Lyin' and Tiger and Bare - Recap

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Johnny is out in the woods and decides to pick some flowers to start up a courtship with Carolina. She comes over and notices him, and he quickly distracts her by asking what she'd eat if they had their choice of food. They find a large lake and Johnny strips down to his boxers and jumps in, and dares Carolina to come in as well. She does so and Johnny comes over. As he starts to draw closer, Annie and Natalie arrive, interrupting them, and they undress and jump in to refresh themselves.

Neeko and the others arrive and Neeko complains that they're taking time off from searching for food. Esther strips down entirely, while Irene and Daniel stay dressed and refuse to join in. Sabina watches from a distance and notices an animal pawprint in the dirt.

That night, the group gathers around the campfire and Miljan suggests they play Truth or Dare. He starts with Natalie and she chooses Truth. He asks what her favorite sexual position is and she says that she's tried them all. Irene tries to bow out but they talk her into it and she tries Dare. Natalie has her dance and Miljan provides a drum accompaniment. As she finishes, Sam runs over and tells them that there's a fire in the woods. They run over and find Johnny already at the food shed, which is burning. Sam and Daniel go to get water while Miljan accuses Johnny of setting the fire. Carolina tells them to stop accusing each other and admits that Johnny was right when he said they should have split up the food among themselves rather than ration it.

The next day, Daniel, Neeko, and Carolina go through the debris and discover that a lot of the jars aren't there. They also find a kerosene lamp that wasn't in the shack before and figure that someone in the group started the fire. Tempers flare and Sam starts snapping at Johnny. Neeko draws him off and tells him not to let Johnny get to him. He then addresses the group and tries to get them to focus on gathering food. Johnny dares him to admit that he made a bad decision. When Neeko doesn't, Johnny takes over and gets everyone organized.

The contestants go through the forest looking for whatever they can. Neeko finds an electrical cable and follows it to a loudspeaker mounted in a tree. Meanwhile, Sam asks Irene if he can borrow her pantyhose so he can use them as a net at the nearby stream. As they prepare to fish, the horn on the revealer box goes off. Inside are a bow and arrows and they take it back to the camp. Johnny has some expertise skill but misses the target. Sam doesn't do any better, but Irene turns out to be a skilled marksman because of the classes her father made her take. The others congratulate her and Johnny figures that he'll show her to hunt while she shows him how to shoot. Irene tells Neeko that she doesn't like to hurt animals, but he points out that she has to think of the big picture and assures her that she'll be fine. As they go, Sabina gives Johnny a pocketknife that she secretly brought in.

Sam tries fishing using Irene's pantyhose but has no luck. Natalie and Annie come by to mock him briefly and then continue on.

Johnny shows Irene how to track deer by scat. They spot them up ahead and Irene shoots one in the neck. They follow it through the woods when it runs off.

Natalie and Annie go looking for food and discuss strategy. Meanwhile, Sam finds a bracelet in the river. As he examines it, he hears something moving in the nearby brush.

Johnny spots blood spatters and they keep trailing the deer.

Natalie and Annie run back to the settlement and yell at everyone to get inside. She says that they saw a tiger in the woods and everyone enters one of the cabins and barricades themselves in. Miljan figures that they're over-reacting, and everyone jumps when something bumps into the door. It's Sam and they get him in and tell him about the tiger.

Irene and Johnny find the downed deer, and Irene admits that she feels bad about killing it. They prepare to take it back to camp.

Daniel realizes that if tigers are attracted by blood then it'll go after Irene.

Johnny uses Sabina's knife to cut off the deer's head and let it bleed out.

The others refuse to go after Irene but he points out that someone needs to warn them. Daniel insists on going by himself, ignoring the other's advice. He has second thoughts as he goes into the woods but keeps going on.

Johnny suggests that they take the deer for themselves, explaining that they can salt and cure the meat for a long time. She doesn't want to win that way but Johnny points out that they're the ones doing the work and the others wouldn't share. Daniel finds them and tells them about the report of the tiger, but Johnny refuses to abandon the deer until he bleeds it out and reduces its weight. As he works, Irene tells Daniel that he's brave for coming out to warn them.

Sam points out that Siberian tigers are an endangered species and the odds are against them running into one of them.

Once he's done, Johnny carries the deer back to camp with Daniel and Irene. He notices that none of the smaller animals aren't making any noise, meaning that there's a predator nearby. They keep moving.

Sabina suggests that they keep the fire going to keep the tiger away. Carolina wonders if they're trying to scare them and Natalie angrily tells her to go outside if she doesn't believe them. Neeko figures that the producers are controlling everything and have the tiger on a leash, but Natalie and Annie don't buy it. He tells them about the loudspeaker that he found earlier and figures it's all part of the game. Johnny and the others arrive and everyone congratulates them. Even Sam thanks Johnny for what he did.

As night falls, the contestants keep the fire burning to hold the tiger off and enjoy the deer. As they eat, Natalie notices that Sam is wearing the bracelet earlier. It's in Russian and he translates, explaining that it's to someone's aunt and dated 1908. Sam has decided to keep it as a good-luck charm. Something growls in the woods and Natalie and Annie run into the cabin, upset that the others don't believe them. The others figure that Neeko is right and continue eating at the campfire.

The next day, Carolina secretly leads Neeko off and says that she saw Johnny sneaking around. They find a hidden cache of food from the shed, wrapped up in Johnny's shirt, and go back to confront him. He denies it but refuses to explain what he was doing there and walks off into the woods. Carolina goes into the cabin and confesses to Natalie that she feels bad about telling the others what Johnny was up to. Neeko takes the food and hides it in a box in one of the cabins, worried that he can't trust anyone.

Johnny goes off into the woods, finds the flowers he hid from Carolina earlier, and throws them away in disgust.

On video recorded on a hidden camera in the shed, Carolina comes in and takes the food, and then sets the fire.

Sabina is by herself near the river when Neeko finds her. He discovers that she's found the tiger... and that something has torn it apart.