First Snow - Recap

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Johnny, Sam, Joyce, and Daniel hike past the blast crater and wonder if it's connected to the green sky. As they stop for a break, Johnny spots a metal door nearby and they realize that it's from the helicopter. Joyce finds the main cabin, broken into pieces, and they realize that they're stranded. Daniel points out that it apparently exploded out of the sky, and they find no sign of the bodies. Johnny suggests that they find shelter and make a campfire as night falls, and tells someone to keep an eye on Joyce, who has found the notepad belonging to the host.

At the settlement, Irene moans in pain, waking the others. Annie goes over to reassure her and they realize that the temperature has dropped despite the fact it's the middle of summer. Sabina is gone and when Miljan tries to open the door, they realize that it has snowed.

When the group at the helicopter wake up, they discover that the area is also covered in snow. It's too wet to start a fire, and Johnny says that they won't have enough food to get back to the settlement so they have to continue on to the beacon in the hopes there is rescue there.

At the settlement, Annie warns the others that she doesn't know if Irene will survive. Irene asks Annie to pray for her, and Annie hesitantly improvises a prayer on the spot. When Irene asks if she is religious, Annie says that she used to be. Neeko and Miljan bring back blankets and mattresses to block up the windows, and tell the women that Sabina has disappeared. Miljan wonders what they're going to do about Irene if the others don't come back with help. Neeko asks if he has a plan and Miljan suggests that they put her down because the others are probably dead and there's no help coming. The others object and a disgusted Miljan tells Neeko that he's a coward. Neeko tells everyone to stay put and try to heat the cabin, and wait for the others to come back with help.

Johnny and the others make their way through the snow to a clearing. They realize that they're still miles away and Johnny says that they have to keep moving so they can make it by night. While Joyce and Daniel go ahead, Sam warns Johnny that it's bad.

Sabina returns to the cabin with supplies and warm clothes. She tells them that she stole from the camp and hide in the cave until the last of them were gone. Since the game is over, Sabina has brought everything back. She suggests that everyone bring out anything that they've been hoarding. Everyone insists that they have nothing, and Sabina offers to take them to the ruined base camp so they can get the clothes there.

As they head for the beacon, Sam wonders what happens if they get there and there's nothing there. The group comes to a river and Johnny suggests that they walk down the bank and find a spot where it narrows.

At the settlement, Irene thanks Annie for helping her. She asks about the prayer that Annie said earlier and the veterinarian says that it's something her mother said to her when she was little. Annie tells Irene that she was raised Catholic but never believed in God. Annie says that everything that's happened, how couldn't there be a God.

The group parallels the river until they find a narrow spot that has frozen over. Johnny tosses his bag across and makes his way safely across. Joyce goes next and makes it to the other side.

Sabina takes Neeko, Esther, and Miljan to the base camp and they search for clothing. They find it and take everything that they can. among the items Esther finds a metal key-like object in a bag.

Daniel makes it across and Sam goes last. The ice starts to break beneath him and his foot goes briefly into the water. They have no way to dry it and Sam tells them to keep moving.

As Neeko and the others head back, they hear something howling in the distance. They find the tribal pole in the middle of the woods and Miljan quickly goes by, ignoring it.

The first group keeps walking, huddling occasionally for warmth. Sam keeps losing his footing but insists that he's fine. He finally falls and tumbles down a slope, and the others go to help him. Johnny checks his foot and discovers that Sam has frostbite.

Sabina's group gets back to the settlement but Esther says that she has to go pee.

When he realizes that he can't move, Sam tells the others to go on with him because he can't make it.

Neeko and the others are unpacking the food when they hear the revealer box go off. They run out to where Esther is digging up the box. Miljan starts pounding on it, furious, and runs off when Neeko stops him. The others try to work out how to get it open, while Miljan goes back to the cabin with Irene and Annie. He takes down a cord and tries to kill Irene, and the others hear Annie yelling as she tries to stop him. They run back and restrain Miljan, who insists that Irene asked him to. Neeko throws him out in the snow and then beats him until Sabina stops him. She calms Neeko down and says that they'll tie Miljan up.

The group ties up Miljan in the other cabin and Sabina stands guard over him. Esther sits down with Neeko and wonders how they're going to escape, and he says that all they can do is try and get the revealer box open.

Sam goes into shock while Johnny tries to light a fire without success. The bouncer tells them to use the pages from Kulik's journal to light a fire, but he doesn't remember what happened to it.

At the settlement, Sabina thumbs through the journal. When Miljan complains, she throws it in his face, starts choking him, and warns him that if he ever touches Irene again then she'll kill him.

Johnny tells Joyce and Daniel that they have to leave Sam behind if they hope to survive. Daniel points out that Sam would never leave Johnny to survive, and Johnny admits that he's right. The computer programmer volunteers to stay, but Johnny warns him that he'll die if he stays. Daniel tells them to get help and come back, and Joyce hugs him once before leaving with Johnny.

Neeko tries to pry open the revealer box with a hatchet but has no luck. Esther finds a keyhole and realizes that it matches the key she found at the camp. They insert it and open the box. Inside is rice, vodka, a copy of The Idiot, sleeping pills, chocolate... and matches.

Daniel buries Sam in snow to keep him warm and wonders if he made the right choice.

Once they get the fire started, Sabina pours the vodka on Irene's wound to sterilize it and Esther suggests that they give her the sleeping pills. Miljan yells for them to help him, saying that he's freezing, and Neeko suggests that they let him starve. Sabina suggests that they give him water but nobody offers to take it. Esther agrees to do it once Sabina confirms that Miljan is tied up. When she goes to the other cabin, Miljan insists that Irene asked him to help. She refuses to untie him and Miljan spits the water in his face. he then says that he knows Esther took something out of the revealer, and threatens to tell the others unless she releases him.

Daniel tries to keep Sam awake but the bouncer passes out. Johnny and Joyce return and try to wake Sam up, saying that they found shelter. Sam wakes up and they tell him that they'll be all right. They help him up and take him to a downed tree. Johnny builds a fire while Joyce tries to keep Sam awake. Once the fire is going, they try to dry out his foot.

That night, the group at the settlement drinks some of the vodka. Annie figures that the others are dead.

At the tree, Daniel figures that they're only a few hours away from the beacon. Johnny warns that they're in no condition to carry Sam.

Neeko suggests that everyone relax and enjoy the moment and offers a toast. Esther passes, saying that she doesn't drink. Sabina has a musical card that she found at the base camp and gives it to Annie to give to lift her spirits.

As they huddle in the cold, Daniel hopes that Irene is okay.

The next morning, Annie is the first to wake up. She checks on Irene and discovers that she's gone. Annie wakes up the others and they go out to search. Sabina stays behind to find her shoes, and finds the empty bottle of sleeping pills... and remembers that Esther didn't drink.