Disciple - Recap

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Lois and Clark leave a Daily Planet charity gathering for kids, and Lois admits she's nervous that it was their first public outing. She observes that Oliver didn't seem too happy to see them dating, but Clark says he can handle it. He invites her to the farm for a walk but she turns him down. He leans forward and kisses her, and she kisses him back. However, then she says that she's reluctant to be rushing through their relationship, insisting this is the relationship she wants to get right. Clark hears a woman calling for help with his super hearing, makes his apologies, and quickly leaves.

As Lois tries to start her car, the engine doesn't turn over. She gets out and checks on it, and someone fires an arrow into the engine block. Lois looks up and sees a familiar figure standing on a rooftop. She yells at Oliver that he's jealous, but the figure draws and knocks another arrow. Realizing that Oliver is serious, Lois turns and runs but the archer shoots her in the shoulder and she collapses, unconscious.

Oliver is meditating in his personal dojo when a black-clad figure sneaks up on him. He snaps back to full consciousness as the figure attacks him. He slams her down on a bench and she calls his name, but Oliver doesn't respond for a moment. Finally he rips off her hood and realizes that it's Mia, his student. He backs away and she explains that she tried to surprise him, but he tried to kill her instead. Mia notes that it was like he was someone else. Oliver gets a phone call from Chloe, who tells him something is wrong.

Clark returns to the farm and finds Zod waiting for him. The major comments about how humans hoard knowledge, and warns Clark that he and his people embraced him but don't feel that Clark has returned the sentiment. Zod says that they have no powers, and his people expect Clark to get them. Clark admits he doesn't know how, and Zod suggests they work together to solve the mystery. When Clark says that making Earth over into Krypton is a dangerous plan, Zod warns that his soldiers will sooner or later do what it takes to get what they want. He claims that the humans will hunt them all down if they find the Kryptonians in their midst, but Clark says he won't let it happen. Zod notes that Clark doesn't trust him because he thinks he killed Jor-El. However, the major says that since he lost his son, he would never deprive anyone of a father. Clark gets a call from Chloe about Lois and breaks off their conversation to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Lois is recovering from the shoulder wound. She insists that Clark doesn't to apologize, and that it was probably a psycho dressed as Green Arrow who wanted to get a headline by shooting a reporter. As Clark comforts her, Oliver stands outside. As he walks away, Chloe arrives and asks if he's doing okay. When he appears nervous about the fact Clark and Lois are together, Chloe points out that it's been years since Oliver was together with Lois. She tells him that Lois attacker was dressed like Green Arrow, and shot her with an arrow. Chloe shows him an x-ray of Lois' injury, and Oliver realizes that the shot was deliberately placed to take her down without killing her: the sign of a world-class marksman. She shows him a police photo of the arrow, and Oliver appears to recognize it. He leaves without further explanation.

At his LuthorCorp office, Oliver opens a hidden chamber within the piping and removes a bundle marked with a specific insignia. In the bundle are arrows identical to the design of the one taken out of Lois. Oliver mutters the name "Vordigan."

In a secret lair, Vordigan dons clothing marked with the same insignia, dons an archer's outfit, and equips himself with more of the arrows.

Lois is playing online blackjack on her laptop when she receives a visitor: Zod, bringing her flowers. When she points out she has no idea who he is, Zod says that he's an old friend of Clark and is surprised that he hasn't mentioned him. He says that the two of them have a lot of history and offers to tell Lois more about Clark over drinks. As he leaves, Zod gives Lois a charm that he claims the kids in the ward are selling. It has a Rao symbol on it that Lois doesn't recognize. As he leaves, Zod tells her to tell Clark that he's a lucky man.

At his office, Oliver is going over surveillance photos of the city in an effort to find Lois' attacker. Mia comes in and worries that he's becoming obsessed, and Oliver explains that someone is following him. When she finds a photo showing where Lois was shot and takes an interest, Oliver takes it away from her and says that he's not her teacher any more. Oliver tells her to leave and not look back and get the hell out of there. Mia angrily turns and leaves.

Chloe is working at Watchtower when the intruder alarm goes off. The electricity cuts out and the archer slips in and fires at her. She twists and the arrow grazes her shoulder, knocking her to the floor. The archer moves in for the kill, but flees through the skylight when the elevator opens. Clark comes in and Chloe tells him what happened.

Mia is walking down the streets when Vordigan confronts her. He tells her that Oliver has a greater destiny, and Mia is going to help Vordigan fulfill it.

At Watchtower, Chloe wonders if Oliver has taken on a second identity representing his dark half. When Clark insists that Oliver has left that behind, Chloe admits that she has doubts and Oliver may have a split personality. When Clark objects, Chloe reluctantly tells him that she was the one who helped Oliver pull his life back together. Clark is angry that Chloe got involved, but she points out that he refuses to make the hard choices. Clark leaves to find his friend and help him.

