Fire In The Sky - Recap

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Night, and Johnny is out in the woods on his own. The other contestants still believe that he stole the food from the shed and then burned it down, but Johnny insists that he was framed.

In the cabin, Daniel figures that he wants to win as a team. Miljan points out that Neeko is a professional athlete and he's pretending to be trustworthy to win the game. Sam agrees with Miljan, warning him that they can't trust anyone.

In the woods, Johnny dozes off.

The next day, Daniel is the first to wake up. He goes outside and finds a spear jabbed into the ground in front of the cabin, with a note attached to it. Daniel calls the others and Sam translates the note as saying, "Get out." Neeko figures that it's another scare tactic by the producers and tells the others not to fall for it.

Later, Annie and Natalie talk about the spear and Annie agrees with Neeko that the producers are playing mind games with them. Natalie admits that the place is getting to her and she's almost ready to push the button. When she says that she doesn't even need the money, Annie tells her that she doesn't want her to go, figuring that they can win it, and she admits that she needs the money. Angry, Annie walks off into the woods.

Daniel comes over to talk to Sam, and watches as Irene jokes around with Miljan. Sam realizes that Daniel has feelings for Irene, who is hesitant to act on his figures. The bouncer assures Daniel that Irene knows that he exists and tells him that either she likes him or he doesn't, but he can't force it.

Esther is swimming at the lake and flirts with the cameraman. She invites him to join her and he finally gives in. She then gets out, picks up the camera, and films them. The cameraman promises that he'll erase it and she kisses him.

Natalie goes after Annie, warning her that she shouldn’t be alone, She finally stops her friend, who accuses Natalie of turning her back on her. When Natalie insists that she isn't, Annie compulsively kisses her. Natalie backs away and after a moment, Annie draws away.

Esther goes to see Irene and asks what they're going to do with Victoria's bed. When Irene says that no one is using it, Esther asks if she can move in. Irene says that she's okay with it but she'll have to check with the other women. Miljan comes back to the men's cabin and finds Esther packing. She explains that she's going to take Victoria's bed and he suggests that they should team up. Esther says that she'll think about it and Miljan suggests that they should get romantic. She says that she doesn't do romance and reminds him that they're playing a game for money. Furious, Miljan grabs her by the throat and starts choking her. She shoves him away and Miljan insists that he was just kidding, but she walks out, furious.

Neeko takes Carolina into the woods to show her the dead tiger. There's no trace of it and Neeko figures that the producers took it, or Johnny hidden it. Carolina clearly doesn't believe him and Neeko wonders why she's always defending Johnny.

Johnny goes out to check the traps he set, happy that he's on his own. He finds a severed deer leg in one of his traps and realizes that something strong yanked it away. Carolina finds him and tries to convince him to come back. She's worried that it's not safe for him but Johnny points out that she's the one who accused him of stealing the food. He tells her to leave alone and Carolina storms off. After a moment, he decides to go after her, figuring that's not good enough.

Daniel goes over to Irene as she collects acorns and asks him to help. He offers her a flower but Irene doesn't see the point of giving someone a dying thing. Daniel finds her amazing.

Natalie and Annie try to find their way back and realize that they're lost.

Miljan goes out on his own to get food and finds a totem pole. He jokingly talks to it and names it Ogdee, and claims that they're old friends.

The cameraman goes back to tell Esther that someone took the tape. She says that she took it and she'll erase it after the competition... if she wins.

Daniel searches the area and finds an attractive blue stone to give to Irene.

Sabina returns to the women's cabin and Esther wonders where she goes all day. However, Sabina ignores her.

As Natalie and Annie try to find their way back, they hear something moving in the woods. Miljan comes out of the forest and points the way back to the settlement. They ignore his questions and Miljan figures that they're acting suspiciously.

That night, Neeko asks the others if they've seen Carolina. None of them have seen her and Sam and Daniel agree to go looking for her. Miljan comes in and says that he didn't see Carolina, but figures that she's with Johnny. As they talk, the cabin shakes and a green light flares through the window. They go outside and discover that the sky is filled with green flames. Neeko realizes that there's no way the producers could manage that kind of light show, and Daniel realizes that Victoria described exactly what would happen.

The contestants realize that Carolina hasn't arrived and the men start to search for her. Carolina staggers out of the woods, shocked and covered in blood, and collapses. Her arm is cut up and she can barely speak. She finally mumbles that she was with Johnny and they were fighting. Furious, Neeko prepares to go off after Johnny, but Sam stops him long enough to tell him to check Johnny's hands. Sam then tells Daniel to stay with the women while he goes into the woods with Neeko. The women get Carolina into the cabin and promise that they'll look after her.

Neeko and Sam go through the woods but find no sign of Johnny. Strange noises echo through the forest and Sam wonders if they're dealing with something instead of someone.

As the women watch over Carolina, Natalie worries that she's going to end up dead like Tommy. She goes outside and cries.

As Daniel stands watch, Johnny comes out of the woods. He claims that he has no idea what happened to Carolina and is clearly in a state of shock. Natalie comes over and accuses him of attacking Carolina, but Johnny doesn't remember what happened.

In the woods, Sam and Neeko hear Natalie yelling and go back to check it out. When they get back, Neeko immediately attacks Johnny and Daniel holds him back. Carolina runs out and says that Johnny didn't attack her. Neeko goes into the cabin and Daniel goes after him and insists that Johnny clearly didn't do anything. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Sam that the last thing he remembers is arguing with Carolina. Natalie checks his hands and discovers that there are bruises on them, and says that she recognizes the signs.

The night passes and the fire in the sky disappears. Carolina and Johnny are still unable to remember anything, but Johnny insists that he would never harm a woman. Meanwhile, Sabina examines the spear and tells Neeko that it's native handiwork.

While looking through the woods, Miljan finds symbols carved into the trees. He realizes that they indicate a path, and when he follows it, he discovers a metal box buried beneath the last sign. The book is in Russian and he can't understand it. As he thumbs through it, Miljan sees someone walking in the woods and carrying a spear. Miljan hastily runs back to the settlement.

Annie approaches Natalie in the women's cabin and tries to apologize. Natalie kisses her and Annie happily kisses her back.

Johnny goes to see Carolina in the men's cabin. She's sure that Johnny didn't hurt her and he insists that he would never hurt her.

Later, Daniel gives Irene the stone. Sabina kisses a medallion around her neck, while Sam examines the bracelet he found in the river. Esther looks over at Miljan and then turns away.

Johnny asks Carolina why she framed him for burning down the shed. She looks away and he starts to walk away, and Carolina goes out there after him, talking in Spanish. Daniel realizes that she's an actress, while Carolina tells Johnny that the producers told her to burn down the shed and frame Johnny.