Season 2

22 :02x01 - Vortex (2)

After Clark rescues Lana from the eye of the storm, he discovers the storm's wrath has unleashed the spaceship into the fields and buried his father alive along with the unscrupulous reporter who has discovered Clark's secret. Meanwhile, Lex is wracked with guilt over his father...
Guest Stars: Jerry Wasserman as First Doctor | Tom O'Brien as Roger Nixon | Rekha Sharma as Dr. Harden | Julian D. Christopher as Second Doctor (Dr. MacIntyre) | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Coldplay -- In My Place, Stretch -- Time And Time Again

23 :02x02 - Heat

Clark becomes frightened by his uncontrollable new gift of heat-vision, which allows him to start fires using his eyes, as this new found power sets his classroom and the Talon on fire. Jonathan then comes to the conclusion that his heat-vision occurs during thoughts of sex, as the first time he was watching a sex-educational video, while the second time, he was with Lana.
Meanwhile, Lex is seduced into marriage by Desiree Atkins, a woman who possesses Kryptonite-enhanced pheromones that can convince any guy to do anything. After she marries Lex, she attempts to have Jonathan kill him so she can inherit his wealth.
Guest Stars: Shawn Reis as Jail Deputy | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan | Krista Allen as Desiree Atkins-Luthor/Alison Sanders
Songs: JXL vs Elvis -- A Little Less Conversation, Nelly -- Hot In Herre, New Found Glory -- My Friends Over You, N.E.R.D -- Truth Or Dare

24 :02x03 - Duplicity

After one of Clark's friends discover the spaceship in the cornfield, Clark goes against his parents wishes and reveals his secret, but is shocked when the reaction he gets makes him question his friend's loyalty.
Guest Stars: Andrew Jackson (1) as Ray Wallace | Cam Cronin as Dr. Glenn | Michael Kopsa as Dean | Sarah Jane Redmond as Aunt Nell | Joe Morton as Dr. Steven Hamilton
Director: Steve Miner
Songs: Stephanie Simon -- Goodbye, Alice Peacock -- Leading With My Heart, Greg Jones -- Ordinary, Travis Tritt -- Southbound Train

25 :02x04 - Red

The school unknowingly uses red kryptonite in the class rings and its effect on Clark stuns everyone as he turns into a rebellious teenager who decides to use his powers for evil instead of good. Lana finds herself drawn to the "new" Clark who declares his love for her. Meanwhile Lex is at odds with his father about taking over his buisness.
Guest Stars: Garwin Sanford as Mr. Brooks | Daryl Shuttleworth as Principal Gibbons | Michael Tomlinson as U.S. Marshal | Brad Loree as Barkeeper | Geoff Clements as Kyle | Jake Moyer as Barroom Bully | Sara Downing as Jessie Brooks
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Songs: Frou Frou -- Breathe In, Breakable -- Fisher, Andrew W.K -- It's Time To Party, Oasis -- Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Sprung Monkey -- Unexpected and American Made

26 :02x05 - Nocturne

Clark discovers someone has been leaving love notes for Lana at her parents' grave, whilst she follows the stranger to his home and discovers his parents keep him locked in chains. Clark and Lana break into the house to save him, but realize why he was locked up...
Guest Stars: Gwynyth Walsh as Mrs. Moore | Richard Moll as Mr. Moore | Jonathan Sutton as Tad | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan | Sean Faris as Byron Moore
Director: Rick Wallace
Songs: Cactus Groove -- Crazy Richie, OK Go -- Don't Ask Me, Sheila Nicholls -- Love Song, No Doubt -- Underneath It All

