Strange Bedfellows - Recap

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The Evenki take Neeko, Sabina, and Miljan through the woods but refuse to say anything or answer their questions.

At the research station, Johnny, Sam, Daniel, and Joyce debate what to do and whether they go back for the others. Sam warns that they won't survive, and Johnny says that the others are probably dead by now. Daniel storms off, furious that they're abandoning their friends. Joyce comes over to bring him some boots and comfort him and he complains that his whole plan was stupid. Daniel figures that they're no safer than they were, and he can't make sense out of anything that has happened. Joyce finally tells him to man up and asks him to fix the radio, and Daniel brusquely thanks her for the boots and goes to check the beacon.

Neeko and the others are taken to a primitive camp where more of the Evenki watch them. They're shoved in a tent and find Esther and Annie inside. The women warn their friends that the Evenki don't like it if they talk, and that they caught a glimpse of Irene in another tent but don't know how she's doing.

Sam and Daniel examine the shattered beacon and Sam figures that they can fix it between the two of them. Daniel isn't so sure and looks at the tower, and then tells Sam that he can make a loop antenna by looping the wire around the roof. He asks Sam to get him as much wire as possible and they go to work.

Johnny checks in on Joyce, who is searching for cell phones among the former residents' locker. He talks about how something weird is going on and suggests that the scientists found something they weren't supposed to.

Inside the Evenki tent, Annie mentions that the Evenki were described in the journal. Neeko finally gets irritated and goes out to do something, but the Evenki grab him. One of them finally speaks up and asks who they are. She tells them that they are trespassers and Neeko explains that something went wrong with the show they were on and they just want to go. The woman says that they warned them but they wouldn't leave, so now they are in much trouble and the shaman will decide what to do with them. The translator walks away and Sabina gets Neeko back into the tent.

Joyce and Johnny hear the falcon moving in the lab and she goes to see it, ignoring Johnny's objections. She wants to release the bird but Johnny refuses to get any closer to it. Johnny spots a large object covered by a tarp and removes it, and discovers that it's a revealer box like the one at the settlement.

Miljan notices that the Evenki are distracted and suggests that they run. The others refuse to abandon Irene and point out that they have nowhere to run. The blonde girl that Sabina saw in the woods tosses them a blanket and Sabina explains to her teammates that she met her before.

When Daniel and Sam go back to the lab, they see the revealer box and Sam translates the reading as Primate Studies Test Group Studies A. Joyce points out that the revealer box said Test Group C, and Daniel realizes that it's a Skinner box. He explains that they reward animals that perform appropriately, and Johnny wonders if the dead scientists were studying them. Sam tells them to focus on the antenna. Joyce still wants to free the bird and Johnny tells her to drop it.

The Evenki shaman enters the tent and takes some of the hallucinogenic local mushrooms. The translator explains that it will let him see the future and decide what to do with their prisoners. The shaman growls and gestures at them, and then walks out, his eyes glowing silver. The translator doesn't know what it means and goes out. The blonde girl comes over and tells Sabina that she hopes her people don't hurt them. She introduces herself as Sasha and they watch as the shaman wanders around the camp.

As they look for wire, Johnny tells Joyce that he wants to get ahold of her friends. She says that they just hired her for a job, but Johnny tells her that he saw the producer's notes for her telling her to start a relationship with him.

The translator calls the group out and tells them that the shaman has said that they must leave. The Evenki will take them over the ridge to where white men are there that can help them. However, they are banished and must never return. The group thanks them and asks to see Irene, and the translator has Sasha take them over to another tent, filled with animal totems. Irene is there and glad to see them all. Her fever is gone and they're surprised to discover that her leg is healing. Sasha explains that her people put healing herbs on the leg to make her better. Irene asks about the others and they say that they haven't seen them, but they're fine. Neeko explains that the Evenki are going to take them to people who can rescue them, and Irene is relieved that they're finally going home. Esther finally tells them that Natalie didn't make it and that she and Annie had a ceremony for her.

As Irene takes in the news, they hear people screaming outside. They look out and see the Evenki bring in one of their own, badly injured, and the group wonders who did it.

Sam and Daniel start wiring up the roof with the wire they've found. As they work, Daniel asks if Irene will be okay and his friend assures him that she's in good hands. Sam tells Daniel that he needs to focus on the work.

Johnny tells Joyce that he was always honest with her, but she points out that he was flirting with Esther. She also says that the producers did background checks on everyone and she knows that he isn't a rodeo ranger from North Carolina. When Joyce asks him what he wants the money for, Johnny refuses to answer and Joyce walks away.

