A Gathering Fog - Recap

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At the settlement, Neeko and the others realize that Miljan has somehow escaped and Irene is missing. They call to Irene but get no response.

Johnny gathers wood, waking up Joyce. Sam tells her that he's okay and Johnny says that they need to get moving once the fire warms them up. As Daniel wakes up, he tells Sam that his foot is looking better. They check their water and discover that it's frozen, and Johnny asks Sam if he can walk. The bouncer says that he can do it and they prepare to move out. However, Joyce realizes that the beacon is gone. Disoriented in the forest, they have no idea which direction they were going toward it.

The settlement group tries to find the missing contestants' tracks. Sabina hears the music from the musical card she gave to Irene and they follow the sound and see a hand sticking out of a snowbank. They run over and dig out the body, and realize that it's Natalie. Annie breaks into tears, insisting that Natalie went home, and Neeko holds her in an effort to comfort her.

The expedition group tries to work out what to do next. Johnny picks a direction, insisting that it's at an angle to the way they came. Sam asks if he's sure, admitting he has no idea, and Daniel says that they have to go. With no other options, the group heads out.

Esther insists that Miljan is responsible for killing Natalie, pointing out that he tried to euthanize Irene and strangle her. Neeko points out that the producers would have done background checks, but Esther insists that she doesn't know who any of them. She figures that they may have wanted a psychopath on the show for entertainment value. Sabina continues digging and discovers that Natalie's stomach is gone, and she tells the others that a human couldn't have done that.

As they continue through the forest, Daniel and Joyce admit that they don't know if they can make it. Sam's secretly tells the cameraman that his foot is getting worse and they're not going to make it, while Johnny worries that he made a mistake and gotten them all killed. Joyce finally asks Johnny if he knows where he's going. He insists that they have to keep going and says that there's a clearing past the next ridge. However, he suggests that they should go back to the shelter. Daniel points out that's the worst thing anyone can do in a survival situation and they continue together.

Neeko and Esther decide that they have to keep looking for Irene. Annie refuses to leave Natalie, insisting that she has to be buried. Esther volunteers to stay and help her while Neeko and Sabina continue looking for Irene, and Neeko reluctantly agrees. As they continue searching, Neeko asks Sabina what's happening and she finally suggests that it might be an animal. He figures that she's keeping secrets and Sabina finally tells him that Natalie has the same wound that the tiger did. She doesn't know what animal it is, and Neeko demands to know why the producers would send them there if it wasn't safe. Sabina says that she doesn't have an answer and keeps walking, and Neeko finally follows her.

Sam falls further and further behind. They finally make it to the top of the ridge but there's nothing ahead but an empty field. Sam asks Johnny what they're going to do now and the bull rider admits that he's out of answers. Johnny insists that he oriented themselves on the fire they set up and angrily hits Sam when the bouncer says that the beacon isn't there. Sam dares him to hit him and Johnny shoves him repeatedly, insisting they should have left him for dead. He blames Sam, saying that if they had gone on without him, they would be at the beacon by now. Sam says that he understands and tells Johnny that as the leader, he needs to focus and be strong. He assures him that there's no fault. Meanwhile, Joyce sees some footprints and insists that the others follow her. They go after her with Sam in the rear.

Annie and Esther try to dig a grave with their bare hands but discover that the ground is frozen solid. Esther remembers that there's a shovel in the men's cabin and they go back to get it.

The expedition group follows Joyce, who starts hallucinating. Daniel soon realizes that there are no footprints and she's deranged from the cold and heat. Sam collapses and Daniel tries to get him up. Meanwhile, Johnny sees something shiny in the woods ahead. He points it out to the others and they confirm that it's there. They try to get Sam up but he tells them to go on without him while he takes a break. Once they move on, Sam lies back and passes out.

Sabina and Neeko continue searching until Sabina finally collapses on her knees, sobbing. Neeko comes back for her and asks what's wrong, and she says that she's tired and unsure she won't get home. When Sabina says that she may not see her son again, Neeko is surprised to learn she has a son. She explains that her son is ten years old and she hasn't seen him for years because he's with his father, a horrible man. Sabina grew up in an orphanage and her husband was one of the staff members, and Neeko realizes what she means. He says that she can stay there but Sabina insists that she'll continue. She then tells Neeko that she joined the Army and was assigned to escort a high-ranking official. She found him with a young girl and started beating him. The Israeli Army discharged her and she couldn't get her son back, and Sabina joined the game to get enough money to get her son back. Neeko tells her that she'll see his son again and they'll get through it. Sabina gets control of herself and thanks him, and they continue their search.

Johnny, Daniel, and Joyce find a large tower with a ball-shaped object at the top. They figure that civilization must be close and Johnny starts climbing the girders to check the horizon. Meanwhile, Joyce sees a sign nearby and goes over to see what it says. It's an electricity hazard warning, and a shock knocks Johnny off the tower and into the snow below. Daniel confirms that there's no pulse and he tries to apply CPR even though he doesn't know what he's doing. He gives up after a minute, but Sam staggers over and performs CPR on their friend. Johnny finally revives and they get him on his feet. He tells them that he saw a building and points out the direction they need to go.

Esther and Annie come back with the shovel and try to dig a grave, but the ground is still too hard. Annie admits that she can't bury her friend, and Esther assures her that Natalie knows she tried her best. The younger girl apologizes to Esther for being so mean to her, and Esther says that she's just trying to make it right. Esther makes a crude cross and gives it to Annie, and they place it where the body lies. Crying, Annie says that she's sorry for what happened to her. Once she's done, Esther tells her that they have to go... and something moves out of the woods and attacks them.

Neeko and Sabina keep searching as a fog comes up out of nowhere. Sabina says that they have no choice but to go back, but Neeko figures that their teammates are close by.

The expedition group keeps going toward the building as a fog comes up. Joyce finally collapses, sobbing, and Johnny goes back for her. He tells her to get up, promising her that they're close, but she insists that she can't do it. Johnny picks her up and carries her, assuring Joyce that he has her. He keeps stumbling and falling, and finally he can't go any further with her. Johnny admits that he isn't strong enough and Joyce tells him to go without her. Daniel comes back and tells them that the building is just ahead. He helps them up and leads them to the building.

The travelers get to the building and Johnny pounds on the door. He gets no response and confirms that the door is locked. There are several other outlying buildings and he runs to check them. They're also locked and nobody responds to their cries for help. Johnny breaks a window and climbs inside, while Sam finds a sign. He translates it for the others, saying that it's a Russian Science Center.

Sabina and Neeko continue through the fog. As it gets dark, Sabina insists that they have to go back. As they turn, she sees large animal footprints in the snow and tells Neeko that she's seen them before.

Johnny finally gets the door open and the others go inside. Sam finds some blankets and Johnny locates a microwave, and they settle in, happy to be alive. There's food and pop in the refrigerator and winter gear hanging up in a closet. As Johnny puts on a coat, something rattles against the walls.

Neeko and Sabina realize that they're lost. They find Natalie's grave marker but there's no sign of Annie and Esther. Sabina sees more animal footprints and drag trails, and tells Neeko that she doesn't think their friends made it back to the settlement.