan found earlier. Miljan takes the key and leads everyone to the shed, while Irene wonders why when he was the one who told her to keep it a secret. Inside are bags and jars of food. Everyone is eager to take it but Neeko suggests that they ration it. Carolina agrees, but Johnny figures that they should split up the food and each person can do what they want with it. Sam confronts Johnny over the food and orders everyone to put the food down and step out. Johnny reluctantly gives in but warns them that they're making a mistake. Neeko gives Sam the key to the shed as a gesture of trust.

Daniel continues exploring and finds a section of ground covered in blood. He also finds a very large animal footprint and tells the cameraman that they need to get out of there, and then starts running.

At the settlement, Johnny cuts off the tip of a finger while cutting wood and he collapses from blood loss. Carolina tends to him as best she can and Johnny refuses to forfeit by leaving to get help. They get him to his bunk and as Carolina bandages the wound, she asks him if he has the rifle. Johnny doesn't answer.

As he wanders, lost, Daniel finds a cave in a hillside and calls inside. After a moment, Sabina walks out and tells Daniel not to go in because there's a drop-off. Sabina tells him that they need to get back before it gets dark.

As Natalie, Irene, and Esther look on, Victoria starts mumbling about butterflies. Neeko arrives and confirms that her eyes are dilated and that she's out of it. Victoria ignores them and goes to her bunk, and Natalie goes to check on her.

As Sabina leads Daniel back to the settlement, he notices what appear to be cavemen drawings on a nearby rock face. They show hunters attacking some strange gigantic creature, and Daniel runs to catch up to Sabina and tell her.

As Esther suggests that Victoria is freaking out from Tommy's death, Victoria screams. Everyone runs in and finds her cowering on her bunk, yelling at them to stay away. Carolina arrives and tries to check her, and Victoria screams that they're all dead. Realizing that she ate some of the unprepared mushrooms, Annie induces vomiting to get them out of Victoria's systems. After throwing up, Victoria says that she can see the sky turning green and burning.

That night, Sabina and Daniel are still heading back to the settlement and hear something moving in the woods.

At the settlement, Victoria's condition gets worse and a guilty Esther suggests that someone take her to the helicopter pad. Sam tells Neeko that he'll back any decision he makes, but that he needs to decide and soon. Neeko wants to take her to the pad but Carolina says that it should be Victoria's choice. When Sam and Neeko try to carry Victoria, she screams and rolls out of their grasp. Working together, Neeko and most of the other contestants pick her up and carry her away. Meanwhile, Miljan and Johnny watch with satisfaction.

Whatever is following them growls and Daniel and Sabina run. They finally stop when they think they've outrun it, and Sabina has the cameraman switch to night-vision.

When Neeko and the others get to the line, they discover that the button isn't there. Esther, Johnny, and Miljan suggest that they roll Victoria over the line and then the producers will come for her. Natalie thinks it's a stupid idea but nobody steps forward to volunteer to be disqualified.

Sabina and Daniel finally locate the settlement but discover that everyone is gone. They hear Victoria screaming.

Annie and Natalie finally agree that Victoria is having a bad trip from the mushrooms. Natalie offers to stay with her throughout the night and Neeko agrees, ignoring Miljan's suggests that they put Victoria over the line. Neeko and Sam carry her back while a guilty Esther worries that she may have gone too far.

As Natalie stands the first watch, Irene asks her if Victoria will be okay. Natalie assures her that Victoria will be fine. Meanwhile, at the men's cabin, Esther and the men listen as Daniel says that he was in the woods with Sabina. He tells them about the unearthly sound and how the creature followed them. Johnny and Miljan both dismiss his story and Daniel goes to bed.

The next morning, the women try to wake Victoria up and realize that she's not breathing. She finally jerks awake and assures them that she's feeling much better. Neeko comes in to check on her and Victoria says that she doesn't remember anything to happen. As the contestants gather at the campfire, Miljan wonders if Victoria is just crazy. After checking on Victoria, Neeko tells the others that she's decided to leave after what happened.

Victoria comes out and hugs Neeko, and assures everyone that she hasn't changed her mind. The others wish her well and watch as she goes to the helicopter pad. Esther insists that it's for the best and that Victoria never wanted to stay after Tommy died. Neeko tells them that Victoria told him that they should all get out as well but she wouldn't explain what she saw. Meanwhile, Daniel runs after Victoria before she gets over the safety line and asks why she's really leaving. She finally tells him that she saw that they're all going to die.