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Season 3

45 :03x01 - Exile (1)

Under the influence of red kryptonite and living in Metropolis, Clark gets involved with a crime lord named Morgan Edge who hires him to break into LuthorCorp. Meanwhile, desperate to put his family back together, Jonathan takes drastic measures to bring Clark home. At the mansion, Lionel accuses Helen of killing Lex...
Special Guest Stars: Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Guest Stars: Jill Teed as Captain Maggie Sawyer | Brock Johnson as Edge's Blonde Thug | Ryan Robbins as Louis Leery Jr. | Allison Warnyca as Car Saleswoman | Rutger Hauer as Morgan Edge | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Daniella Buzzi as Waitress
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: eastmountainsouth -- All The Stars, Train -- Calling All Angels, Metallica -- Frantic, Good Charlotte -- Girls & Boys, Shocore -- Good Talk, The Black Eyed Peas -- Hey Mama

46 :03x02 - Phoenix (2)

After Jor-El grants Jonathan temporary superpowers, he and Clark engage in a destructive battle atop the LuthorCorp building. Meanwhile, Lex returns home and must determine whether it was Lionel or Helen who arranged his plane crash...
Guest Stars: Brock Johnson as Edge's Blonde Thug | Kurt Evans as Edge's Bald Thug | Link Baker as Pilot #2 | Dan Payne as Lionel's Bodyguard | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce | Françoise Yip as Dr. Lia Teng | Rutger Hauer as Morgan Edge
Songs: Stereophonics -- Maybe Tomorrow, Dido -- White Flag

47 :03x03 - Extinction

Clark discovers someone is hunting people affected by the kryptonite rocks and the killer's next target is Lex. Clark uses his powers to save Lex, but is caught off guard when the killer learns his weakness and shoots him with a kryptonite bullet...
Guest Stars: Harris Allan as Jake Palmer | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Jesse Metcalfe as Van McNulty
Songs: Vishiss -- Give It To Me, Vertical Horizon -- Goodbye Again, Maria -- I Give You Take, Yellowcard -- Way Away

48 :03x04 - Slumber

Clark dreams he is being pursued by a frightened young girl who needs his help. However, after he discovers she is actually a comatose neighbor who should have woken up years ago, he enlists Lana's help to uncover the truth - which puts Lana in grave danger. Meanwhile, Lionel demands that Lex undergo a full psychological evaluation before he hires him...
Guest Stars: John DeSantis as The Traveller | Christopher Shyer as Nicholas Conroy | Katharine Isabelle as Sarah Conroy
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: R.E.M. -- At My Most Beautiful, R.E.M. -- Bad Day, R.E.M. -- Everybody Hurts, R.E.M. -- Imitation Of Life, R.E.M. -- Losing My Religon

49 :03x05 - Perry

Perry White, a once- promising journalist whose career was destroyed by Lionel Luthor, arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show. In spite of being constantly inebriated, Perry believes he has witnessed Clark using his extraordinary speed, so he devises a dangerous scheme to expose Clark's superpowers. Meanwhile, Lex learns that Perry has powerful incriminating evidence of Lionel's shady past...
Guest Stars: Patrick Gallagher as Bartender | Lorena Gale as Dr. Claire Foster | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Michael McKean as Perry White
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: LeAnn Rimes -- Blue, Toby Keith -- I Love This Bar, Lonestar -- Walking In Memphis

50 :03x06 - Relic

Lana's great uncle, who was convicted of murdering his wife forty years ago, shows her a picture of the man he believes really killed her aunt, and she is shocked to discover the drifter looks just like Clark. Sure that the man is Jor-El, Clark's investigation leads him to a kryptonian medallion that allows him to see bits of the past and the life that Jor-El started for him long before he arrived on Earth...
Guest Stars: William B. Davis as Mayor William Tate | Tom Heaton as Dex McCallum | Kendall Cross as Clark's Grandmother | Tim Henry as Private Investigator (Mason) | John Mann (1) as Young Dexter McCallum | Peter Benson (2) as Lachlan Luthor | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Michael Karl Richards as Sheriff Billy Tate
Director: Marita Grabiak
Songs: The Penguins -- Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine), The Flamingos -- I Only Have Eyes For You, Aaron D -- In Your Eyes, Toby Keith -- Matchbox

