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Season 4

67 :04x01 - Crusade

Clark returns to Smallville re-programmed as Kal-El. Intent on fulfilling his destiny, Kal-El takes to the skies to steal a powerful kryptonite crystal. Determined to save her son, Martha turns to Dr. Swann's emissary, Bridgette Crosby, and learns about a surprising new form of kryptonite. Meanwhile, Lois Lane comes to town to investigate the murder of her cousin Chloe. Also, Lana returns from Paris with a new attitude and a new boyfriend, Jonathan lies in a coma, and Lionel faces a grim new life in prison...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane | Margot Kidder as Bridgette Crosby |
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Dr. Harden | Dan Joffre as Hospital Receptionist | Helena Yea as Old Lady in Hospital | Alexander Kalugin as The Seer | Ona Grauer as Dr. Gabrielle Vaughn
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Tahiti 80 -- Better Days Will Come, San Drine -- Plus Pres De Moi

68 :04x02 - Gone

Clark and Lois Lane investigate Chloe's apparent murder, but are stopped by an army officer, General Sam Lane, who turns out to be Lois' father. Lois suspects that Sam knows more about Chloe's death than he will admit, and Clark discovers that Sam has recently been in contact with Lex. Jason arrives from Paris and convinces Lana to continue their relationship. Suspecting that Chloe is still alive, Lionel sends an assassin with the power to morph his limbs into metallic weapons to keep Chloe from testifying against him...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: James Bell (1) as Trent | Robert Wisden as Gabe Sullivan | Michael Ironside as General Sam Lane | Colin Lawrence as Agent Stocker
Songs: Dara Shindler -- A Long Way, Maroon 5 -- She Will Be Loved (acoustic)

69 :04x03 - Facade

Clark faces a surprising new foe in the form of a shy high school girl who turns to plastic surgery to enhance her looks and boost her popularity. However, things go awry when she discovers that her kryptonite-enhanced beauty causes harm to anyone she kisses - and she decides her next victim will be Lana. Meanwhile, Jason and Lana continue to hide their relationship from Clark.
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Michael Ironside as General Sam Lane | Eric Johnson as Whitney Ford | Julianne Christie as Dr. Elaine Fine | Brianna Brown as Abigail Fine |
Co-Guest Stars: Jared Keeso as Nate | Lee Rumohr as Brett Anderson | Rob Freeman as Coach Quigley
Writer: Holly Harold
Songs: Toby Lightman -- Devils And Angels (Little Things), Avril Lavigne -- My Happy Ending

70 :04x04 - Devoted

Clark joins the football team at school and is immediately given the starting quarterback position after the old quarterback starts a fight with new coach Jason. Curious about the behavior change in his old teammate, Clark and Lois investigate and discover that the cheerleaders are poisoning the teams' water with kryptonite, turning the players into Stepford-like boyfriends...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Lisa Marie Caruk as Cheerleader | Graham Kosakoski as Dan Cormay | Amanda Walsh as Mandy | Jared Keeso as Nate | Rob Freeman as Coach Quigley | Moneca Delain as Mara | Chelan Simmons as Rhonda
Director: David Carson
Songs: Hawk Nelson -- California, Silver -- Cruek Sun, Ash -- Meltdown, Sam Roberts -- On The Run, Authority Zero -- Revolution, Kyle Newvachek -- Welcome To My World

71 :04x05 - Run

After Jonathan's wallet is stolen, Clark super-speeds after the thief but is stunned when he cannot catch him. The thief, Bart, a.k.a. The Flash later shows up at the farm and tries to talk Clark into leaving Smallville for a life on the road together, flexing their super powers. Meanwhile, Lex buys a priceless framed manuscript with Kryptonian symbols and Clark learns that it contains a mysterious hidden map. However, when Bart steals the manuscript from Lex, he inadvertently puts Clark's life in danger and must make the decision whether to save Clark or himself.
Guest Stars: Benjamin Ratner as Hanison | Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen
Director: David Barrett
Songs: Hawk Nelson -- California, Silver -- Cruel Sun, The Roots -- Don't Say Nuttin, Rascal Flatts -- Feels Like Today, Ash -- Meltdown, Sam Roberts -- On the Run, Authority Zero -- Revolution