While they wait for the Evenki to come back, Sabina shows Esther the empty pill bottle of sleeping pills that she found on her bed. Esther claims that she has no idea what it is. The translator comes back in and says that the valley men, the Mangini, attacked their man. The Mangini are their enemies and bad things have happened since the group broke the truce by entering the territory. The valley men believe that the group are with the Evenki and have launched a new round of attacks. Esther insists that they have to go back to the settlement to get their supplies, and the translator says they will go there because it is on the way to where they are going.

Joyce sits by herself and breaks into tears. Johnny finally comes over and finally holds her despite her efforts to shove him away. He tells her that everything will be okay and helps her get control of herself.

As Sam and Daniel work, Daniel falls off the ladder and cuts his head.

Johnny and Joyce are kissing when Sam comes in to get their help. They quickly break apart and go outside to help Daniel. He insists that he's okay and they just need to do one more thing to finish the antenna. Working together, they get it up while Sam admires his friend's intelligence and courage.

As night falls, Sabina talks to Sasha and confirms that the translator looks after her. The girl doesn't remember much about her mother but she remembers that her father was an American scientist. He taught the translator, Mekilik, how to speak English when he lived with the Evenki. All Sasha will say is that her father is gone, and Sabina says that she's sorry. She shows Sasha a picture of her son and the girl asks where he is now. Sabina says that he's back home and she's going to get him when she escapes, and she hopes Sasha can meet him.

Inside the tent, Miljan explains that the valley men aren't a tribe. Annie wonders if the Manjini were the ones who killed Natalie, while Miljan wonders if they can trust Sabina after she kept the existence of Sasha secret. Neeko figures that they need to be careful but Esther points out that they have to trust the Evenki. Meanwhile, Mekilik calls Sasha into her tent.

At the science center, Daniel tunes in the radio and they hear someone speaking in Russian. Sam gets on the radio and tries to reach them.

Mekilik serves the group food and Neeko introduces himself. She tells them that the shaman is with the injured man and that the punishment has come again. Mekilik talks about how a hundred years ago, their god Ogdy punished their people by flattening the land and setting the sky on fire when their faith in him wavered.

Sam and the cameraman write out a list of Russian words for Daniel to read slowly over the radio in the hopes that they'll get a response. While Daniel starts reciting, Sam talks about the children at the neighborhood center that he works at, and Joyce is grateful that the others helped her.

The next morning, Mekilik gets the group onto sleds and they say their goodbyes before departing.

Daniel continues speaking Russian over the radio but gets no response. Joyce comes in to relieve him but he insists on continuing.

The Evenki take the group to the settlement and they split up to gather anything useful. As they get the food, Miljan reminds the others that Neeko was hording food. Esther brings out a large duffle bag and Miljan helps her carrying it. They take a moment to look back at the place that has been their home and then turn and leave.

Joyce takes the falcon out of its cage and releases it. Meanwhile, Johnny records a statement about how he has people back home that he needs to get back for, and he's not going to make idiot decisions that will put that at risk.

Daniel dozes off, unaware that someone is responding. The cameraman grabs the radio and responds, waking up Daniel, who calls for the others.

As the group keeps going, they spot a strange domelike structure in a field ahead. Mekilik tells them that the place is cursed and they can't go that way. They get back on the sleds and go away, and Mekilik tells Miljan that there are strange places in the woods that affect the mind. People forget where they are and get lost, and not even the animals dare live there.

Joyce and the others run in and the cameraman tells Sam what happened. They pick up the signal again and their cameraman speaks in Russian to the other person. Johnny runs back to the map so they can provide their location.

The group continues through the woods until the Evenki stop. Mekilik that it is far as they can take them because the Manjini territory is ahead. If the group keeps going, they will find their people. Miljan sees a sign on a tree and Mekilik explains that it marks the borders of the valley men territory. Irene gets out of the sled to walk, and thanks Mekilik for saving her life. Sabina hugs Sasha and tells the girl to take care of herself. The girl tells her not to run if she sees "them," but doesn't say who she means. As the Evenki walks off, Miljan points out the strange boots that they're wearing. Mekilik explains that those are the feet of the valley men and they wear them to disguise their own footprints and confuse their enemies.

Daniel works out their location and the cameraman reads it off. The radio goes dead for several seconds, and then someone responds. The cameraman says that they're coming to rescue them and everyone cheers.