Series 2

7 :02x01 - Series 2, Episode 1

Martha is defending Brendan Kay, a member of one of capital’s hugest crime outfits the Farr Family. He has been accused of blinding a car wash attendant who disrespected Jody Farr. He was found with the victim’s blood on his shoes and confessed in the back of a police car making it look a hard case to win. Martha’s job is made even harder as Brendan’s solicitor, Micky Joy, walks both sides of the line. Clive works on a sensitive case with a new solicitor called George Duggan, and is surprised after he discovers that he’s met his match.
Guest Stars: Alan Lambie as Juror #2 | Nicholas Jones as Judge Goodbrand | Greg Bennett as Court Usher | Shanaya Rafaat as Fatima Ali | Phil Deguara as PC Brett | Jonathan McGuinness as Derek Storey | Seun Shote as Gaoler | Paul Kynman as Brendan Kay | Claire Porter as Female Silk | Finbar Lynch as Jody Farr | Kemal Sylvester as Prison Officer | Christopher James as Court Clerk
Director: Peter Hoar
Writer: Peter Moffat

8 :02x02 - Series 2, Episode 2

Martha has to represent Captain Ed Ryan during a Court Martial. He has been accused of disobeying an order, which resulted in the death of a 19-year-old private. Martha seeks tfor he truth which she believes is hidden beneath words of loyalty and honour. Clive is tempted after Caroline Warwick offers him some juicy prosecution work to help his silk application. Billy ends up warning him to keep his relationship with George Duggan purely professional.
Guest Stars: Shanaya Rafaat as Fatima Ali | Tim McMullan as Judge Hoyle | Sonia Ritter as Mrs. Rivers | Jamie Parker as Captain Robert Cassidy | Andrew Woodall as Major Scotter | Matthew McNulty as Captain Ed Ryan | Tom Beard as Lt. Col. Jack Clemence | Mark Lewis Jones as Sgt. Major Chris Pierce | Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Paul McGovern | Joshua Mayes-cooper as Private Andy Bloxham | Ian Mann as Journalist
Director: Peter Hoar
Writer: Peter Moffat

9 :02x03 - Series 2, Episode 3

Clive is in the city of Oxford to prosecute three male students who have been accused of sexually assaulting a young waitress. The three silks up against him attempt to use who playground tactics to beat him. Clive starts to lose his nerve but following a chance encounter with former friend Ed Marmor his confidence improves and he discovers a passion for prosecuting which he didn’t know he had. Martha is defending Ricky Armitage, who has wrecked his local mini-mart and attacked the owner.
Guest Stars: Robin Soans as Henry Zucker | Stephanie Street as Tavishi Gupta | Morgan Watkins as Ricky Armitage | James Northcote as Tom McFarland | James Musgrave as Andrew Redford | Jack Farthing as Patrick Telford | Malcolm Sinclair as Hugo Milson QC | Ray Fearon as Roland Boyce QC | David Bark-Jones as Gareth Wells QC | Tamla Kari as Izzy Calvin | Rhashan Stone as Ed Marmor | Simon Chandler as HHJ Sadler | Simon Wilson (3) as Paddy Caffrey | Simon Merrells as Peter Craven | Kaye Wragg as Jamie Slotover | Munir Khairdin as Osmet Latif | Alex Corbet Burcher as Ricky's Solicitor | Stephen Leddington as Court Jailer
Director: Alice Troughton
Writer: Peter Moffat

10 :02x04 - Series 2, Episode 4

Martha ends up being involved in a David and Goliath battle when she represents the driver of a high security prison van. After a group of prisoners manage to escape from his van, Michael Ward opens the doors to find another, younger prisoner dead and he and his firm are held to be responsible. Chambers take on a new pupil called Daniel Lomas, who attempts to help Martha to get through to her client. Clive is finding it hard to get through to Fatima Ali, who believes that she’s responsible for the death of her brother. Billy.
Guest Stars: Shanaya Rafaat as Fatima Ali | John Salthouse as Michael Ward | Peter de Jersey as Roland Elliott QC | Ron Donachie as Alasdair McKinley QC | Calum Callaghan as Arlo Wright | Sandra Duncan as HHJ Vermont | Nicholas Woodeson as Professor Stephen Nyman | Michael Müller as James Purdey | Sadie Shimmin as Angie Lloyd | Philip Brook (1) as Court Clerk | Jonathan Jaynes as Harry Loughton | Jonathan Aris as Dr. Liam King | Ben Lamb as Posh Male Candidate | Kate Lamb as Earnest Female Candidate | Ed Birch as Aggressive Male Candidate | Mark Penfold as HHJ Teale | Ryan Winsley as Richard Doyle | Judy Norman as Cathy Doyle | Stephen Leddington as Court Jailer
Director: Alice Troughton

11 :02x05 - Series 2, Episode 5

Martha represents Jackson Henderson in a death row case at the Supreme Court. Billy is concerned as he knows the emotional strain a case like this will have on her. Jackson’s execution in Jamaica is due soon and Martha faces one of the toughest legal arguments of her whole career. The day of Fatima Ali’s trial is coming close and Clive feels that he’s not the right barrister for her. He manages to persuade Martha to take the brief instead, leaving him free for the trial of his career, prosecuting Jody Farr.
Guest Stars: Shanaya Rafaat as Fatima Ali | Pip Torrens as HHJ Maikin | Prasanna Puwanarajah as Dr. Malik | Shazad Latif as Ibrahim Ali | Andrew Scarborough as DS Adam Lambert | Nasser Memarzia as Mohammed Ali | Myriam Acharki as Leyla Ali | Natasha Estelle Williams as Florence Henderson | Will Keen as Michael Connolly | Richard Durden as Lord Winter | Nick Fletcher as Dr. Colin Stiller | Glen Stanway as Prison Officer
Director: Jeremy Webb (1)
Writer: Peter Moffat

12 :02x06 - Series 2, Episode 6

Martha is representing Jody Farr who ispleading his innocence to the crime. He is a notorious criminal responsible for the death of Martha’s former client Brendan Kay. Martha attempts to do her job while not letting Jody get under her skin. After she senses that he isn’t getting a fair trial she suspects some foul play and sets a dangerous trap to uncover the truth. With the date of his tribunal coming up, Clive focuses all his efforts on prosecuting Farr. Billy finds himself being trapped by Micky Joy.
Guest Stars: Finbar Lynch as Jody Farr | Christopher James as Court Clerk | Malcolm Sinclair as Hugo Milson QC | Kaye Wragg as Jamie Slotover | Frog Stone as CT Radiographer | Elliott Jordan as DC Damien Waters | John Hodgkinson as DS Roger Berwick | David Phelan as DCI Brian Enright | Nicholas Jones as Judge Goodbrand | Gerard Monaco as PS Paul Lodder | Jamie Newall as Dr. John Watt | Nasir Mohamed as Junior Barrister
Director: Jeremy Webb (1)
Writer: Peter Moffat
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 22, 2011
Episode Order: 6
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