51 :03x07 - Magnetic

Clark is suspicious when Lana suddenly becomes attracted to a fellow student and begins to act rebelliously, which eventually lands her in jail. Clark's suspicions are confirmed when he discovers Lana's new boyfriend has magnetic powers that can move objects and alter human emotions, but when he tries to free Lana from the paranormal hold that is controlling her, she tries to kill him...
Guest Stars: Tim Henry as Private Investigator (Mason) | Scott Swanson as MRI Doctor | Douglas Chapman as Deputy | Kevin Zegers as Seth Nelson | Rimple Sumer as MRI Technician | Josh Kelley as Musical Guest | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Steven Cree Molison as Trucker
Writer: Holly Harold
Songs: Josh Kelley -- Amazing, Black Toast Music -- Hey Now, Michelle Featherstone -- Over You, Cold -- Stupid Girl, Bonnie McKee -- Trouble, Pink -- Trouble

52 :03x08 - Shattered

Lex locates Morgan Edge and gets him to admit to dirty dealings with Lionel, but before Lex can take it to the authorities, someone tries to kill him at the mansion. Barely surviving, Lex flees and asks Clark for help. However, when Clark returns to the mansion to investigate he finds nothing amiss, and begins to wonder if it really happened, especially after Lionel announces Lex has had a psychotic break and must be institutionalized...
Guest Stars: Lorena Gale as Dr. Claire Foster | Michael Daingerfield as Assassin | Angelo Renai as Surgeon | Kwesi Ameyaw as Darius | Caroline Marcelle as Young Chloe Sullivan | Darryl Scheelar as Jameson | David Fong as Factory Owner | Michael Benyaer as Security Guard | Patrick Bergin as Morgan Edge
Director: Kenneth Biller
Songs: Johnny Cash -- Hurt

53 :03x09 - Asylum

Lex teams up with three krypto-villains to lure Clark to the hospital to enlist his help in escaping after he hears that Lionel has requested Lex be given electroshock therapy to erase his memory. However, the plan goes awry when the villains double-cross Lex and use kryptonite to steal Clark's powers. Meanwhile, Lana meets a mysterious new stranger in the hospital...
Guest Stars: Ronald Selmour as Asylum Attendant | R. David Stephens as Doctor | Lorena Gale as Dr. Claire Foster | Elias Toufexis as Luke | Shawn Ashmore as Eric Summers | Jesse Metcalfe as Van McNulty | Gina Doty as Physical Therapist | Jennifer Kitchen as Nurse | Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight | Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian Randall
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Massive Attack -- Future Proof, Staind -- So Far Away

54 :03x10 - Whisper

Attempting to stop a robbery, Clark is temporarily blinded when he shoots off a burst of heat vision that is reflected back into his eyes by a piece of kryptonite. He soon realizes that his body has developed super-hearing to compensate for his lack of sight. However, as it was in the beginning with his other gifts, Clark doesn't quite have his new power under control...
Guest Stars: William MacDonald as Masterson | French Tickner as Jewlery Store Owner | Felecia M. Bell as Judge Abigail Ross | Micah Alberti as Nathan Dean | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Ecstasia Sanders as Pete Admirer
Songs: Kid Rock -- Cold and Empty

55 :03x11 - Delete

Clark and Lana both find themselves hypnotically compelled to try and kill Chloe. Once they recover, Clark tries to work out who is responsible. Meanwhile, Lana and Adam Knight grow closer.
Guest Stars: Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Missy Peregrym as Molly Griggs | Martin Cummins as Dr. Lawrence Garner |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Thorburn as Max Taylor | Suzanne Ristic as Maureen | Chris Gauthier as LutherCorp Technician | Cornell Turner as Cornell
Songs: Hoobastank -- The Reason, Dave Matthews -- So Damn Lucky, Nelly Furtado -- Try

