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Six Feet Under

Alan Ball     Creator 
Rick Cleveland     Executive Producer 
Bruce Eric Kaplan     Executive Producer 
Alan Poul     Executive Producer 
David Janollari     Executive Producer 
Robert Greenblatt     Executive Producer 
Alan Ball     Executive Producer 
Scott Buck     Co-Executive Producer 
Jill Soloway     Co-Executive Producer 
Kate Robin     Supervising Producer 
Laurence Andries     Supervising Producer 
Laurence Andries     Producer 
Bob Del Valle     Producer 
Lori Jo Nemhauser     Producer 
Craig Wright     Producer 
Nancy Oliver     Co-Producer 
Daniel Ross (2)     Production Designer 
Suzuki Ingerslev     Production Designer 
Marcia Hinds (1)     Production Designer 
Christopher Nelson (1)     Editor 
Michael Ruscio     Editor 
Sue Blainey     Editor 
Tanya M. Swerling     Editor 
Eric S. Anderson     Editor (Main Title Sequence) 
Lisa Soltau     Casting 
Junie Lowry-Johnson     Casting 
Kristan Berona     Casting 
Stephanie Laffin     Casting 
Michelle Levy     Casting 
Chuck McCollum     Casting 
Travis Watson     Casting 
Wendy Waller     Casting 
Julie Tucker     Casting (New York) 
Libby Goldstein     Casting (Pilot) 
Bob Del Valle     Unit Production Manager 
Romney Pearl     First Assistant Director 
Scottie Gissel     First Assistant Director 
Alan Brent Connell     First Assistant Director 
Mark Hansson     First Assistant Director (Second Unit) 
Scottie Gissel     Second Assistant Director 
Ruby Stillwater     Second Assistant Director 
Cara McCastlain     Second Assistant Director 
Stacy Schrader     Second Assistant Director (Additional) 
Laura Sylvester     Second Assistant Director (Eps. 2.11 and 2.12) 
Jack Steinberg     Second Assistant Director (Pilot Episode) 
Suzanne Bornstein     Second Assistant Director (Season 4) 
Bennett Decarlo     Second Assistant Director (Second) 
Jodie Thomas     Second Assistant Director (Second) 
Jason Eldredge     Music 
Courtney Taylor-Taylor (1)     Music 
Shuggie Otis     Music 
Steven Cahill     Music 
Bobbie Gentry (2)     Music 
Dick Manning (1)     Music 
Al Hoffman     Music 
Charles E. King     Music 
Chris Seefried     Music 
Richard Marvin     Music 
Mervyn Warren     Music 
Thomas Newman     Music (Main Title Theme) 
Todd Rundgren     Music (Non-Original Song "I Saw the Light") 
Thom Yorke     Music (Song "Lucky", Ep. "Parallel Play") 
Bruno Roussel     Music Editor 
Gary Calamar     Music Supervisor 
Thomas Golubic     Music Supervisor 
Carlos Brown     Costume Designer 
Gail McMullen     Costume Designer 
Danielle Launzel     Costume Designer 
Michelle Dunn     Costume Designer 
Jill M. Ohanneson     Costume Designer (2003-) 
Kimberley Spiteri     Hairstylist 
Randall L. Sayer     Hairstylist 
Dennis Parker (2)     Hairstylist 
Kerry Mendenhall     Hairstylist 
Lori McCoy-Bell     Hairstylist 
Miia Kovero     Hairstylist 
Pinky Babajian     Hairstylist 
Emjay Olson     Hairstylist (Department Head) 
Justin B. Henderson     Make-up 
Mike Measimer     Make-up 
Melanie Mills     Make-up 
Megan Moore (1)     Make-up 
Daniel Quentin Rebert     Make-up 
Erik Schaper     Make-up 
Dave Snyder (2)     Make-up 
Scott Tebeau     Make-up 
Michelle Vittone     Make-up 
Clinton Wayne     Make-up 
Donna-Lou Henderson     Make-up 
Mark Garbarino     Make-up 
Greg Funk     Make-up 
Ken Culver     Make-up 
Matthew W. Mungle     Make-up 
Pamela Santori     Make-up 
Mike Smithson     Make-up 
Scott Wheeler     Make-up 
Kylie Bell (1)     Make-up 
June Bracken     Make-up 
Jerry Constantine     Make-up 
Julie Kristy (1)     Make-up 
Todd Masters     Make-up (Special Effects) 
Gerrit Garretsen     Grip 
Rick Lawrence (2)     Grip 
Richard Maxey     Grip 
Gary Molyneux     Grip 
Calvin Starnes     Grip 
Robert Stillman (2)     Grip (Rigging) 
Joe Clarke (1)     Key Grip 
Sean Patrick Crowell     Key Grip 
Christopher C. Pearson     Camera Operator 
Charles Papert     Camera Operator 
Marc Lyons (1)     Camera Operator 
Lorna Leslie     Camera Operator 
Frederick Iannone     Camera Operator 
Geoffrey Haley     Camera Operator 
