Warrior - Recap

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Alec Abrams attends a Metropolis comic book convention and finds the Warrior Angel booth. On display is a rare issue of Warrior Angel. The owner, Harry refuses to let anyone open the case and take it out. When a convention attendee knocks over one of Harry's displays, he runs over to fix it and Alec grabs his keys and opens the case. He grabs the comic book and runs off to a storeroom, bumping someone in a stormtrooper outfit.

Once Alec has run off, the stormtrooper removes her helmet. It's Lois, who finds Chloe there. The Planet has sent Lois to do a human interest piece on the convention, but she's not happy that she's there. She's also worried that her fear of intimacy prevents her from letting loose. As they talk, Oliver gets a message from Oliver that there's a villain on the loose. She starts to leave but Lois suggests that Chloe stay and relax a little around other people obsessed with weirdness. Chloe decides to stay and Lois goes to make a call.

Alec hides out in a storeroom and reads the comic. In the story, a young boy discovers a magic word that lets him become Warrior Angel. As Alec reads the story, the comic book glows with an uncanny light, which radiates out through the convention hall. It knocks loose a giant planet mobile which falls toward Chloe. An adult superhero suddenly appears and catches the globe, saving Chloe at the last second.

Clark is breaking up a robbery when Lois calls him and asks him to get something from her closet. He apologizes for running late and tries to get out of running an errand because he's busy, but Lois guilts him into helping him. Clark knocks out the third robber, goes to her apartment in Metropolis, and finds what she wants.

Alec, now transformed into an adult Stephen Swift, returns to the storeroom and examines himself in a mirror. Chloe easily follows him there and says that she helps superheroes. Stephen is glad to have her and tries to pretend to be an adult. Chloe invites him to have coffee and he accepts.

Clark arrives at the convention and Lois takes the clothing he brought. Clark doesn't understand the appeal of the convention and the fantasy the people are living, and Lois tries to explain that wearing a costume is a way to look at things differently. Clark believes that heroes have a responsibility, but is interrupted when Zatanna arrives and agrees with Lois. She borrows Clark, much to Lois' disappointment, and leads him off. Once they're in private, Zatanna explains that her father Zatara went on a cursing spree decades ago. One item he cursed was a copy of Warrior Angel, and Zatanna needs Clark's help to recover it. As they talk, they overhear Lois yelling at someone to stay out of the men's bathroom. She's in there changing into her costume because the women's restroom line is too long. Lois comes out, wearing a warrior woman costume, and everyone stares at her. She then tells Clark that she's investigating the theft of the comic book. When Clark says that Zatanna has already explained about the comic, Lois becomes jealous and flirts with a man in a Roman soldier's costume in the hope of making Clark jealous.

Chloe takes Stephen to a coffee shop where he awkwardly tries to drink coffee for the first time without giving himself away. When Chloe tries to find out more about him, Stephen says that he's an orphan and comments that she seems bored with hanging out with superheroes. Chloe asks him how he got his powers and Stephen makes up a story about a chemical fire. Before Chloe can pursue the matter, Stephen hears bullies trying to steal a boy's bike. He dons his costume and runs to help, lifting a bully into the air. The others run off and the boy thanks Stephen as Chloe arrives.

Clark and Zatanna search backstage and Clark finds the comic using his x-ray vision. Zatanna is impressed but Clark dismisses the use of his powers as nothing important. She admits that she's grown blasé about her magic, and figures that Lois must keep Clark lively. However, Clark says that he's still holding Lois at arm's length. Zatanna suggests that he enjoy a moment of fantasy and summons a room full of candles. She then enchants Clark so that he kisses her for a moment. Clark manages to get hold of himself and Zatanna admits that it's a shame he can't relax.

At the Planet, Clark finds Oliver emerging from Lois' office. Oliver warns that he was just there to get some tickets, but Lois is on a rampage. He slips out and Clark goes in. Lois is acting jealous but denies it, insisting that she's be the first to know if anything was going on between Clark and Zatanna. She then finishes her call to the police, confirming that Alec's aunt has filled a missing-person report on her nephew. Lois has accessed the security footage from the convention and identified Alec as the thief. She's also checked the newspaper files and discovered that Alec sent letters to the Blur via the Planet, saying that he wants to have super powers so he could have saved his parents.

