Echo - Recap

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Clark arrives at superspeed to rescue hostages held at a Metropolis textile factory. The criminal is wearing a doll mask and watches over his the prisoners, a belt of explosives around his waist. Clark invisibly gets all the hostages to safety and then throws the bomber into a wall. The man's mask falls off, revealing another hostage, gagged and unconscious. A detonator is hidden in the mask and activates as it comes off. Clark protects the last hostage as the explosives go off. In the aftermath, a stunned Clark thinks he hears voices in his head.

Clark changes to his normal clothing in a phone booth as Lois arrives on the trail of the story. She complains that Clark somehow managed to get there first but is more interested in why the blur isn't there and how she missed him. As she climbs over a car to get to what's left of the textile factory, she trips and Clark catches her. To his surprise, he seemingly "hears" her say "Hello, sailor!" When she walks away and thinks of him as "hot stuff," Clark realizes that he can hear what she's thinking.

Clark goes to work and continues to hear Lois from elsewhere in the building. When he finally meets up with her, she mentally complains about how the Blur seems to be ignoring her. Clark steals a Danish for her when she telepathically complains that someone took the last one. Clark checks the records and learns that the textile factory is a Queen Industries subsidiary. He wonders if Oliver has even heard about the incident but Lois says that Oliver doesn't care about anything these days and Clark admits she might be right.

Clark goes to see Chloe and explains what's happening. After she confirms that he can only hear Lois thoughts. Chloe pursues the matter and suggests that Clark check with Jor-El. Clark refuses but after Chloe leaves, he starts to hear the thoughts of everyone on the streets. He goes to the Fortress and Jor-El tells him that telepathy is one of the trials that he has placed for Clark, and that Clark failed at the factory because he didn't rely on his Kryptonian instincts to realize who the bomber actually was. It assures Clark that the telepathy is only temporary and he should use it to understand human motivations.

Clark and Lois go to the hospital to interrogate the witnesses. One woman is reluctant to talk but Clark telepathically determines that she's an illegal immigrant and thinks they're INS agents. Clark assures her that they're not and she tells them what she knows. Another man is lying to get attention and once Clark telepathically confirms the man doesn't know anything, Clark warns him that lying to the police could get him in trouble. Clark then flirts with a nurse to get the report on Murphy, the man who the real bomber put in the mask. The man is still unconscious after surgery. Lois says she's heading out for a busy night but Clark realizes she's lying and suggests they should go out for dinner. When she wonders if it's a date, Clark defers but then reads her mind to learn she wants to go to a monster truck rally. He says he can get some tickets and Lana takes him up on his offer.

In Mexico, Oliver hits on two women in a bar. Their husbands come in and Oliver picks a fight with them. They quickly overwhelm him but Tess steps in and fires her gun, breaking up the fight and driving everyone out. As Oliver drinks heavily, Tess says that she wants him.

Lois is preparing for her date by cutting off jeans when Chloe comes in. Lois admits she's going out on a not-date with Clark and admits she's surprised that Clark seemed to know what she was thinking, and how they've been in sync recently. She admits that she's been thinking about how it might be nice to actually have someone else to rely on.

Clark checks on the comatose Murphy and hears him thinking that the bomber strapped the explosives on him to make Oliver Queen pay for his crimes. When Murphy thinks of the fact the bomber was obsessed with toys, Clark realizes that Winslow Schott, the Toyman, is the one responsible. In a shadowy lair surrounded by toys, the Toyman laughs hysterically and says the games are about to begin.

Tess wonders what Oliver is trying to do and if he cares about anything. She explains that Queen Industries is failing because he's gone and she can't cover for him any more. Oliver wonders why she doesn't become CEO herself, but Tess asks why he's blaming himself for whatever happened. She tries to get him to talk to her about it but he refuses. Tess finally says that she needs him to come to a party to talk to the company shareholders, and insists that he owes her. He agrees once he makes her promise that's all she wants from him.