27 :02x06 - Redux

Martha goes to her estranged father for financial help. Clark is thrilled at the prospect of meeting his grandfather but Jonathan's refusal to see the man prompts Clark to force a reunion. Lana discovers an old photograph that suggests her father may still be alive...
Guest Stars: Jesse Hutch as Todd Turner | Fulvio Cecere as Swim Coach | Neil Grayston as Russell | Maggie Lawson as Chrissy Parker | George Coe as William Clark | Sarah Jane Redmond as Aunt Nell | Richard Gant as Principal Reynolds
Director: Chris Long
Songs: Foo Fighters -- All My Life, The Jockjam -- Be Aggressive, The Outhere Bros. -- Boom Boom Boom, Buva -- Can I See You, Riddlin' Kids -- I Feel Fine, Imperial Teen -- Ivanka, Be Witched -- Mickey, Our Lady Peace -- Somewhere Out There, Sophie Agapois -- U Girl, The Jockjam -- You Ugly

28 :02x07 - Lineage

A mysterious woman shows up claiming to be Clark's mother, prompting the Kents to tell Clark what happened after they discovered him in the cornfield that fateful day. Clark discovers why his father hates the Luthor, how his adoption was fixed, and who really rescued Lex from death...
Guest Stars: Angela Moore as DNA Doctor | Matthew Munn as Lex Luthor (age 9) | Malkolm Alburquenque as Young Clark | Blair Brown as Rachel Dunlevy | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan | Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small | Shelly Schiavoni as Henry's Wife
Director: Kenneth Biller
Songs: Wonderful Johnson -- 17 Years Down, Morcheeba -- Otherwise, Pulse Ultra -- Put It Off, Renata -- Un Bel Di Vedremo" (Madame Butterfly)

29 :02x08 - Ryan

Clark pushes his abilities to the limit to save his telepathic young friend Ryan from an evil doctor who wants to control the boy's abilities. Meanwhile, Nell tells Lana they are moving to Metropolis...
Guest Stars: William B. Davis as Mayor Tate | Robert Seckler as Maintenance Guy | Martin Cummins as Dr. Garner | Mark Gibbon as Deputy | Michael St. John Smith as Lab Technician | Sylvesta Stuart as Orderly | Ryan Kelley as Ryan James | Sarah Jane Redmond as Aunt Nell | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan | Catherine Lough Haggquist as Receptionist
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Dishwalla -- Angels And Devils, VonRay -- Inside Out

30 :02x09 - Dichotic

When Clark tries to warn Lana and Chloe about Ian, an overachieving student who is surreptitiously dating both girls, they realize too late that he was right. Meanwhile Lex loses his temper, landing him in an anger management class where he meets an interesting new woman...
Guest Stars: Serge Houde as Mr. Frankle | David Richmond-Peck as Meter Maid | Robert Wisden as Gabe Sullivan | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian Randall
Director: Craig Zisk
Songs: Son of Adam -- I Want This Perfect, A-Ha -- I Wish I Cared, The Mooney Suzuki -- In A Young Man's Mind, Premonition -- Uneven Odds

31 :02x10 - Skinwalker

Clark falls into a cave and discovers two hidden treasures - ancient Indian writings that hold the key to his identity, and a beautiful girl whom he believes to be his soulmate. Desperate to preserve the writings, Clark enlists Lex's help to stop Lionel from demolishing the cave...
Guest Stars: Gordon Tootoosis as Joseph Willowbrook | Rob Morton as Second Foreman | Tamara Feldman as Kyla Willowbrook | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan | Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small | Michael Tiernan as Foreman/Dan Hammond
Director: Marita Grabiak
Songs: Norah Jones -- Don't Know Why, The Vines -- Outtathaway, Jackpot -- Psycho Ballerina, Santana -- The Game Of Love

32 :02x11 - Visage

Whitney returns home from the Marines looking to rekindle his relationship with Lana but his suspicious behavior prompts Clark to question his true motives. Lex becomes suspicious of his new girlfriend after he discovers a questionable photo of her with Lionel...
Guest Stars: D. Neil Mark as Lt. McNulty | Eric Johnson as Whitney Fordman | Catherine Barroll as Betty Fordman | Santo Lombardo as Holmes | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Lizzy Caplan as Tina Greer
Songs: Dirty Vegas -- Days Go By, Rosey -- Love, Michael Andrews (3) -- Mad World, Good Charlotte -- The Anthem

33 :02x12 - Insurgence

After Lex discovers that Lionel installed cameras in the mansion, he hires some thugs to bug Lionel's office, but things get out of control when Lionel and Martha surprise the thugs and are taken hostage. Clark must figure out a way to save his mother without exposing his powers and sees his chance on an adjacent tall building - if only he could make the leap in a single bound...

