Crossfire - Recap

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Monk auditions for the position of TV host on a television program, Good Morning Metropolis, but needs an audition partner. She convinces Clark to go along with her to help. He's incredibly awkward and Lois asks for another take. While they wait for the camera operators to set up, Lois starts arguing with Clark. She doesn't appreciate his efforts to be nice and win her over so he can ask for a second date. The producer watches and then tells Lois that she's got the job. However, she tells Lois that they want Clark and Lois together because of their great rapport. Lois has no choice but to agree if she wants the job.

Later, Chloe visits Clark at the Planet and he gives her the news For their first story, the producers are having them each go on a blind date set up through an online dating website. Clark would rather look for the Kandorians, but Chloe tells him to make sure his cover at the newspaper is secure. She figures that Tess is involved and warns Clark that their opponent has set up a series of computer firewalls to keep her from getting into the LuthorCorp computer systems. Clark goes to talk to Lois, who is pondering her online dating form and tells Clark that he needs to dedicate a lot of effort to it. When he notices that she's being less than truthful on her form, he tries to assure her that any guy would like her for who she really is. Lois isn't convinced.

Mia, a teenage prostitute, slips away from her job to fight in an illegal cage match and make enough money to get out of her career. She wins, but her pimp Rick arrives and tells her that she shouldn't be endangering his investment. As he takes her away, Oliver watches from the crowd. Later, he picks Mia up at a street corner and she's glad to go with what seems to be a high-paying client. She insists on his driving fast and he nicknames her "Speedy." Oliver explains that he wants to get her off the streets. He's trying to turn his life around by helping her to do the same, and Oliver admits that he understands why she fights and what she fears. Mia wonders what it will cost her but Oliver assures her that all he wants is her time so he can convince her that he's sincere.

At the Luthor manor, Stuart reports to Tess that someone is trying to hack their systems. Tess is going into a shareholder meeting in the study and tells him to deal with it, or she'll terminate him. Permanently. She then addresses the shareholders, telling them that LuthorCorp is going green and is working in conjunction with R.A.O. Incorporated to perfect a new solar tower that will power all of Metropolis. Major Zod, dressed in a business suit, steps out of the crowd and congratulates her. He then informs everyone that he's the chairman of R.A.O. and will be helping to bring LuthorCorp into the future and change the world.

Clark meets with his first blind date. Lois and her producer watch from the control booth and Lois can't help but taunt Clark over the hidden earpiece that he's wearing. However, she has to admit that he was at least honest, but warns that saying he was raised on a farm won't win him any exciting dates. Clark's date, Catherine Grant, arrives and Lois is surprised to find that she's beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated to helping the poor by working with the Peace Corps.

Tess talks privately to Zod after the meeting. He says that he's used his advanced knowledge to provide LuthorCorp with the plans for the solar tower, and he wants Tess to tell him what she knows about the Blur in return. When she defers, he points out that his underling staged the zombie plague to confirm that the Blur was a Kryptonian, but Tess arranged for the blood samples to be destroyed. Tess demands an equal partnership in return for her knowledge, but Zod warns her that she'll never be equal to himself or any other Kandorian. He leaves, but tells Tess' bodyguard, secretly a Kandorian soldier, to get the information and then dispose of her.

Lois goes to Oliver's office to ask him for advice on how to avoid displaying her relationship red flags. Oliver figures she wants to beat Clark and do best at the online dating, but says that he only remembers her enduring qualities. Mia comes in from the shower and Lois assumes that she's there as another of Oliver's girlfriends. She tells Oliver that she's disappointed in him for backsliding and leaves before he can explain.

Chloe tries to penetrate the firewalls that Stuart has put up on the LuthorCorp computers. He keeps blocking her.

Mia prepares to go back on the streets and Oliver stops her. He recovers the stolen wristwatch that she's taken to pay off Rick and offers to help her. She insists she doesn't want his help, but Oliver says that he just wants her to find something in her life she can be proud. He explains that when he was the same way she is, his friends help him. She agrees but warns it'll cost him, and Oliver responds by giving her expensive new clothing.

Lois goes on her blind and rents the entire Ace O'Clubs to do it. Clark watches from the booth and admires her via the video feed, and wonders if she'd go on a second date with him. Before Lois can respond, Oliver comes in for the date. He explains that he paid off the man she was set up with and plans to go on the date himself.

Mia steals one of Oliver's expensive cars and tries to give it to Rick to buy herself out from under him. He figures that she can set him up with Oliver and they can take the millionaire hostage to get a big ransom. He warns Mia that she's with him no matter what.

Oliver tries to explain to Lois what he's doing with Mia. He talks about how he still loves Lois. Touched, she suggests they leave. She takes out her earpiece, turns it off, and goes out on the balcony to talk to Oliver in private. Oliver insists that he still loves her and isn't going to hide her feelings any more. However, Lois says she only loves him as a friend now. Oliver realizes that she's in love with Clark and says that although it hurts him, he's glad she's found someone she can be happy with. He gives her a brotherly kiss and goes. He finds Mia waiting for him in the alleyway outside the club, sitting in his car. Lois comes up behind him and says she wants to make sure he doesn't backslide, and Oliver assures her that he's in a better place. He takes Lois over to meet Mia but the prostitute apologizes as Rick comes up from behind, knocks out Oliver, and takes Lois prisoner. Lois fights back and activates her earpiece. Rick prepares to kill her since she's no use as a hostage, but Mia chooses sides and attacks him. She gets the gun but Rick knows she won't shoot. He takes the gun back and prepares to shoot Lois, but Oliver knocks him down, grabs Oliver, and flees into a nearby building.

Clark hears the struggle over the earpiece and superspeeds to help. He arrives just as Rick opens fire on Oliver and Lois. Clark deflects the bullets at superspeed, uses his heat vision to destroy Rick's gun and stun the pimp, and catches the last bullet less than an inch away from Oliver's head. He exchanges a brief look with Oliver and then runs away at superspeed before Lois realizes what has happened. She hugs Oliver in relief as Clark watches from the shadows.

Tess is reviewing the plans for the solar tower when Zod's man comes in and reveals he works for the major. He tells her that if she doesn't tell him what she knows about the Blur, he'll kill her.

Clark goes back to the Watchtower and Chloe gets through the last firewall. However, Stuart has placed a pre-recorded video message telling her that that she can't succeed. He tells her to talk to the hand, and Chloe freezes the image and identifies him from the fingerprints. She realizes he's a genius who has hacked government and industrial computers and figures she can use the information to blackmail Stuart into working for her. Clark figures he should let Lois and Oliver get together, but Chloe tells him to stop being self-sacrificing and decide what it is he wants.

Zod is at a sidewalk café drinking coffee and discovers an envelope on his table. He opens it and finds his undercover soldier's dog tags inside. Tess waves to Zod in triumphant from across the street and then slips away.

Chloe meets with Stuart, shows him what she has on him, and forces him to work for her.

Oliver finds Mia back on the streets and offers her a chance to work with him despite what she did. He recognizes that she finally made the right decision. Mia accepts his offer.

Clark goes back to the Planet office and Lois tells him that the producers decided to hire Catherine as their new morning host. Clark makes up his mind, grabs her, and kisses her.