Chloe and Stephen end up at Lois' apartment and Stephen starts playing video games. Chloe figured he wanted to get her up into the apartment for something else, but Stephen doesn't know what she's talking about. He convinces her to play, even when she think she'll look silly, and she reluctantly joins in. As Chloe starts to enjoy herself, Stephen talks about the powers he has and realizes that he has another power: flight. He lifts up into the air and then falls back down. Going to the window, Stephen invites Chloe to come flying with him. She reluctantly agrees and Stephen holds her hand and jumps off the roof. He soars into the air and flies toward Metropolis with Chloe in his arms.

When Zatanna catches up to Clark, she says that she was trying to give him some perspective, but Clark would prefer reality. When Chloe comes in, she tells them that she's had a good time for the time in quite a while. When she realizes that Clark and Zatanna are doing research, Zatanna explains that her father cursed the publishers of Warrior Angel for stealing the idea of a youth becoming an adult superhero and using it for a comic book. Zatara expected someone to open the comic book and suffer the curse, but no one has opened it until now. When Chloe reads the comic and realizes the hero's name is Stephen Swift, the same as her newfound friend, she realizes who Stephen really is. She leaves for Watchtower, telling them that she'll get back to them. However, once she's gone, Zatanna finishes the preparations to cast a countercurse and realizes that in the comic, Warrior Angel is betrayed and transforms into the villainous Devilicus... and the same thing will happen to Alec.

Chloe finds Stephen and tries to explain that he has to go back to being normal. Stephen refuses, saying he wants the power so that no one can beat him up again, and he can save those close to him. When he believes that Chloe has betrayed him, Stephen transforms into the demonic Devilicus.

At Watchtower, Clark and Zatanna analyze the footage and age the picture of Alec to see what he would look like as an adult. Clark spots Chloe in the footage and realizes that she knew who Alec had become all along. Realizing that Chloe will try to help the boy, Clark uses his superhearing and pinpoints Chloe's location. Zatanna tells him to rescue Chloe while she casts the ritual.

Stephen has taken Chloe to the top of the Planet building and demands to know where Clark is. When Chloe tries to persuade him to surrender, Stephen screams in pain as Zatanna's mystical energies surround him. The backlash knocks Chloe off the building, but Clark leaps up and catches her just in time. He lands on the roof and Chloe runs to Alec, who has been restored to normal. Clark tells him that everything will be okay.

Later, Clark takes Alec to the Kent farm so Chloe can be alone for a while. Alec admits that he felt like a bully, but Clark points out that no one starts out as a villain. He reminds the boy that with great power comes responsibility, and Clark chooses to help people with his powers. He tells Alec to remember that there's some good in everyone even bullies, and he should go home and be a kid. As Alec goes, he gives Clark a crayon drawing he did of the Blur when he wore red and blue and says that he prefers those colors to black.

At the Planet, Clark reunites Alec with his aunt. Zatanna would like to partner up with Clark a little longer, but he tells her he'll find his fantasies somewhere else. Zatanna admits that Lois is a lucky woman, and tells Clark to make sure that Lois knows it. Once she leaves, Clark goes to see Lois. He admits that Zatanna kissed him but it doesn't mean anything. Lois wonders how long he was going to wait to tell him, because she already figured it out. Clark admits that the whole relationship thing is new to him, and Lois explains that she's not used to feeling insecure. Clark is surprised at how well she's taking it, but Lois can't resist grabbing a surprised co-worker and kissing him to give Clark a taste of how it feels. Clark finishes his apology by asking her to the convention's costume ball with him so he can fulfill his fantasy of being with her. Lois agrees, as long as she gets to pick Clark's costume.

Chloe goes to see Oliver, who is practicing target shooting in his apartment. She shares a drink with him and admits that she can't remember the last time she just relaxed and had a great time. Oliver says that he can understand how someone can stand on the edge, and tells her that people have to grab fun when they can. He points out that sometimes tat fun can be right in front of someone, and invites her to take his bow and practice shooting with him. He holds her tight as she releases the string and fires...