What She Said - Recap

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The contestants react to Carolina's announcement that she is an actress hired to move the story forward and make them all look good. However, after the mysterious attack on her and her amnesia about it, she's decided that she's had enough. Johnny is furious that Carolina fooled him, and she insists that she was under orders to set the shed on fire. Carolina goes off to the women's cabin and Sam suggests that the women talk to her and see if she has more information that they need.

In the cabin, Carolina talks to one of the cameramen and demands to see the camera with the footage of what happened. He tells her that the camera was lost and no one can find it.

On the footage from the missing camera, one of the mysterious figures picks up the camera and takes it into the cave that Daniel and Sabina found. They put it with the missing food... and reveal that the person is Sabina.

The next morning, Annie joins the others at the fire. She asks Esther and Sam if they've seen Natalie, but they haven't her

Miljan is studying the book that he found when Sam comes over and asks why he hasn't been anything except sitting around for the last couple of days. Sam then asks Daniel to come with him and do some fishing.

Irene is in the woods with the bow, looking for deer. She hears what sounds like a child giggling deep in the woods, twice, and each time it comes from different directions.

Annie returns to the women's cabin and finds a notebook that Natalie left her.

Miljan spies on Sabina as she's bathes in the river. He notices a locket that she has and starts to examine it, but Sabina circles around behind him and chokes him, warning him never to touch her things. After she lets him go, Sabina looks at the photo of a young boy inside of it. As she does, she hears a child giggling in the woods. Meanwhile, Miljan finds Irene in the woods and eagerly offers to show her some deer that he saw. He leads her away from the totem pole that he found in the woods.

Annie goes out into the woods and finds a sketch of Natalie. She goes back into camp and throws it into the fire, and then reads the notebook to the others. Natalie apologizes, saying that she made a mistake and misses her ex, and she's leaving before she messes things up with him. Neeko figures that it's more money for the rest of them, while Esther figures that Annie had something going with Natalie and now Annie might drop out as well.

As they fish, Sam asks Daniel about the blue rock he gave to Irene. Carolina comes over and Sam tells Daniel to ignore her. After a moment she walks away and Daniel decides to go after her despite Sam's advice. He asks Carolina what she thinks is going to happen and she figures that she's going to be fired, and Daniel figures that it's okay because it's just a show.

At the settlement, Johnny is furiously sawing wood when Neeko comes over and asks him if he's remembered anything about what happened to him in the woods. Johnny complains that he couldn't trust Carolina and Neeko persists, asking if she's trying to scare them. The bullrider says he has no idea and Neeko says that he's glad he's okay. Sam and Daniel return with small fish and Daniel asks what happened to Irene. Esther says that she saw Irene leave with the bow to hunt, while Johnny walks off and they figure he's lovesick.

Miljan leads Irene after the deer he saw, going deeper into the woods. They finally find them and Irene shoots and hits one. However, when they approach they discover that it's a severed deer's head posted on a stick. Before Irene can back away, a spike trap drops down from the tree above, pinning her leg to the ground. Miljan goes to get help.

Johnny is bathing in the stream and Esther comes up. She says that she's admiring the view and takes his clothes, and offers to give them back to him in return for a smile. Johnny insists that he isn't lovesick just as Carolina runs over and tells them that she heard on one of the walkie-talkies that Irene is injured. When Johnny doesn't believe her and asks what her name is, Carolina says her real name is Joyce and runs off. Esther figures that with Irene injured, they're one step closer to winning. She figures that the producers will fly Irene out but Johnny isn't so sure.

Miljan runs back to the settlement and tells the others about Irene. Joyce comes back and tells her that she hasn't been able to get hold of anyone, and they run to the trap. Working together, they try to lift it off of Irene but one of the spikes is embedded in her leg. Sam sees the deer head and asks Joyce what the producers are up to, but she insists that she has no idea. Johnny tells them to tie off Irene's leg and they use their shirts to do so, and then has them lift the trap off. Neeko tells the cameramen to get a medic and the others are furious that the cameramen aren't doing anything.

The contestants lift Irene up, keeping her injured leg above her heart, and take her back to the settlement, where Esther has just arrived. They make Irene as comfortable as they can in the women's cabin, but she insists that she doesn't want to forfeit the game and go home.

Sabina follows the sound of giggling and catches a glimpse of a child up ahead. The child slips into the woods and Sabina can't find a trace of her.

Esther goes in to encourage Irene to quit the game and go home, but she insists that she can't fail. The older woman admits that Irene is stronger than she ever could be. Outside, Johnny warns the others that he's no doctor and Irene needs help that they can't provide. He points out that no one has helped them and the cameramen claim that they don't have any medical supplies. Esther comes out and tells them that Irene isn't good. Neeko suggests that one of them push the button then the medics will come, and Esther agrees even though she'll be taken off the show. She blames herself for what happened and tells the others that she's done with the game, and walks to the helicopter pad.

The others wait around the fire and Sam finally tells the men that he can't take it anymore. Sam figures that they've got no support and he feels helpless, and he can't help anyone. Esther comes back and tells them that the helicopter came but they had no idea that Irene was hurt. The pilot is willing to fly Irene out and says that if they get Irene to the helicopter then no one is disqualified. Everyone tells Irene the news and Esther claims that they said Irene could come back. Joyce says that she'll go with her and they lift Irene up.

Daniel, Irene, Sam, Joyce, Johnny, and Esther carry Irene out of the settlement to the helicopter pad while Annie breaks into tears and Neeko holds her. As they take Irene out of the camp, she says that she forgot her rock and Esther volunteers to go back and get it.

Sabina continues looking for the girl and finds her locket lying on the ground... resting on top of a human skeleton. Shocked, Sabina drops the locket and backs away.

Annie sees Miljan cutting his arm and calls Neeko over. Miljan says that he's marking himself to remember Irene and insists that it's just a tattoo.

The group arrives at the helicopter pad but there's no sign of the helicopter. Johnny figures that Esther tricked them and lied about the entire thing.

At the camp, Esther holds the rock and smiles. Neeko, realizing what she's done, is disgusted but Esther points out that she just eliminated five contestants in one shot. He walks away while Esther just sits and smiles.

Johnny and the others are furious that Esther played them. Figuring that they've lost anyway, Daniel hits the button but the helicopter doesn't arrive. He examines the cable and discovers that there's no wiring in the coaxial and no power. Johnny shoves the post over and Sam attacks the cameraman, demanding that he give them their radio. The cameramen insist that they don't know what's going on and Sam finally pulls back. No one answers the radio and the cameramen explain that no one came that day. Joyce suggests that they go to the base camp where the producers monitor everything. She offers to lead them and Sam says that he'll stay with Irene and get her on the helicopter if it comes.

As she explores the woods, Sabina hears gunshots in the distance and runs off to investigate.

As Johnny, Daniel, and Joyce head for the base camp, Johnny asks Joyce if she had anything to do with it. She says that she hasn't and leads them over the next hill to the base camp.

Irene blames herself for all of them losing, but Sam tells her that Esther was a better player.

Joyce and the others get to the camp and discover that something has torn apart the tents. There's no sign of human life.