Marco Fargnoli     Camera Operator 
Allan Telias     Camera Operator 
Tommy Tieche     Camera Operator 
Patrick Rousseau     Camera Operator 
Paul Janossy     Camera Operator (First Assistant) 
John C. Flinn IV     Camera Operator (First Assistant: "A" Camera) 
Robert Stenger     Camera Operator (First Assistant: "B" Camera) 
Coby Garfield     Camera Operator (Second Assistant) 
Colin Hudson     Camera Operator (Steadicam) 
John Leimanis     Set Designer 
Catherine Smith (1)     Set Designer 
Sloane U'ren     Set Designer 
Amber Elkins     Set Decorator 
Teresa Visinare     Set Decorator 
Alison Sideris     Set Decorator 
Rusty Lipscomb     Set Decorator 
Susan Mina Eschelbach     Set Decorator 
Deanna Adney     Location Manager 
Claudia Bestor     Location Manager 
Kathy McCurdy     Location Manager 
Geoffrey R. Smith     Location Manager 
Bobby Thomas (1)     Property Master 
Melody Miller     Property Master 
Steven B. Melton     Property Master 
Jane Gulick     Property Master 
Paul Breuninger     Property Master 
Doug Devine     Property Master (Assistant) 
Mike Wells     Construction Coordinator 
Patrick Priest     Production Assistant 
Kenneth Requa     Production Assistant 
Brad Robinson     Production Assistant 
Cat Rodriguez     Production Assistant 
Christopher Scull     Production Assistant 
Julie Swartsley     Production Assistant 
Renee Olsen     Production Assistant 
Christopher Johnston (2)     Production Assistant 
Larissa Grudt     Production Assistant 
Bennett Decarlo     Production Assistant 
Shaun Greenspan     Production Assistant 
Paul Lindsay     Production Assistant 
Amanda Ashy     Production Assistant 
Jonathan Brytus     Production Assistant 
Terry Dawson     Production Assistant 
Richard Van Dyke     Production Sound Mixer 
Tracy Zigler     Script Supervisor 
Paula Dussman     Script Supervisor 
Heather Cappiello     Script Supervisor 
Kim Berner     Script Supervisor 
Jen Wall     Production Coordinator 
Lynnet Price     Production Coordinator 
Heather Murphy     Production Coordinator 
Sue Jennings     Production Coordinator 
Joanna Lovinger     Script Coordinator 
Tricia Fass (1)     Assistant Editor 
Lisa Willinger     Assistant Editor 
Michael Carroll (1)     Post Production Supervisor 
Richard Taylor     Supervising Sound Editor 
Bob Newlan     Supervising Sound Editor 
Chris Elam     Re-Recording Mixer 
Charlie Essers     Re-Recording Mixer 
Elmo Ponsdomenech     Re-Recording Mixer 
Roberta Doheny     Re-Recording Mixer 
Joe Earle     Re-Recording Mixer 
Peter Reale     Re-Recording Mixer 
Charles R. Lipscomb     Leadman 
Skip McCraw     Gaffer 
Roger Sassen     Gaffer 
Greg Faluszczak     On-Line Editor 
Melissa Demino     Other 
Cara Dipaolo     Other 
Rebecca Donaghe     Other 
Christian G. Ervin (1)     Other 
Bob Good     Other 
J.T. Gurzi     Other 
Buddy Hunter     Other 
Lorenzo Destefano     Other 
David Darwin     Other 
Paul Caven     Other 
Lucinda Campbell     Other 
Walter Byrnes (1)     Other 
Shane Buttle     Other 
Bonnie Belknap     Other 
Jody Beaudin     Other 
Philip Azenzer     Other 
John Albrecht     Other 
Dave Jay     Other 
John Johnson (2)     Other 
Danny Yount     Other 
Larry Watson (2)     Other 
Peter Tolle     Other 
Ken Sylvester     Other 
Jennifer Starzyk     Other 
Eric Solmonson     Other 
Gary J. Sims     Other 
J.R. Regalado     Other 
Lawrence Quon     Other 
Bridget Ostersehlte     Other 
Ron Newburn     Other 
Tali Lipa     Other 
Laura Kotcharian     Other 
Dana Kilgore     Other 
Astrid Kemnitz     Other 
Christina Jokanovich     Other 
Ron Yakshe     Other 
Lee Romaire     Other 
Eli Jarra     Other 
Trey Freeman     Other 
Casey Conroy     Other 
Ed Chapman (1)     Other 
Todd Niesen     Other 
Ian Morgan (1)     Other 
Helen Luttrell     Other 
Marc Hayes     Other 
Sven Hasper     Other 
George Flores     Other 
David Diamond (2)     Other 
Adam Blantz     Other 
Jessy Bender     Other 
John Myers (2)     Other 
Thomas Floutz     Other 
Lesley Robson-Foster     Other 
Erick Schiele     Other 
Christopher Dusendschon     Other 
Greg Tsadilas     Other 
John Shirley (2)     Other 