Oliver is leaving his dojo when he finds Lois waiting for him. He explains that someone is after him and trying to get to him through her. When Lois wonders why the killer didn't go after any of Oliver's other girlfriends, he admits that she's the only one he's cared about. Lois tells him that the archer went after Chloe and wonders why. Oliver realizes that the archer is targeting his lovers, his allies… and his disciples.

Clark goes to Oliver's office and uses his x-ray vision to find the hidden bundle of arrows. Chloe arrives and tells him that according to her research, Oliver doesn't collect the arrow. Clark shows her the bundle, and she recognizes the insignia as the mark of the Brotherhood of Sion, a group of Celtic archers who were 13th century vigilantes. They figure that Oliver joined the organization to master his skills, and conclude that someone from the Brotherhood is in Metropolis to settle an old score.

Oliver returns to his dojo. Mia is gone, but Vordigan has left the insignia painted on the wall.

Vordigan takes Mia into a hedge maze and leaves her in the center, cutting her bonds free with one expertly fired arrow. Mia tries to find her way out only to discover that she's completely lost… and the maze is shaped like the Sion insignia.

When Oliver arrives, dressed as Green Arrow, Vordigan disarms him with a single shot. Oliver says that their paths separated long ago, but Vordigan tells him that it's time for him to fulfill his vows. He explains that his best years are gone and he was badly wounded in the line of duty because he's slowing down due to old age. He wants Oliver to fulfill the Brotherhood's tradition and kill him at the height of his career. Oliver admits that Vordigan taught him about the kind of man he wanted to be, but his mentor notes that Oliver's heart is dark. Oliver refuses to accept that, but Vordigan says that he left because he liked the thrill of the hunt too much. He promises to hunt down Mia, kill her, and provoke Oliver into taking vengeance on him. Oliver slams him into a tree and promises not to kill him, but Vordigan pins his hand to a tree with an arrow and slips away.

At Watchtower, Chloe is trying to track down information on the Brotherhood when Clark returns with no results from his search. As she works, Clark notes that Chloe has kept herself locked away and needs to get out, but she insists that she's fine. She finds records about the Altar of Sion, shipped from Ireland to an estate in Coast City. Using satellite imagery, she finds the Altar's location, and the maze shaped like the Sion's insignia. Zooming in, she spots Mia and they realize that Vordigan plans to eliminate all of Oliver's lovers, allies, and disciples. Realizing that Mia is Vordigan's next target, Clark superspeeds to the maze to help.

Vordigan is tracking Mia through the maze. She manages to ambush him and tries to run away. The dark archer fires a volley of shots just as Oliver arrives and leaps in the way. Before the arrows can strike their target, Clark arrives at superspeed and deflects them. Oliver fires a single shot at Vordigan, who collapses. Clark looks on as Oliver explains that Vordigan was wrong about his dark side. Oliver fires a wounding shot into the shoulder, and his mentor still lives.

Later, Clark returns to Metropolis and meets with Lois to apologize for not visiting her at the hospital. Lois tells him about Zod's visit and shows him the charm. He says it's a bad idea for her to meet with Zod again, but Lois insists that there aren't any other secrets in Clark's life. As they talk, she notices Oliver watching them with a smile. She takes Clark's hand and walks out with him.

Oliver returns to the dojo and finds Mia exercising. She tells him that she knows he's Green Arrow and prepares to leave for good. However, Oliver says that he's still glad to have her as a student as long as she's willing. Mia agrees and Oliver admits that he can't get Vordigan out of his head. He worries that Vordigan will be an old man by the time he gets out of prison, and wonders if his mentor was right and he can't outrun the dark places inside of himself. Mia says she'll keep him check, and that what they do with their dark sides depends on the lessons they learn from their teachers.

Clark confronts Zod atop the rooftops and tells him that Lois is off limits. He gives Zod the charm back, but Zod insists it was a Rao symbol intended as a goodwill gesture. Clark says that Zod sent it as a message that he'll harm the ones that Clark cares for. Zod notes that Clark doesn't trust anyone, and that Lois has no idea who Clark really is. The major insists that he's trying to save his race, out of desperation rather than evil. Clark doesn't believe him and warns that if Zod goes near Lois again, he'll destroy them all.

Once Clark is gone, Zod meets with his lieutenant, Fiona. He tells her that Clark didn't recognize the symbol, but that the Book of Rao is somewhere on Earth, hidden there by Jor-El. Once they have it, they can complete the solar tower, turn the yellow sun red, and force Kal-El to either join them as a soldier, or become their prisoner. The two of them look up at the solar tower, undergoing construction even as they speak.