72 :04x06 - Transference

Clark hears a painful ringing sound in his ears and is drawn to the prison where Lionel is being held. When he sees Lionel attempt to stab Lex with a strange glowing stone, Clark grabs for the stone causing the two men to switch bodies. Learning his new body has super powers, Lionel immediately begins wreaking havoc on “Smallville”. Trapped behind bars without his powers, Clark must figure out a way to get his body and powers back in order to save his friends and family.
Special Guest Stars: Margot Kidder as Bridgette Crosby |
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Edgar Cole | Rick Faraci as Tattoed Inmate | Terence Kelly as Doctor
Songs: Jimmy Eat World. -- Pain

73 :04x07 - Jinx

Chloe is drawn into an underground gambling ring at school run by foreign exchange student Mikhail Mxyzptlk and loses her savings on a football game after Mxyzptlk uses his powers to control all the players -- including Clark. When Chloe discovers Mxyzptlk's secret, he kidnaps her and threatens to kill her unless Clark throws the championship game. Meanwhile, Lex threatens Mxyzptlk with deportation unless he uses his powers for Lex's benefit.
Guest Stars: Rob Freeman as Coach Quigley | Kevan Kase as Danny Crozer | Trent Ford as Mikail Mxyzptlk |
Co-Guest Stars: Karina Christianson as Cheerleader | Emy Aneke as Robert Pontius
Director: Paul Shapiro
Writer: Mark Warshaw
Songs: Green Day -- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Shiloh, -- I Believe, Bosshouse -- I'm All Gone, Social Distortion -- Reach For The Sky, The Hives -- Walk Idiot Walk

74 :04x08 - Spell

After Lana reads from a spell book written in the 1600s, she, Lois and Chloe become possessed by witches that had been burned at the stake. The three witches have come back seek revenge and search for the powerful Kryptonian crystals, wreaking havoc on the town in the process. Clark attempts to stop the witches but they strip him of his powers and force him to reveal the location of the crystal he hid in the cave before the meeting.
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Co-Guest Stars: William Taylor (1) as Mr. Jacobson | Lara Gilchrist as Madeleine | Melanie Papalia as Brianna | Mark Acheson as Magistrate Wilkins
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: Black Toast Music -- Blame, Shubert -- Impromptu No. 2 In E Flat, Keane -- We Might As Well Be Strangers, Gwen Stefani -- What You Waiting For

75 :04x09 - Bound

After Lex is accused of killing a young woman, Clark sets out to prove his innocence and turns to an unlikely source for help - Lionel. Swearing he is a changed man, Lionel offers Clark insight into the crime but he asks for something in return. Meanwhile, Lana meets Jason's parents and has a vivid flashback of the incident in Paris, leading her to suspect that Jason's mother was there when she got her tattoo...
Special Guest Stars: Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague |
Guest Stars: Claudette Mink as Corinne Hartford | Melissa Poll as Woman with Twins | Patricia Morgan Salazar as Maid | Cobie Smulders as Shannon Bell | Mark Acheson as Magistrate Wilkins
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Amanda O'Connor -- Daddy's Little Girl, Faithless -- Want More: Part 2

76 :04x10 - Scare

Lex's secret experiment at Luthorcorp goes awry and causes a dangerous toxin to be released into Smallville. Those infected by the toxin, including Clark, Lana, Lex, and Jason imagine their greatest fears come true and then fall into a coma. Desperate to find a cure, Clark gives some of his blood to Lex and is stunned at what Lex does with the antidote.
Guest Stars: Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Sinclair | Norm Sherry as Guard | Ben Odberg as Lana's Dad | Wendy Chmelauskas as Lana's Mom | Samantha Ferris as Warden Anita Stone | Lindsay Bourne as Mom of Chloe | Jerry Wasserman as Dr. Scanlan
Director: David Carson
Songs: Mindy Smith -- Falling

