Savior - Recap

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Chloe is at the watchtower sanctuary that Jimmy had purchased for her and is talking with the police about finding Lois, who has been missing for three weeks. She hears a noise and goes to investigate and finds Dr. Emil Hamilton entering the apartment. Chloe wonders if Oliver Queen is around and Dr. Hamilton informs her that Oliver and his League members have disbanded since they indirectly caused Jimmy's death by disagreeing among themselves. When Chloe points out that Clark is dealing with his guilt and protecting the city despite it, Emil notes that he's doing fine without a sidekick.

Lois appears on the Metropolis monorail in a flash of lightning. The Legion ring is still on her hand. There's another flash of lightning and a black-clad woman, Alia, appears. She immediately attacks Lois, who fights back. Meanwhile, the train's systems blow out and it starts to go off the rails. It plummets toward the street below as Lois is slammed against the window and knocked unconscious. Clark catches the monorail and looks up into the window to see the unconscious Lois. He superspeeds away as Lois wakes up and sees the Blur's symbol burned into the wall: the mark of the House of El. Atop a nearby building, Clark, wearing a black shirt with the El symbol on it, watches over the city.

Clark goes to the Fortress and undergoes additional training with the computer persona of his father Jor-El. Jor-El notes that he appears distracted and Clark wonders why he is questioning him. Jor-El notes that Clark's thoughts have been focused until recently. When Clark points out that he is bound by his inability to fly, Jor-El explains that he still sees himself as a human and that is limiting his ability to tap the full extent of his powers. Clark insists that he's given up all human ties but Jor-El notes that he has avoided his feelings rather than struggling and coping with them. He suggests that someone may be distracting him.

Chloe gets a report on Lois and goes to the hospital to see her. The last thing Lois remembers is struggling with Tess over the alien orb. Before Chloe can explain that she's been missing for three weeks, Lois realizes that the Blue rescued Chloe from Doomsday and saved the train. Remembering that she agreed to talk to the Blur at midnight, and she needs the Blur's help to deal with the assassin, she prepares to leave. Chloe gets her to slow down and goes to get a sedative. As soon as she's gone, Lois runs out, leaving the Legion ring behind. She gets to the phone booth a few minutes late but the Blur doesn't answer. She figures he's already there and calls out to him, insisting he can trust her, but gets no response.

Jor-El tests Clark with a mental projection but he is still unable to fly. He warns Clark that his compassion will be his greatest strength and his greatest obstacle. Clark realizes that he needs to say goodbye to Lois if he's ever to embrace his destiny.

At the Luthor manor, a man joins the soldiers that have occupied the house and says that he's lost the trail of their fellow soldiers. He asks if they've gotten information from the women and they admit they haven't. The soldiers wonder why they don't have the powers they should under a yellow sun and question his authority. The major commands them to salute and then kneel before Zod. They knock him out and take him to Tess' room.

Lois goes to investigate the subway crash and finds a piece of black clothing. She tries to contact Oliver for help but gets no answer. A man comes in and Lois assumes he's a cop. When he gets her name, he tells her that she's been missing for three weeks. Lois has no memory of what happened and the man says he's interested in finding out as well. When he wonders how the monorail could have survived, Lois suggests they chalk it up as a miracle. The man notices the El symbol on the window and recognizes it as the Blur's mark. He notes that the Blur has changed and gotten rid of his red and blue, and now he leaves his mark to prove something. A policeman arrives and Corben kisses her. The policeman assumes they're lovers and tells them to leave. Once he's gone, Lois stamps on Corben's foot and stalks off.

Chloe returns to her watchtower and discovers that Emil has used Queen Industry funds to provide her with state-of-the-art computers. He admits that Chloe was right and there are things and people worth fighting for. They go to work and Chloe shows him Lois' wring. She believes Lois went to the future and Emil explains that he discovered two rips in the temporal continuum, both on the monorail in close proximity. They realize someone has come back from the future.