Meanwhile Lana meets her estranged father Henry Small, while Clark and John have problems over Martha's new job working for Lionel.
Guest Stars: Jill Teed as Captain Sawyer | Eileen Pedde as Jennifer Small | Colin Cunningham as Nicky | Karen Holness as Bishop | Paul McGillion as Lex's Lackey | Dagmar Midcap as Newscaster | Byron Mann as Kern | Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small | Kevin Gage as Pine
Songs: Ed Harcourt -- Bittersweetheart, Theory Of A Deadman -- Invisible Man, SR-71 -- Tomorrow

34 :02x13 - Suspect

When Lionel is shot, Jonathan is arrested, but after Clark and Pete perform their own crime scene investigation, they realize that more than one person had the opportunity to kill Lionel - including Lex. Meanwhile, Lana is suspicious after she asks her father to take on Jonathan's case and he declines for mysterious reasons...
Guest Stars: Barclay Hope as Doctor | Eric Keenleyside as Mike the Bartender | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ethan | Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small | Jason Connery as Dominic Sanatori
Director: Kenneth Biller

35 :02x14 - Rush

A strange parasite invades Chloe and Pete's body and feeds on the teen's adrenal glands, causing them to shake off their inhibitions and engage in wild and dangerous behavior. Meanwhile, Clark gathers his courage and asks Lana for a date, which she eagerly accepts. Before he is converted by "Red Kryptonite" by Pete...
Guest Stars: Luciana Carro as Talon Waitress | Haig Sutherland as Chloe's Boy Thing | Shaun Sipos as Travis | Jason Jenkins as Assisant to Dr. Jenkins | Rob LaBelle as Dr. Fredrick Walden
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Songs: Sheila Nicholls -- Bread And Water, Sixpence -- Don't Dream It's Over, AM Radio -- I Just Wanna Be Loved, BT -- Never Gonna Come Back Down

36 :02x15 - Prodigal

When Lex finds his long-lost brother Lucas, he brings him home in the hope that the two of them can unite against Lionel. A dangerous situation ensues, however, leaving Lex to wonder whom he can really trust. Clark decides to take a job at the Talon...
Guest Stars: Zen Shane Lim as Derek (Lucas' Partner) | Randy Lee as Dak Lee | Colin Foo as Card Player | Paul Wesley as Lucas Luthor
Songs: Ash -- Burn Baby Burn, Mystica -- China, The Contes -- Don't Tempt Me, The Flaming Lips -- Fight Test, Sounds From the Ground -- Gentle Healing, Lizzie -- Home Sweet Alabama, Morphic Field -- Like A Dream

37 :02x16 - Fever

Clark rushes to find an antidote after Martha is infected with a toxic virus and falls into a coma, but when Clark also falls ill, it is up to Jonathan to find a cure in time. To further complicate things, Dr. Bryce demands an explanation from Jonathan when he refuses to let her treat Clark...
Guest Stars: Sean Millington as MP | Steadman as Themselves | Todd Talbot as Dr. Trenton | Craig Veroni as DCA Agent | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Michael David Simms as Dr. Neil Moore
Songs: Jamestowne -- Not That Simple, Steadman -- Wave Goodbye

38 :02x17 - Rosetta

Determined to find out where he came from, Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Swann, a brilliant scientist who holds a message for Clark from Krypton. Lana decides to move out of Chloe's house after the two girls get into another argument about Clark...
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Reeve as Dr. Virgil Swann |
Guest Stars: Rob LaBelle as Dr. Fredrick Walden | Barclay Hope as Doctor | Joe MacLeod as Delivery Boy
Songs: Pancho's Lament -- Leaving Town Alive, Ryan Adams -- Nuclear, Kid Lightening -- Satellite, Coldplay -- The Scientist