77 :04x11 - Unsafe

Claiming to be cured, Alicia is released from Belle Reve hospital and comes to Smallville to rekindle her relationship with Clark. Initially skeptical of Alicia, Clark finds himself enjoying a relationship with someone who knows his secret, but when she pushes for more he hesitiates, causing her to use red kryptonite on him. "Bad Clark" emerges and whisks Alicia off to get married in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Lana decides to have sex with Jason in order to win him back...
Guest Stars: Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker | Don MacKay as Las Vegas Minister | John Pyper-Ferguson as Dr. William McBride | Moneca Delain as Larissa | R. David Stephens as Doctor | Ronald Selmour as Belle Reve Attendant
Director: Greg Beeman
Songs: Johnathon Rice -- Break So Easy, Rock-N-Roll Soldiers -- Funny Little Feeling, Dido -- Life for Rent, Simple Plan -- Welcome to My Life

78 :04x12 - Pariah

Lana and Jason are attacked and almost killed by an unseen assailant and Alicia seems to be the prime suspect. Clark initially defends his new girlfriend, but when the evidence begins to pile up he is forced to take a hard truthful look at Alicia. Hurt by Clark's actions, Alicia forces Clark to unknowingly reveal his powers in front of Chloe. Meanwhile, Jason's mother returns to town with an offer for Lex...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane | Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague |
Guest Stars: Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker | Derek Hamilton as Tim Westcott
Director: Paul Shapiro
Writer: Holly Harold
Songs: Minnie Driver -- Deeper Water

79 :04x13 - Recruit

In an effort to recruit Clark for their football team, Met U sends their star player Geoff to show Clark the "perks" of attending Met U. However, after one of Met U's players dies under mysterious circumstances and Lois is arrested for his murder, Clark discovers that Geoff has super powers and is using them to paralyze anyone who gets in his way -- including Lois. Meanwhile, Chloe continues to watch Clark to learn more about his secret...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Chris Carmack as Geoff Johns |
Co-Guest Stars: John Novak as Gary Burgen - Metro Motors | Colby Johannson as Coop | Amanda Crew as Sorority Girl | Brandi Alexander (1) as Sorority Girl | Kirsten Williamson as Sorority Girl | Steve Makaj as Coach Quigley | Marcus Sim as Marcus |
Uncredited: Kirsten Alter as Police Officer
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: Simple Plan -- Untitled, Fatboy Slim -- Wonderful Night

80 :04x14 - Krypto

While driving, Lois accidentally hits a dog and brings it back to the farm to heal. Clark realizes this is no ordinary dog after the pup lifts up a car to retrieve a ball. Clark and Lois learn the dog is a product of an aborted LuthorCorp experiment and is being used to commit crimes, but when Lois is kidnapped by the robbers and Clark is weakened by kryptonite, it is up to the dog to save them. Meanwhile, Lana questions Jason's involvement in his mother's schemes...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane | Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague |
Guest Stars: Alvin Sanders as Store Owner | Nolan Gerard Funk as Zack Greenfield | Bucks the Dog as Hercules | Bud the Dog as Einstein/Krypto/Shelby | Diego Klattenhoff as Josh Greenfield | Alex Green as Doctor Kline
Songs: Supertramp -- Give a Little Bit

81 :04x15 - Sacred

After learning that Jason and Lex are in China searching for one of the mysterious kryptonian crystals, Clark and Lana follow in the hopes of finding it first. Clark finds an artifact that leads them to the crystal, but he must battle Isobel, the witch, who has once again inhabited Lana's body in order to take the crystal for herself. Meanwhile, Lex has more information on the crystals than he is letting on...
Special Guest Stars: Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Guest Stars: Byron Mann as Chinese Officer | Mike Wu as Chinese Soldier | Michelle Goh as Professor Sen | Kai Xu as Chinese Soldier
Director: Brad Turner

82 :04x16 - Lucy

Lois' younger sister, Lucy, with whom Lois doesn't get along, comes to town and charms everyone she meets. However, Clark discovers a darker side to Lucy after he catches her stealing money from a bar and forces her to reveal the truth about her sudden appearance in Smallville - a truth that puts Lois in grave danger. Meanwhile, the crystal disappears from Lana's apartment and Jason accuses Lionel of stealing it. Lois' sister, Lucy, appears in this episode.
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Erica Cerra as Warehouse Worker | Peter Wingfield as Marcus Becker | Dayna Devon as Talon Customer | Bud the Dog as Shelby | Kaleena Kiff as Lex's Aide | Peyton List as Lucy Lane
Director: David Barrett
Songs: Kasabian -- Club Foot