Chloe comes to the Daily Planet that night to talk to Clark. She complains that he's using his newly-gained telepathy to get closer to Lois, but that he's breaking her heart because he's skipping on their "date." Clark explains that the Toyman is going after Oliver and he doesn't to endanger Lois by having her with Clark as he tracks the villain down. Chloe informs Clark that Oliver is at the gala party and Clark tells her to go to the Watchtower and be ready when the Toyman makes his move.

Clark goes to the gala and uses his telepathy to get the name of one of the guests on the list. As he starts to go in, Lois pulls up in a monster truck and a party dress. Despite thinking that she shouldn't be giving Clark a hard time, she pushes through and accuses him of trying to ditch her so that he could have the story for himself. Clark has to telepathically listen as Lois realizes she's better off on herself because all of the men in her life eventually leave. She finally decides to leave and give Clark the story. Clark tries to find the Toyman in the crowd without success. Tess has Oliver come to the podium to give his speech. He starts reading from the teleprompter and sees a message saying to put in an earpiece. Once he does, there's a burst of feedback that temporarily deafens everyone. Clark realizes that he's lost his telepathy at just the wrong moment.

Meanwhile, the Toyman tells Oliver over the earpiece that they're going to play a little game of "Toyman Says" and he plans to get revenge for Oliver framing Schott for Lex's murder. The Toyman tells Oliver to read everything on the teleprompter, and explains that if Oliver moves, he'll set off a pressure plate on the podium and detonate a bomb killing everyone. Oliver reluctantly starts to read the teleprompter script, which has him admit what a failure he is.

In the audience, Clark contacts Chloe by radio and admits that he's realized Jor-El has taken away his telepathy so he can put what he's learned to use. He scans the podium with his x-ray vision and sees the land mine in the podium. The teleprompter brings up Oliver admitting to the murder of Lex and Oliver hesitates. Chloe hacks the fire alarms and everyone heads for the exits... except for the Toyman. Clark grabs him and drags him to the balcony, and demands to know how to disarm the bomb. However, when the Toyman talks about the game and how it's his rules, Clark realizes that the villain knows that Oliver wouldn't let everyone die. The bomb will go off if Oliver stays on the plate.

Once everyone has gone, Oliver prepares to step off the plate. On the balcony, Clark realizes that the Toyman wouldn't let himself die with Oliver. He uses his heat vision to burn off the Toyman's face, revealing that he's an android. The real Toyman is watching safely from a distance. Meanwhile, Oliver steps off the podium and is surprised that nothing happens. Clark asks Oliver how he realized that the platform was reverse rigged and Oliver admits that he didn't. He waited until everyone out and knew that the explosion wouldn't kill Clark.

Later, the two men talk on the balcony and Oliver informs Clark that Chloe tracked the radio signal on the earpiece and the police have captured the Toyman. Clark apologizes, admitting that he hasn't been paying attention and wasn't there for Oliver. Oliver explains the words the Toyman forced him to say were truth. He hasn't earned anything that he's had since his parents died when he was 5. Clark thinks that Olive is afraid of what he'll become, not who he is, and insists that he will stand by Oliver. Clark leaves as the police arrive and Oliver turns to go inside. He sees the reflection of Lex in the window and angrily throws his glass of alcohol at it.

As he's taken to Stryker Prisoner, the Toyman demands to see his lawyer. Tess comes in and the Toyman wonders if she wants revenge. She shoots him in the knee and tells him to leave Oliver alone, and then explains that she's bribed the guard so he'll say Schott tried to explain. The Toyman will go into solitary where Tess wants him to work on a new toy: Metallo's kryptonite heart. As Toyman stares at it in fascination, Tess tells him to figure out how it works.

The next day, Lois goes to see Clark at the office and wonders why he didn't submit his own story on the Toyman. Clark admits that he couldn't handle it and wants Lois to help him with the article. She quickly works it into shape and Clark apologizes for letting her down the previous night. Lois accepts her apology and they banter about how Clark didn't ask her on a date so it's a good thing it didn't work out. However, he hypothetically asks how someone might ask her on a second date after screwing up, and Lois says that hypothetically that person should wait for a slower news day. Clark notes that doesn't happen very often, but assures her that hypothetically, someone will get it right the next time.