Mark Desimone     Other (ADR Engineer) 
Mark C. Grech     Other (Boom Operator) 
Dauv McNeely     Other (Computer and Video Playback technician) 
Sloane Perry Thorne     Other (Customer - Last Season) 
Jessica Drake (1)     Other (Dialogue Coach) 
Sean Mullen     Other (Digital Artist: Encore Visual Effects) 
Fred Pienkos     Other (Digital Compositor: EdenFX) 
R. Michael Stringer     Other (Dolly Grip: "B" Camera) 
Roger Bojarski, Jr.     Other (Driver) 
J. Armin Garza, II     Other (Driver: Camera Car) 
Jack Carpenter (1)     Other (Driver: Insert Car) 
Michael Lowrance (3)     Other (Electrician) 
Timothy Pearson     Other (Foley Artist) 
Tommy Goodwin (1)     Other (Foley Mixer) 
John R. Fors     Other (Second Boom Operator) 
Juan Cisneros     Other (Second Boom Operator and Utility Sound-Season 5) 
Leonardo Sciacci     Other (Stand-In) 
Fred Fein     Other (Stand-In) 
Doug Hyun     Other (Still Photographer) 
Eric S. Anderson     Other (Title Designer) 
Paul Matthaeus (1)     Other (Title Designer) 
John F. Gross (1)     Other (Visual Effects Supervisor: Eden FX) 
Lynnanne Zager     Other (Voices) 
Rob Sweeney     Director of Photography 
Ben Scott     Stunts 
John-Clay Scott     Stunts 
Joanna Shelmidine     Stunts 
Paul E. Short     Stunts 
Justin Sundquist     Stunts 
Boni Yanagisawa     Stunts 
Jeff Danoff     Stunts 
Jayson Dumenigo     Stunts 
Gary Guercio     Stunts 
Squeen Holzen     Stunts 
Malosi Leonard     Stunts 
Ann Scott     Stunts 
Steve Schriver     Stunts 
Katie Rowe     Stunts 
Jeffrey G. Barnett     Stunts 
Chuck Borden     Stunts 
Jack Carpenter (1)     Stunts 
Edward Conna     Stunts 
Debbie Evans     Stunts 
Jeremy Fitzgerald     Stunts 
Nicola Hindshaw     Stunts 
Toby Holguin     Stunts 
Larry Nicholas     Stunts 
Carl Paoli     Stunts 
J.P. Romano     Stunts 
Walter Scott     Stunt Coordinator 
Giuseppe Cristiano     Storyboard Artist 
Thomas T. Taylor     Art Director 
Philip Dagort     Art Director 
Kristan Andrews     Art Director 
Maike Both     Art Director (Buyer) 
Leah King     Assistant Production Coordinator 
Stacey Lock     Assistant Production Coordinator 
Tennille Vega     Post Production Coordinator 
Una Martin     Post Production Coordinator 
Courtney Cowan     Post Production Coordinator 
Michael Babcock     Sound Editor 
Thomas Vicari     Sound Mixer 
Jim Stuebe     Sound Mixer 
Michael Florimbi     Sound Mixer 
Steven Morrow (1)     Sound Mixer 
Chuck Buch (1)     Sound Mixer 
Brendon O'Dell (2)     Special Effects 
Patricia Urias     Special Effects 
John Shea (2)     Special Effects 
Eric Mussell     Special Effects 
Jared Baker     Special Effects 
Thomas D. Bacho, Jr.     Special Effects (Supervisor) 
Lowell Peterson     Cinematographer 
Jim Denault     Cinematographer 
Bruce Johnson (1)     Cinematographer (Eps. 1-3) 
Alan Caso     Cinematographer (Pilot and Eps. 4-38) 
Dicken Berglund     Dubbing Mixer 
Susana InĂ©s Fattorini     Art Department 
Scott Hudziak     Art Department 
Kacy Magedman     Art Department 
Larry Morgan     Art Department 
John S. Ogden     Art Department 
Portia Perry     Art Department 
Carmen Roderique     Art Department 
Alisha Rothman     Art Department 
Venus Ventura     Art Department 
Mitra Fabian     Art Department 
Dianne Chadwick     Art Department 
Maxwell Britton     Art Department 
Mark Boucher     Art Department 
Ron Ashmore     Art Department 
Richard F. Anderson     Art Department 
Cindy Peters     Art Department (Assistant) 
Kon Iliov     Art Department (Foreman) 
Richard Baum     Art Department (On-Set Dresser) 
John Risso     Art Department (Paint Gang Boss) 
Leonardo Sciacci     Art Department (Props - Gallery Scene, Ep. "The Opening") 
John J. Bradley     Art Department (Set Dresser) 
Richard Coleman (2)     Sound Recordist 
Kevin Roache     Sound Recordist 
Ande Hecht-Endewardt     Post Production 
Anne Fletcher     Choreographer 
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Ended
Network: HBO ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 03, 2001
Ended: August 21, 2005
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