Idol - Recap

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At the Daily Planet, Lois is daydreaming about the glimpses of memory she remembers from her visit to the future… a future under a red sun where she and Clark make love. She finally snaps out of it and admits to Clark that she ran away for two weeks as an instinctive reaction to his kissing her. Clark wants to talk about it but Lois prefers not to. A delivery man arrives with a crate for Lois. She opens it and finds several men bound and gagged, covered in heroin. She assumes they’re drug dealers until one of the men identifies himself as an undercover cop. Lois and Clark hear a commotion outside and go to discover that someone has placed the Blur’s symbol 20 stories high on an office building.

As they go back inside, Lois wonders if the Blur is responsible for the botched arrest. She complains to Clark that the Blur hasn’t contacted her. City editor Randall Brody tells Lois to do a report on the botched capture, noting it resulted in the release of an arrested crime lord. Clark tries to defend the Blur and suggests that Lois cover both sides of the story. Lois, unimpressed, puts on sunglasses and a scarf and tells Clark she’s going undercover.

Actually, Lois is visiting with therapist Dr. Evans. She talks about how she’s having sex dreams involving her and a co-worker. Dr. Evans knows about Clark and suggests that the dream is Lois’ subconscious talking about something hidden that she wants revealed, and may be a result of Lois’ amnesia. Lois gets a call from the blur on her cell phone but refuses to take it, and tells Dr. Evans she doesn’t have any feelings for the Blur. Dr. Evans is skeptical and suggests that Lois is projecting her feelings for the Blur onto Clark.

Clark goes to see Chloe and gives up on trying to call Lois to explain himself as the Blur. Chloe discovers that there has been a string of messy but successful saves and the person or persons responsible have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts. Clark insists that he needs to stop the people involved before someone gets hurt.

That night, a crook is heading for a meeting near a power plant when a cougar leaps onto his car and distracts the driver. The car hits a sudden patch of ice and plows into an electrical pylon. The cougar transforms into a young girl, Jayna, and the “ice” becomes her brother Zan. They congratulate each other and figure the arrest will redeem their botched capture of the undercover cops. As Zan starts taking photos, the pylon falls on the car and Metropolis’ power goes out.

The next day, Clark and Lois arrive at the power plant. D.A. Ray Sacks is there giving a speech for the press, accusing the Blur of vigilante activities. Lois is aware that the D.A. is involved in a number of shady dealings and figures that Sacks is trying to advance his mayoral campaign at the Blur’s expense. However, she admits that the Blur is out of control. Clark comes to the Blur’s defense and asks if she took his phone call. She insists that since the Blur ignored her for weeks, she's going to ignore him. As she goes over to talk to a witness, Clark finds a discarded cell phone.

At their makeshift apartment, Jayna realizes that she lost her cell phone and Zan wonders if they're qualified to be heroes. Zan's phone rings and they start to activate their powers, but Clark arrives and thrust his hand between theirs, disrupting their powers and knocking them out. Clark takes them to the Watchtower and they're impressed at what they figure is the Blur's secret lair. Chloe steps out of the shadows and warns them that if they continue to go public and pretend to be the Blur, she'll eliminate every trace of their virtual reality existence. The twins promise to stop publicizing on the Blur's behalf. When they wonder how they can become real heroes and avoid screwing up, Chloe says that they'll know when the moment is right, and occasionally heroes need saving from themselves.

The power comes back up and Lois finishes typing her story. She gets a call from the Blur and reluctantly takes it, and he explains that he didn't cause the blackout. However, the Blur refuses to turn over the two teens that have been screwing up in his name. Lois questions his decision and he insists that everyone deserves a second chance. Lois snaps at him, saying that she deserved a second chance from him.

At the Watchtower, Zan and Jayna look around the Watchtower and inadvertently turn off Chloe's voice scrambler unit for the Blur.

As the Blur tries to reassure Lois that he's doing the right thing, the scrambler goes off and Lois recognizes Clark's voice.

