Metallo - Recap

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Lois visits the Kent farm and discovers the counters covered in dust. Clark is apparently gone, but Lois soon realizes that someone has been feeding Shelby the dog. Lois is interrupted when John Corben calls to tell her that the Blur has apprehended two thieves at a jewelry store. He informs her that he's reporting the story and Lois invites him to go ahead, saying that there are plenty of Blur stories. Corben dismisses her admiration of the Blur, insisting that if the enigmatic vigilante screws up, there's no way to hold him accountable.

As Corben hangs up, he takes out a photo of a young woman and considers it. An errant gust of wind blows the photo out of his hand and into the street. Corben goes out to get it and a truck slams into him. He wakes up in an empty warehouse surrounded by medical equipment. He looks at his arm and discovers that metal parts have been inserted into it. He looks at the bandages covering his chest and goes to a mirror, and discovers that someone has replaced his heart with a meteor-powered generator.

Come sunrise, Clark watches over the city and uses his superhearing to listen for any police emergencies.

Lois is at her apartment over the Talon and is having a vague fragmented dream of her trip to the future, seeing herself with Clark and shadowy figures engaging in battle. Shelby wakes her up and Lois gets to her feet as Chloe comes in. Chloe wonders why Lois is holding Clark's dog and lies, explaining that she has been taking care of Shelby while Clark is supposedly visiting relatives in Poughkeepsie. Their conversation turns toward the Blur and Lois explains that the vigilante has been contacting her and she thinks he's lonely. Chloe is surprised to hear that Clark has been contacting her cousin.

Clark returns home to take care of Shelby Chloe comes in and warns that Lois saw Shelby and suspects something is going on. When Clark insists that he's putting everything human behind him, Chloe points out that Clark taking care of the dog and calling Lois is back-pedaling and betraying everything that they've sacrificed so he could fulfill his destiny as a hero.

The EMTs bring Corben to Metropolis General where Emil is on duty. Emil quickly realizes what is going on but is unable to get a shocked Corben to identify himself. He explains to Corben what's happened to him and tries to give him a sedative. Corben uses his cybernetic limb to shove a paramedic and Emil away with superhuman strength and then escape.

Lois goes to the Luthor manor and talks to Tess. Lois demands to know what happen and Tess realizes that she doesn't remember anything after their fight at the Daily Planet. Tess admits that she woke up from the fight and Lois was gone. Tess tries to provoke Lois into a rematch but Lois simply insists that she plans to be back at work at the Planet. When Tess reminds her that she was fired, Lois threatens to go to the Inquirer with her story of Tess' world-conquering plans unless she gets her position back at the Planet. Tess gives in and Lois leaves, going past Tess' new assistant, Stuart. He tells Tess that he has a lead on where Zod and the Kandorian soldiers went after they left the manor.

Clark goes to the hospital to see Emil and learn what happened. Emil explains that someone transformed Corben into a kryptonite-powered cyborg, similar to the cybernetic experiments that Lex Luthor financed. The generator is replacing Corben's missing heart and is slowly tainting his mind, enhancing his violent emotions. Emil reveals that they took a Daily Planet key chain off of the patient before he left, and they figure that he works at the newspaper.

Corben is wandering the streets of Metropolis dimly remembering his conversation with Lois about the Blur. He goes back to the street where he dropped the photo and finds it lying in the gutter. He picks it up and goes to the basement of the apartment building where he stays. He puts the photo up on a wire barrier wall that holds dozens of articles about the Blur's superheroic activities, and declares that he is going to kill the Blur.

Lois returns to her desk and the city editor assigns her the ER story. Clark calls, disguising his voice as the Blur, and warns her that the cyborg works at the Planet. Lois eagerly leaps in and volunteers to find who has lost their key chain and Clark can't convince her otherwise. He tells her that he'll call her at their phone booth at 7 and Lois realizes that she thinks of it as "theirs" and cares about her. She hangs up and starts checking to see which reporter is missing his key chain. Meanwhile, Chloe is checking Lois' desktop computer and discovers that Tess has planted spyware on it. When Lois comes over, Chloe offers to take her to lunch but Lois tells her that she can't because she's now the Blur's sidekick.