83 :04x17 - Onyx

A glimpse of the future Lex Luthor is revealed after a kryptonite explosion splits Lex in two and his evil side - Alexander - is released. Alexander immediately imprisons Lex in the mansion and begins his rampage by trying to kill Clark and Chloe in the lab, jousting with Lionel and convincing him to return to the dark side and finally, threatening to close the Talon unless Lana moves in with him...
Guest Stars: Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Sinclair | Rekha Sharma as Dr. Harden | Carra Maureen as Fencing Instructor
Director: Terrence O'Hara

84 :04x18 - Spirit

A stunned Chloe is nominated for Prom Queen and tries to talk a reluctant Clark and Lana into attending the dance with her. However, after her rival Dawn, a wannabe Prom queen, crashes her car into a ravine filled with kryptonite, Dawn's spirit is released and she enters the bodies of the others making them act out of character. As a result, Lana asks Clark to be her date, Lois attends the Prom and Chloe sets the school on fire. Lex gives the seniors a special gift by having the band Lifehouse play at the dance...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Lifehouse as Themselves | Beatrice Rosen as Dawn Stiles | Dan Joffre as Admissions nurse | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Bud the Dog as Einstein | Kandyse McClure as Harmony | Jesse Hutch as Billy Durden
Director: Whitney Ransick
Songs: Ashlee Simpson -- La La

85 :04x19 - Blank

Kevin, a boy who can cause people to temporarily lose their memory, turns his powers on Clark and causes him to have total amnesia. Chloe discovers what has happened and must teach Clark about his superpowers while simultaneously trying to keep him from accidentally revealing them to others. On his trip down memory lane, Clark meets Lana, falls in love all over again and decides to share his secret with her. Lex takes advantage of the situation and convinces Clark to show him where the three stones are hidden...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Heather Doerksen as Receptionist | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Jonathan Bennett (1) as Kevin Grady | Ryan King as Dylan Grady | Tom Butler (1) as Mr. Grady
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: -- 24

86 :04x20 - Ageless

Clark and Lana discover an abandoned baby in the cornfield and take him back to the Kent farm. However, once the baby ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in a matter of days, the two realize he is aging at a rapid rate and frantically search for a cure before the disease kills him. Meanwhile, Genevieve orders Lionel to kill Lana or else she will send him back to prison...
Special Guest Stars: Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague |
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Stewart (2) as Evan (Baby) | Jeffrey Ballard as Evan (Age 16) | Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams | Marshall Caplan (1) as Lex's Aide | Owen Stewart as Evan (Baby) | Matt Ellis as Turner Sutherland | Colin Ford as Evan (Age 7) | John Shaw as LuthorCorp Scientist | Pascale Hutton as Susan Gallagher | Frank C. Turner as Mechanic

87 :04x21 - Forever

Clark must stop the school photographer after he sets up a secret simulated high school and begins kidnapping students -- starting with Chloe -- to keep the glory days of high school going forever. Lex and Lionel are kidnapped and tortured by the Teagues in an effort to find the crystal. However, after Genevieve realizes Lana has the crystal, she decides to put an end to the hunt once and for all...
Special Guest Stars: Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague | Erica Durance as Lois Lane |
Guest Stars: Veena Sood as Schoolteacher | Steven Grayhm as Brendan Nash

88 :04x22 - Commencement

Clark begins to piece together the reason he was sent to Earth after he has a nightmare that something horrible is going to happen to Smallville and heads to the cave to seek answers from Jor-El. His biological father tells him he must reunite the three crystals immediately or a disaster of epic proportions will befall the planet and even Clark won't be able to stop it. Meanwhile, Lex first helps Lana escape Smallville after the death of Genevieve Teague then takes shocking action to get one of the crystals away from Lionel. Realizing the crystals are connected to Clark, Chloe tries to stop Lex from discovering the truth...
Special Guest Stars: Erica Durance as Lois Lane | Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague | Terence Stamp as Jor-El |
Co-Guest Stars: Bud the Dog as Shelby | Jeremy Jones (1) as Young Father
Director: Greg Beeman
Warning: Smallville guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 16, 2001
Ended: May 13, 2011
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