The next morning, Lois goes to the Kent farm and suggests that she and Clark carpool to work so they have the chance to know each other better. She tells Clark that she has a new pro-Blur story and tries to tell him she didn't want him to get the wrong idea. Clark wonders what's going on and Lois says that she's seeing things clearly for the first time. Before she can continue, they hear a broadcast of Sacks calling upon the Blur to reveal himself to the public and with the DA's office. He announces that he's holding a press conference later that day and hopes the Blur will come forward and work with Sacks. Clark tells Lois that he's going to be busy and passes on the carpooling idea.

Lois goes back to therapy and tells Dr. Evans about her suspicions. Dr. Evans wonders if Lois is projecting her feelings for the Blur onto the unsuspecting Clark, and Lois begins to doubt what she heard, figuring it was a phone glitch. Still, she wonders if it's best not to tell Clark what she knows, and then gets an idea to help the Blur.

Clark and Chloe meet on the streets and she assures him that Zan and Jayna are secure for the moment. They discuss Sacks' broadcast and Chloe realizes that Clark plans to reveal himself at the press conference. Clark insists that he needs to protect the reputation of his family because it's the El symbol he's using. Chloe insists that Clark is the one who represents his family, not his symbol. As they talk, Jayna secretly watches them in the form of a ladybug.

Clark goes to Sacks' press conference and prepares to step forward. However, Lois gets on the stage and gives a stirring speech about how she has looked into the Blur's heart and knows that he's a hero, and that he avoids public attention so that he can avoid political hoopla and remain a beacon of light, representing hope for Metropolis. Lois insists that the Blur's intentions are good and the audience applauds in appreciation of their hero.

Later, Lois finds a rose and a thank-you note from the Blur on her desk, and an invitation to meet him on the roof. She goes upstairs and discovers that Sacks left the note. He demands to know who the Blur really is and figures she knows because of her speech. When Lois refuses to tell him and warns she's prepared an expose on his crooked activities, Sacks tells her that he's going to throw her off the roof to force the Blur to reveal himself. He has two of his men throw her over the edge and leaves, unaware that she's managed to grab hold of a flagpole.

Chloe and Clark are in the Planet when they hear the people outside as they see Lois. Clark runs to the roof and tries to pull her to safety without using his powers and giving away his secret. Meanwhile, Jayna flies back to the Watchtower and tells her brother what's going on. Zan insists that they should help and that now is the right moment that Chloe mentioned. They take each other's hands and activate their powers.

As her grip starts to slip, Lois tells Clark to keep his secret and let her fall to her death. Clark feigns ignorance but prepares to use his powers... and a cloud of fog springs up out of nowhere. Lois loses her grip and falls into it and Clark is able to rescue her secretly and safely. She discovers herself on the ground below and realizes that Clark saved her after all. Sacks tries to escape but Jayna takes the form of an attack dog and captures him.

Clark arrives to thank Lois, but claims that he took the elevator down and he's not the Blur. Lois doesn't believe it... until a nearby phone booth rings. She answers it and the Blur tells her to be careful. Both Lois and Clark are confused.

At the Watchtower, Clark talks to Zan and Jayna and thanks them for their help. He says that he put his symbol out there a symbol of hope, and he's glad to have their help. Clark advises them to believe in the symbol and to believe in themselves, rather than look to him for answers. As he leaves, Clark tells them to be careful because heroes can't afford to make and they rarely get second chances.

In therapy, Lois admits that she was foolish to believe Clark was the Blur. When the doctor points out she might be projecting her feelings for a love interest she can have for Clark, Lois admits that she does have true feelings for Clark.

Clark meets with Chloe, who has a coffee cup with the Blur's symbol on it. She then explains that she used a voice synthesizer and a computer program to duplicate the Blur's voice for Lois' benefit. Clark realizes that she's been monitoring his phone calls and has security cameras on the roof, and worries that she's violating his privacy and Lois' as well. Chloe points out that he's going to need to be extra careful if he hopes to keep his secret from Lois.

Later, Clark takes Lois to the copy room and agrees to tell her the secret he's been hiding: he needs to wear glasses. He claims that he's nearsighted and Lois admits that she has been nearsighted as well, failing to see Clark for who he really is. Clark admits he's happy she thought he could be heroic. Lois starts to go but then turns and kisses him in return for his earlier kiss. However, Lois goes into convulsions and passes out as she has flashbacks of the future beneath a red sun: Clark imprisoned, Chloe dead, assassins and soldiers everywhere.