Tess and Stuart go to the Metropolis warehouse and discover the medical equipment that was used to revive Corben. There is equipment for several different projects there, and Stuart hacks the hospital computer to discover that Corben was the man who was upgraded at the warehouse. There are discarded blueprints showing the kryptonite generator and Tess realizes that the Kandorians are testing their technology and using Corben as a subject to see if they can replicate their lost powers.

That night, Corben returns to the Planet and tries to access the older electronic records about the Blur. Lois finds him at his desk and tries to get answers from him, but he all but ignores her. When he discovers that he needs his keys to access the older archives, and that he doesn't have them, Lois realizes that he's the man the Blur is looking for. She goes to the phone booth but Corben realizes she knows something and follows her. When Clark calls, Lois tells him that Corben is the one he's looking for. However, Corben abducts her and by the time Clark gets there, they're long gone.

Clark goes to the Watchtower and updates Chloe on what's going on. Chloe is angry that Clark has involved Lois but Clark says that there's nothing they can do now but rescue her. When Chloe warns him about Corben's kryptonite heart, Clark shows her an EMP grenade that Emil provided that should knock out Corben long enough to rescue Lois. Chloe checks Corben's computer while Clark explains that he felt talking to Lois was the right thing to do. They find a video file on Corben's computer that he recorded for his sister. Chloe confirms that his sister was murdered by a thief while Corben was overseas on assignment. Since his return, Corben bought the entire building.

At the apartment, Corben wants Lois to tell him everything about the Blur. When she refuses, and tries to attack him. Corben knocks her out and Clark arrives. He's staggered by the radiation pouring from Corben, who realizes his advantage. He says that Clark rescued a prison bus that crashed while transporting prisoners, and one of them escaped and killed his sister. He blames Clark for interfering and insists that he doesn’t have the right. He accuses Clark of standing apart from the world with no understanding of how things really work. When Corben ignores his warnings about how the kryptonite heart is driving him insane, Clark activates the EMP grenades and paralyzes Corben. He goes to Lois but Corben quickly recovers and advances on Clark, throwing him into the side of the furnace. He prepares to kill Lois to make Clark realize what it feels like to lose someone close, and Clark grabs a lead panel from the furnace. He melts it using his heat vision and superspeeds past Corben, adhering it to his chest to block the kryptonite radiation. Ignoring Clark's warning, Corben pries it from his chest and inadvertently pulls out the kryptonite heart. Clark moves back into the shadows as Lois wakes up. She asks to see the Blur's face and Clark starts to reveal himself, but then superspeeds away.

Later, Clark talks to Chloe on the balcony of the Watchtower. He looks out across the city and admires the view, saying it gives him perspective. Chloe explains that she still misses Jimmy and Clark apologizes, saying he should have been there for her instead of abandoning his humanity. When he wonders what to do, Chloe says that lurking on rooftops complaining about what he's missing is interfering in his heroism. She then tells Clark that Tess is tapping Lois' computer files to learn where she was during the missing three weeks, and warns that they have to find out before Tess does.

The next day, Lois takes Clark's nameplate out of the wastepaper basket and discovers that Clark has returned. Lois forgets herself and hugs him for a second, and then hastily pulls away when Clark points out she must have missed him. She denies it and says that she's now helping the sidekick, and Clark asks for more detail.

At the manor, Tess has managed to obtain Corben's kryptonite heart. Her assistant tells her that Corben has shut down entirely and they're unable to revive her. Stuart reports to her that he's discovered gigantic Kryptonian symbols burned into the earth at locations across the globe. They appeared on the night that the Kandorians arrive. One photo shows that a living being was on the ground inside one of the symbols.