On the streets of Metropolis, Alia finds a poster of Lois and burns it with heat vision.

A badly beaten Tess wakes up and finds herself imprisoned with Zod. He explains that his soldiers have lost their faith, and admits that he ordered them to beat her for information. Zod realizes that they took the wrong approach because she's become resistant to abuse over the years. He suggests a more emotional approach would have worked. She realizes he's not the man who spoke to her through the orb and he wants answers from her. Tess explains that Zod would come to Earth to save it from its own destruction and he would have powers. However, it's clear he doesn't know why he's there, and his soldiers will kill him once they realize his ignorance. She suggests they work to escape together but when his back is turned, she tries to strangle him. He easily thwarts her and says that while his soldiers might not kill her, he would.

Clark meets Chloe on the Daily Planet and explains that he didn't want to leave everyone behind but he had no choice. Chloe admits that she knew he'd have to move on one day and he can't look back. When she wonders what he's doing with Lois, he admits that he plans to say goodbye. Chloe warns that Lois came back from the future and someone is after her.

A drunken Oliver is fighting in an underground club and Lois arrives, posing as a ring girl. As he recovers, she says she needs a hero to deal with the assassin after her. Suddenly the woman breaks through the wall and prepares to fire a burst of heat vision. Oliver pulls Lois down as Clark arrives. Alia admits that she attacked Lois simply to lure Clark out. Clark grabs her and superspeeds away to the Kent barn. He demands answers and Alia explains that he betrayed them. Clark spots Jonathan's watch on her wrist and compares it to his own. They show almost the exact same time but Alia's is one year in the future. She says that Clark gave it to him and then tosses a piece of blue kryptonite onto the floor. Alia says that it strips both of them of their abilities and that she has to kill Clark before he destroys the world. She draws a sword and attacks him. He manages to hold her off and she severs a chain, dropping an engine block on her. She falls on her sword and apologizes with her dying breath.

At the fight club, Lois treats Oliver's wounds and insists that he's a real hero. Oliver disagrees, insisting he's just a shallow playboy and he used the hero thing as a distraction. :Lois says it's okay and notes that she's found a real hero and doesn't need Oliver.

The soldiers bring in Zod and Tess for interrogation. They question Tess first and she says she's never met Zod and has no idea where the rest of their people are. She tells them to talk to Zod, who has kept them in the dark. The soldiers note that their blood was taken before the last battle on Kandor. Zod says that if they are there, their home was destroyed. He doesn't know where the others are or what happened to their powers, but insists that he's saved half of their lives and sacrificed more than any of them. He vows to find the answers that they're looking for or die in the question. All of the soldiers kneel to him… including Alia. Zod turns to Tess and smiles.

At the barn, Clark finds Chloe waiting for him. He admits he doesn't know who Alia was but she said he would cause the end of the world in a year. Chloe finally asks him to go back and save Jimmy using the Legion ring. Clark refuses, insisting that he's not God and the last time he tried, Jonathan died. Chloe begs him to save Jimmy in return for everything she's given up for him. Clark refuses and Chloe says there's nothing of his human side left.

Tess discovers that Zod and his men have disappeared. Her security man arrives and insists he was following her orders to not interfere. She wants him to show her the video files they made but discovers that the Kryptonians broke through their security and erased the files.

At the Daily Planet, Lois tries to log onto her computer. She finds the man from the monorail sitting in Clark's chair. He explains that she's mistaken him for a copy and he's actually a field reporter working for the Planet. He notes that Clark has taken an indefinite leave of absence to deal with family matters but Lois insists he'll be back. The man introduces himself as John Corben and promises to see her later. As he goes, Lois takes Clark's nameplate out of the garbage. The Blur calls her and explains that he's supposed to disappear from good but he can't. He asks her to promise that it will stay just between them.

Lois goes to her apartment for the Talon and doses off. She has a vague dream of the events that happened to her in the future: a futuristic city, a man wearing a Kryptonian symbol, Chloe dying, and Lois making love to Clark.