Out of the Frying Pan - Recap

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Johnny, Joyce, and Daniel look over the remains of the producers' base camp but there's no sign of anyone, alive or dead. They look for any supplies that they can use and find scattered cans and bottles. Johnny finds a notebook with a script reference to creating Joyce as a love interest for him. Joyce screams and Johnny and Daniel come running, and she points out the blood in one of the tents.

There are no medical supplies and as they start to go, they hear a crashing noise from a nearby trailer. Johnny grabs a tent pole as a club and goes to check it out, and the other two follow them. They open the door and Sabina jumps Johnny. She claims that she doesn't know what happened, and they find a working radio. Sabina tries to get a response but discovers that someone is jamming the signal.

At the settlement, Annie, Neeko, and Miljan are discussing Esther betraying the others. Neeko points out that they'll have trouble surviving, but Esther defends her decision. The group returns with Irene and Johnny demands answers from Esther. She insists that she's playing a game like everyone else, but they accuse Esther of using the injured Irene and turn their backs on her. Johnny explains that the button is a prop and the cameramen don't know anything, and they went to the base camp. Neeko wonders if they made the whole thing up and refuses to go push the button and prove it's a fake for fear he'll be disqualified. Johnny shows him the supplies from the camp as proof and Joyce backs him up.

Later, Sabina explains how the radio was jammed and they try to work out why anyone would strand them and cover it up. Johnny figures that there are at least two sides, the producers and the people who attacked them. Sam suggests that they get proof of what happened to them so they can sue the production company once they leave. The contestants tell the cameramen to film everything so they have a record, and the cameramen agree.

The box siren goes off and the contestants go there to take out the newest "gift": a gas mask. Johnny wonders how anyone is sending them things, and storms off, kicking and smashing things. He finally tries to shove the box over and with Sam's help, tips it over. There's a hatch in the bottom and they discover that it's an automated release mechanism. There's writing on the metal in Russian and Sam translates it to say, "Behavior Reward Simulator – Test Group C." They realize that they're Test Group C.

The group tries to work out what to do next, and Sabina says that they should stay and defend themselves before walking off. Daniel goes to see Irene in the women's cabin and promises Irene that he won't let anything bad happen to her. She smiles and says that she's glad that he's there.

Sam goes over to Esther and tells her that what she did is forgivable... if she asks for forgiveness. Esther figures that Irene will never forgive her, but Sam tells her that it's not up to Esther to make that decision. He walks away as Esther cries.

At the campfire, Annie suggests that they make a signal fire to attract help. The others agree and they go looking for fallen trees to start the fire. Joyce asks Daniel about Irene and invites him to gather wood, and he agrees. Meanwhile, Miljan sits away from the others and watches. Once the others have left, he goes into the women's cabin and covers over the camera with his coat.

Sabina goes back to the spike trap. As she looks around, she hears someone moving in the woods and picks up the discarded bow and arrow.

Sam sees Miljan coming out of the women's cabin, and he says that he was checking on Irene.

The contestants gather wood and Daniel apologizes to Joyce for revealing she was an actress. He admits that he enjoyed her show. It starts raining and Sam goes inside, and finds the book hidden beneath Miljan's bunk. He goes to confront Miljan and shows him the book, and Miljan tries to yank it away from him. Sam pins him to the ground as the others run over, and Miljan says that he found the book buried in a box on the ground. Sam translates the handwritten entries and discovers that it was written by a guard named Kulik in 1927 who found the abandoned settlement and feared the "valleymen." After that, it trails off. Miljan walks away while the others try to work out what it means. Neeko finally dismisses it as another fake clue that means nothing now that the game is over, and they go back to work.

As a storm approaches, Johnny uses his hidden lighter to start up the fire. However, Sabina comes over and puts the fire out, and warns them that everyone will see it: friends and foes. The others realize that she's right, but also realize that they're out of options.

Daniel and Annie check on the sleeping Irene and discover that her leg has become infected. Irene jerks awake and Daniel calms her down. As she lies down, she says that she thought someone was attacking her and asks if they reached the helicopter. Daniel lies and says that it's on its way, and will be there in a day or two. Irene tells him that he's not a very good liar.

As Sam continues translating the book, Neeko suggests that whoever took the rifle should admit it. Sabina admits that she took the bullets but no one says that they took the rifle.

Daniel goes out into the woods on his own and remembers the time he ran when he and his girlfriend were mugged. She was stabbed six times, and now Daniel wants to prove to himself and Irene that he's worthy. As he gets hold of himself, he spots a radio tower in the distance with a light on the top.

At the settlement, Sam translates more of Kulik's diary. It refers to a hostile nomadic tribe called the Evenki. Sam figures that the Evenki set the trap and left the spear with the message to get out. Before he can read further, Daniel comes in and leads them to where they can see the tower in the distance. No one remembers seeing it before and it's fifteen miles away. Daniel figures that it's worth a chance and insists that he's going in the morning. Johnny and Joyce agree with Daniel, while Sam says some of them need to stay behind to watch Irene. Sam isn't sure if he'll go, and Johnny insists that he will.

That night, the contestants continue to discuss whether to go or not. Sabina believes that they should barricade themselves in the cabins and defend themselves. Annie figures that someone else must know where they are.

The next morning, Johnny packs supplies for the journey. Irene tells Daniel not to be a hero and he promises that he'll be back soon. Sabina gives Daniel her knife and tells him to use it if he has to, and Sam finally stands up and says that he's going with Johnny and Daniel. Before they go, Daniel calls the cameraman over privately to record his final thoughts in case something happens to him. After a moment's consideration, Johnny does the same.

Esther goes in to talk to Irene. She apologizes for getting caught up in the game, but Irene just turns away and ignores her.

Daniel and Johnny come back and say their goodbyes to their teammates. After a moment, Joyce tells Sabina to take care of the others and runs off to join the three men. As they hike to the tower, Joyce takes Johnny's hand.

In the cabin, Irene clutches the blue rock that Daniel gave her.

Miljan fingers the tattoo that he carved into his arm... the symbol that he found in Kulik's diary.

As Daniel and the others walk toward the tower, Daniel notices that the birds are flying away from the tower past them. They cross the next rise and find a huge barren chunk of land surrounding a meteor crash site.