Season 1, Episode 6 - Recap

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The show opens with Vernon Kaye coming out and Rebecca Budig and Bethenny Frankel are going for the prize of the Golden Skates and they kick off the last episode of the competition with a professional skating team with Johnny Wier and Denis, Jennifer and Keuana. Laurieann is the one who choreographed the performance and it is amazing. After the performance, the eliminated come out and then the final two come out. Brandon is not there and is still in the hospital. They look back at the season and show the skater's performances.

Vince & Jennifer come out and perform their tango that they performed before and it is great. Jonny & Brooke come out and do their best performance again. It is great and shows that he should have been eliminated. The judges give the finalist one more bit of advice and Bethenny tells that it is because she put her heart into it all that is it. Rebecca hopes that she gave it her all and not have any nerves on top of it. They show quickly the Top 3 spills and it is Sean Young's two falls, Brandon & Keauna skating, and Jonny running over Brooke's hand with his skate.

The competition continues and Bethenny & Ethan are up first. They decide to do over their first routine that they did and they want to prove that they have what it takes. They perform and they have a lot of fun on the ice. Johnny tells that she is thrilling and that she showed that she deserves it. Dick tells that she is what the show stands for. Laurieann tells that she has transformed and is happy with her. The scores for technical are: 8,7,8. 23/30. For artistic: 10,9,9. 28/30. Total of 51/60.

Rebecca & Fred are next and they do their "Hot and Cold" dance. They pick it because it is the most uplifting. They mix it up a little bit different. However, the hand injury pops up again and they can't do what they want. It is a great performance as usual. Laurieann is all screams and tells that she loved it. Johnny tells that she was stunning and it was clear that she gave it her all. Dick tells that she skated like a champion. The scores for technical are: 10,10,10. 30/30! For artistic: 10, 10, 10. 30/30. Grand total of 60/60.
After a montage of both of their journeys, we get to the results.

They line them up with Rebecca and Fred being at the top of the leader board, and they announce that Rebecca and Fred are the winners of the first "Skating with the Stars" competition. They come together and both talk about how much fun it was. Rebecca and Fred are handed their Golden Skates and everyone comes out to congratulate them for a job well done. Thus ends Skating with the Stars!