Pandora - Recap

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Oliver is calling in neuro MDs to check on the comatose Lois when Clark arrives to tell hi that she's been abducted from the hospital. Oliver confirms that Emil called to get test results for Lois, and they figure that Chloe is involved.

The unconscious Lois is taken to Belle Reve where Tess has Stuart hook her into the Somerholt technology. She wants to learn what futuristic flashes Lois has told her therapist about, and believes they're repressed memories of something she lived through. They begin probing the memories and find an image of the solar tower that Zod is planning to build. However, the plans haven't gone public yet. Tess realizes that Lois did go to the future.

Lois finds herself in the Daily Planet, but one that has been abandoned for a year. Confused, Lois goes outside and finds the streets abandoned. The solar tower looms over the horizon… and a horizon with a red sun. A Kandorian, Basquat, flies to her and realizes she's a human. He tells her that the area is off-limits and she tries to run away, but he easily captures her and informs her that the Blur is dead, his symbol on a cloth hanging from a pole.

Tess has Stuart hook her into Lois memories to get clear images. Stuart warns against it but Tess warns that they need the information to learn how Zod will change the world.

Lois is taken the Kent farm, which has been turned into a concentration camp for humans. One of the Kandorians, Alia, captures a human thief and uses her heat vision to mark him with her crest. She notices Lois, who asks for some food. Alia asks what she has to trade and Clark arrives to offer Jonathan's watch. Alia accepts it and leaves for now. Clark explains that Lois isn't dreaming, and that Earth has been invaded. Lois realizes it relates to the orb and Tess knew about it. Clark tells her that he tried to fight Zod but made the wrong choices, and a lot of people died. He admits that he went off on his own and doesn't know Chloe's status. Lois finally figures out that the Legion ring transported her a year into the future. Before he can get it, Basquat arrives to take Lois to Zod. Clark tells her to protect the ring and attacks Basquat to distract her.

Chloe is working at the Watchtower when Clark arrives to ask her where Lois is. Clark believes Chloe had her abducted because of the secrets she's been hiding. Chloe points out that Tess is the one keeping secrets, and knows she's been watching Lois. She warns that Lois is reliving the memories and the stress is slowly killing her. She calls Stuart, her inside man, but he's busy trying to stabilize Lois and Tess.

Lois is taken to the Luthor manor where Zod has set up his headquarters. He invites Lois to eat but then withholds the food until she gives him what he wants: knowledge of who get her into the restricted zone. He takes the Legion ring and demands to know what it is. Before she can answer, Tess comes in, wearing military garb. Lois slugs her and calls her a traitor, but Tess insists she's working with Zod to help save the planet. Zod asks why Lois was talking to Clark, and says he hoped Clark would join him to help bridge the gap between Earthlings and Kandorians. Tess says that she has finally realized Clark won't come around, so Zod tells Lois he'll dispose of her and Clark.

Before the execution, Zod promotes Tess as a soldier in his cause. He then prepares to kill Clark with his sword, but commandos drop in from the ceiling, shooting kryptonite crossbow bolts. One of them shoots at Tess, killing her. Zod flees and Oliver and Chloe reveal that they're the commandos. Oliver goes to Tess, who admits she took a risk choosing Zod over her own people, but she had to save the planet. She dies in Oliver's arms, believing Oliver killed her. Oliver buries Tess as Lois looks on.

Tess wakes up, realizing that Chloe kills her. She tells Stuart to wipe Lois' memories. Stuart objects, warning the procedure is dangerous, and finally refuses. Tess shoots him in the back Clark arrives and starts to weaken from the kryptonite Tess is keeping. She claims Stuart is responsible but Clark shoves her aside, knocking her out, and then grabs the cables, tapping into Lois' memories.

Chloe warns that Zod will strike back and they realize Lois has traveled from the future. She tells them that Zod has the ring, and they need it to send Lois back and stop Zod. Oliver and Chloe point out that Clark abandoned them, but he says that he's they are there now. Lois agrees that they should all work together, but Chloe still doesn't trust Clark. She explains that the solar tower collects the sunlight, sends it up to a LuthorCorp satellite that converts it into red sun radiation, and gives the Kandorians their power. Chloe plans to use the computers at Watchtower to feed a virus into the solar tower, shutting it down. Meanwhile, Clark will get the Legion ring. Clark agrees but Lois wonders how reestablishing the yellow sun rays will make Clark able to take on Zod. Clark merely says that he and Zod have a history.

Later, Lois goes to see Clark in his quarters. He admits that he turned his back on Chloe after Lois disappeared, because they reminder him of Lois and it hurt too much. He left and trained himself to fight Zod. When Lois asks about his history with Zod, Clark says that he made some mistakes and Lois assures him that he's not alone. They kiss and make love.

Emil tries to revive Clark while Chloe calls an ambulance for Stuart, who will survive. He prepares to shut down the system but Chloe explains that their only chance for survival is to learn everything Lois knows.

Chloe, Oliver and Lois go to the Watchtower and activate the systems. Oliver dons his Green Arrow costume and gives Lois a kryptonite knife with a lead sheathe. Chloe plants the virus and Oliver and Lois go on ahead. Chloe follows them but Alia spots her, flies down, and stabs her to death. Oliver prepares to shoot Alia but she flees at superspeed. Lois runs to her cousin, who dies in her arms. Oliver tells Lois to run and then turns to make a last stand against a horde of Kandorians flying down.

Zod easily subdues Clark and drags him through the streets, and talks of how humanity chooses to remain fragmented rather than unit to build a new world. He tells Clark that it's his fault for fighting back, but Clark insists that humanity will never lose its spirit. Lois arrives and tosses Clark the knife, but Zod easily stops him from drawing it and then kicks him dozens of feet away. Lois runs to him and Zod grabs her… and then looks up as the solar tower shuts down and Earth is bathed in yellow sunlight. Clark, his wounds healed, tells Zod that his reign of terror is over. Zod still insists that Clark forced him to unleash his full power. Clark takes the Legion ring but Zod stabs him with the kryptonite dagger. Clark shoves Zod away and Lois runs to the dying Clark. He gives her the ring and assures her that they'll meet again. As Lois activates the ring, Alia runs forward and is sent back in time with her.

Clark wakes up and Chloe assures him that Lois will be fine. Emil has given her a chemical inhibitor, erasing the memories. Cleo wonders what Clark saw.

Later, Clark accompanies Lois to the Daily Planet and make sure she's eating properly. He insists he doesn't want to lose her again, and then asks how their relationship is progressing. Lois wants to slow things down and admits that she's had bad luck with relationships in the past. Clark says that they should do it right and Lois agrees to take their time. She starts planning their dates as they go to lunch... and she takes Clark's hand.

Later, a happy Clark meets Oliver and Chloe at the Watchtower. Chloe confirms that Lois is doing fine. She wonders why Clark is so happy given what they've learned, and Clark believes that they can change things to prevent that. Oliver wants to take out Zod, but Clark realizes that fighting Zod turned him into a more powerful enemy. He wants to follow his father's request to save Zod from himself, and show Zod how good life can be among humanity. Chloe doesn't believe it but Clark insists that treating Zod as an enemy won't work.

Zod is mobilizing his forces to ensure that the solar tower is built. Clark arrives and notes that Zod has been looking for him. The major pauses for a moment, and then orders his people to kneel before Kal-El.