56 :03x12 - Hereafter

Clark discovers that his schoolmate Jordan can foresee the future, but is horrified when Jordan tells him he "sees" Lana dying in a fire in the next few days. Meanwhile, suspicious of his behavior, Chloe investigates Adam's background and discovers some disturbing news.
Guest Stars: Greg Kean as Coach Altman | Meghan Ory as Megan | Shaun Johnson (1) as Mr. Cross | Louise Grant as Elderly Lana | Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Joseph Cross as Jordan Cross
Songs: Five For Fighting -- 100 Years, Stegala Music -- Owe You, Static -- Two Steps Closer

57 :03x13 - Velocity

After Pete purposely blows a street race, the thugs that run it threaten his life, so he asks Clark to use his powers to stop them. Furious that Pete would put himself in this position, Clark must figure out a way to save Pete and still protect his secret. Meanwhile, Jonathan begins to suffer the consequences of his deal with Jor-El and Lex discovers that Adam's doctor is treating him with a dangerous experimental drug...
Guest Stars: Colin Corrigan as Dante's Goon | Ryan Merriman as Jason Dante | Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Françoise Yip as Dr. Lia Teng | Moneca Delain as Mara
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: Shocore -- Evolution, Dizzee Rascal -- Fix Up Look Sharp, Thousand Foot Krutch -- Rawkfist, Knoc-Turnal -- The Way I am, Ryan Adams -- Wonderwall, Saq -- You know

58 :03x14 - Obsession

Clark discovers that a fellow classmate, Alicia Baker, has superpowers, at the same time that she learns her secret. The grow closer, but Alicia's feelings soon turn to obsession. Meanwhile, Lex investigates Adam on Lana's behalf.
Guest Stars: Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight | Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker | Lynda Boyd as Mrs. Baker | Paul Perri as Mr. Baker | Françoise Yip as Dr. Lia Teng | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams |
Co-Guest Stars: Kate Robbins (2) as Teacher
Writer: Holly Harold
Songs: Blake Hight -- Echo, Finger Eleven -- One Thing, The Fuzz -- Parking, Ben Jelen -- Setting Of The Sun

59 :03x15 - Resurrection

While his father is awaiting life-threatening heart surgery, Clark befriends a young boy, Garrett, whose brother Vince just died from liver failure. However, everyone is shocked when Vince shows up at the hospital alive and seemingly well -- until his liver starts failing again. In a desperate attempt to keep his brother alive, Garrett straps a Kryptonite bomb to himself and demands that Vince be given Jonathan's liver or he will blow up the building...
Guest Stars: Jerry Wasserman as Dr. Scanlan | Bruce Harwood as Ben Paul/MedVac Pilot | Sandra Ferens as Morgue Doctor | Julian D. Christopher as Dr. MacIntyre | Tahmoh Penikett as Vincent Davis | Françoise Yip as Dr. Lia Teng | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | James Kirk (1) as Garrett Davis
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Alanis Morrisette -- Everything, The Rapture -- Infatuation

60 :03x16 - Crisis

Clark receives a panicked call from Lana and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead, but when he arrives at the Talon he is stunned to discover she is alive and well. Clark realizes the phone call came from the next day and that Adam is the one who will shoot Lana...
Guest Stars: Terry Chen as Detective Paul Cage | Aaron Pearl as Glenn Burton | Deryl Hayes as Second Detective (Cage's Partner) | Johannah Newmarch as Gwen Burton | Cedric De Souza as Dr. Bergen | Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Françoise Yip as Dr. Lia Teng | Gary Hudson as FBI Agent Frank Loder
Director: Kenneth Biller
Songs: Bizet Kaillet -- Pearl Fishers Overture

61 :03x17 - Legacy

When Jonathan begins to act strangely, Clark believes Jor-El is sending Jonathan messages through the key and is the cause for his father's withdrawal from the family. Clark goes down to the caves to confront his biological father but Lionel catches him there and begins putting the pieces together - leading him straight to Dr. Swann. As the two billionaires face off, a deal is struck and Lionel's true motives are revealed...
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Reeve as Dr. Virgil Swann |
Guest Stars: John Shaw as Cave Scientist | Daniel Bacon as 2nd FBI Agent | Gary Hudson as FBI Agent Frank Loder | Timothy Paul Perez as Agent Tobin | Nicole Van Zanten as Crowd
Director: Greg Beeman
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Songs: Seal -- Love's Divine, Grant-Lee Phillips -- Mona Lisa, Edie Brickell -- One In A Blue Moon