39 :02x18 - Visitor

Clark's new schoolmate uses heat-vision to prove that he's an alien, but Clark suspects he's not from his own planet - but from Krypton, instead. Meanwhile, Helen asks Lex some hard questions...
Guest Stars: Kwesi Ameyaw as Lex's Security Guard | Kris Pope as Todd | Jake Moyer as Bully #3 | Chad Faust as Kyle | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Jeremy Lelliott as Cyrus Krupp
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Songs: Transplants -- Diamonds and Guns, Hathaway -- Kiss The Moon, Neil Halstead -- Phantasmagoria In Two, David Gray -- The Other Side, Stephanie Simon -- Wartime

40 :02x19 - Precipice

After Lana is almost assaulted, Clark loses control and injures the boy - leaving the Kents open to be sued for punitive damages that could cost them the farm. Helen's ex-boyfriend arrives in town and stabs her, prompting Lex to take the law into his own hand...
Guest Stars: P.J. Prinsloo as Punk | Michael Adamthwaite as Andrew Connors | Peter Kent as Meechum | Julian D. Christopher as Doctor | Anson Mount as Paul Hayden | Chris Harrison as Punk | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Michael Soltis as Deputy Nees
Songs: Adam Tenenbaum -- Becoming, Gus -- Don't Fear The Reaper, Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Don't Forget Me, Sammi Morelli -- Let Me Be The One, Matt Nathanson -- Princess, The Start -- Shakedown

41 :02x20 - Witness

Clark stumbles upon a robbery of a LuthorCorp truck carrying kryptonite and is stunned to realize he can't stop the thieves because they are as strong as he is. To keep Clark from going to the police, the thugs attack Jonathan and Martha...
Guest Stars: Woody Jeffreys as Jack | Eileen Pedde as Jennifer Small | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small | Zachery Ty Bryan as Eric Marsh
Director: Rick Wallace
Songs: Marty Irwin/Peter Northcote -- Anybody Listening, Stretch Nickel -- Gone Away, The Thorns -- No Blue Sky, Ben Lee -- Room To Bleed, The Ben Taylor Band -- Safe Enough To Wake Up, The All-American Rejects -- Swing, Swing, Paloalto -- The World Outside

42 :02x21 - Accelerate

After Lana is visited by the ghost of a childhood friend, she turns to Clark for help but he realizes the little girl is actually a kryptonite-enhanced clone, he rushes to save Lana before the revenge-seeking child harms her. Lex uncovers Lionel is responsible for the clone research...
Guest Stars: Ingrid Torrance as Wedding Planner | Jodelle Ferland as Emily Eve Dinsmore | Neil Flynn as Pete Dinsmore | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Jade Unterman as Young Lana Lang
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Avril Lavigne -- I'm With You

43 :02x22 - Calling (1)

Dr. Walden wakes up from his coma and tells Lex & Lionel that Clark is an alien and must be destroyed. Meanwhile, a romantic encounter between Clark and Lana hints at a promising future...
Special Guest Stars: Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Guest Stars: David Lewis (1) as Dr. Marcus | Sandra Ferens as Coroner | James Tsai as Technician | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Rob LaBelle as Dr. Fredrick Walden
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Elza -- Everything To Me, Chantal Kreviazuk -- In This Life, Moby -- Signs Of Love, Jessy Moss -- Telling You Now, Boomkat -- Wastin' My Time

44 :02x23 - Exodus (2)

A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Lex and Helen plan their upcoming wedding, whilst a hurt Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate...
Special Guest Stars: Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Guest Stars: Dan Payne as Lexcorp Airport Security | Arnie Walters as Reverend | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Rekha Sharma as Dr. Harden | Ivana Paduch as Lexcorp Cave Scientist
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Kelly Brock -- High On Sunshine, Aqualung -- Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You), Lifehouse -- Take Me Away, Matthew Good -- Weapon
Network: CW ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Super Heroes
Status: Ended
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 16, 2001
Ended: May 13, 2011
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