62 :03x18 - Truth

When Chloe accidentally inhales a mysterious krypto-gas, she discovers it acts as a truth serum to anyone who comes in contact with her and decides to take advantage of her new power by going to the Kents to find out Clark's secret. However, her new power comes with fatal consequences and Clark must find an antidote before she discovers the truth about him or worse, dies...
Guest Stars: Don Thompson as Chloe's Father's Friend | Gillian Barber as Mrs. Taylor | Linden Banks as Jonah Doyle | Mark Houghton as Lab Technician | Andrew Francis as William Taylor | Samantha Banton as Rebecca | Ryan Steele as Doug | Christie King as Mindy | Victoria Anderson as Hospital Receptionist | Christie Laing as Nurse | Ivan Cormak as Doctor
Songs: Ing -- Better Don't Do, The Fuzz -- Selling Out, Fastball -- Someday, Paul Schwartz -- Stabat Mater

63 :03x19 - Memoria

Believing that key information about his father's past was lost when his memory was erased, Lex decides to join an experimental program with Dr. Garner to regain the information so he can turn his father over to the FBI. Knowing that Lex will discover his secret if he regains his memory, Clark tries to stop him but is caught by Lionel and the doctor and exposed to the same radical treatment so that Lionel can solve the mystery of Clark's past...
Special Guest Stars: Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Thai as Luthor Nanny | Kendall Cross as Lara | Andrew Airlie as Mr. Woodward | Martin Cummins as Dr. Garner | Alisen Down as Lillian Luther | Matthew Harrison (2) as Garner's Assistant | Wayne Dalglish as Young Lex | Michael-Ann Connor as Sommerholt Receptionist
Director: Miles Millar
Songs: Evanescence -- My Immortal

64 :03x20 - Talisman

When a Kiwatche Indian steals a mythic knife from the caves, he is bestowed with superpowers similar to Clark's, causing the young man to believe he is the legendary Naman, 'the man who fell from the stars'. Clark learns the Kiwatche legend foretold of a knife that could kill Naman and sets out to reclaim it before the young Indian can use it on Lionel...
Guest Stars: Gordon Tootoosis as Joseph Willowbrook | Teryl Rothery as Real Estate Agent | Nathaniel Arcand as Jeremiah Holdsclaw | Launey Trask as The Client
Director: John Schneider

65 :03x21 - Forsaken (1)

Clark decides to tell Lana his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, an errant FBI agent kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Also, Lex panics after the FBI gives him 24 hours to turn over information on his father or face jail time, but help arrives from an unexpected source...
Guest Stars: Amber Rothwell as Emily | Scott Bellis as Monitoring Technician | Neil Flynn as Pete Dinsmore | Nicole Van Zanten as Student | Ryan Booth as Worker | Gary Hudson as FBI Agent Frank Loder
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Katie Herzig -- Chase Me, Red Letter Day -- From Afar, Rachael Yamagata -- Reason Why, Christopher Jack -- What You're Thinking, Charlie Mars -- When The Sun Goes Down

66 :03x22 - Covenant (2)

Things come to a head in Smallville when Kara, a beautiful girl with superpowers, who claims to be from Krypton, comes to entice Clark to fulfill his destiny. Overwhelmed, Clark turns to his parents for advice but is shocked when Kara forces Jonathan to finally reveal the deal he made with Jor-El. Also, Clark makes a discovery that ultimately redefines his relationship with Lex, and Clark's relationship with Lana takes a final turn...
Special Guest Stars: Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Guest Stars: Sarah Deakins as Trial Reporter | Brandon Jay McLaren as Delivery Man | Rick Faraci as Lionel's Barber | Daniel Bacon as 2nd FBI Agent | Gary Hudson as FBI Agent Frank Loder | Robert Wisden as Gabe Sullivan | Adrianne Palicki as Kara/Lindsey Harrison
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Mindy Smith -- One Moment More
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Super Heroes
Status: Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 16, 2001
Ended: May 13, 2011
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