Shield - Recap

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In Egypt outside of Cairo, Lois arrives at an archaeological dig and calls Perry. She's not impressed with what she's seen of the newly unearthed tomb of Isis. She goes to the tent of the head archaeologist and notices a number of ancient relics. One of them shows a man and a woman in Egyptian finery. Carter Hall, the head of the expedition, comes in and notes that the couple were star-crossed lovers.

At the Daily Planet, Clark is trying to call Chloe without success. A reporter gives Clark an article on how Lois has been reassigned to the foreign desk. Clark looks at Lois' empty desk and then buys a ticket to Egypt. Someone sets her stuff down on Lois' desk, but Clark is surprised to discover it's a perky blonde. She introduces herself as Catherine "Cat" Grant. She offers him cookies and a handshake, and is eager to start working. She shows Clark a story on how she wrote up Green Arrow as a vigilante, and is eager to influence millions of people. Cat turns on the radio, which is playing radio host Gordon Godfrey's rant about vigilante superheroes. Clark all but smashes the radio and hastily covers for his actions, and then says he needs to find her a desk of her own. Cat says that Lois is in love with the Blur and has been romanticizing their actions, and throws Lois' nameplate in the garbage. Clark puts it back and insists that Lois is the best crime reporter they have, but Cat reveals that she's his new partner.

At Watchtower, Oliver is trying to find any computer files on Chloe but comes up empty. Tess arrives and Oliver explains that Chloe has disappeared. He doesn't plan to sit around and do nothing, like he feels Clark is with Lois. Tess defends Clark's respect for Chloe, but Oliver notes that Lois hasn't disappeared like Chloe has. Tess concludes that only Chloe could erase her own records so thoroughly. Oliver doesn't believe it and accuses her of sending a final love letter from Chloe. Tess reads it and then tells Oliver that she didn't write it, and that he knows Chloe wrote it. She admits that she helped Chloe reset the system, and that Chloe knew that she would understand. Tess trusts that Chloe had a plan, and tells Oliver to trust her as well.

Lois is admiring an amulet and Carter explains that it belonged to Isis, He tells her to stop messing with them while he secretly, secretly texts Clark and tells him that Lois is safe. He talks of the Sun God, Ra, while a servant, Adjib, brings in tea. Lois explains that she was raised to believe in the real, but she wants to know everything about the man sitting across from her at her place of work. Carter tells her to ask Clark and offers her something stronger to drink.

As Clark and Cat go to her car, they're unaware that a man is watching them through an infrared telescopic sight. He then fires a single shot from several hundred yards, up the exhaust pipe of Cat's car and into the combustion chamber block. Clark gets Cat out at superspeed before she knows what's happened, as the engine explodes behind them.

Later, Clark examines the bullet while Cat calls someone about making a pickup later. She insists that nobody wants to kill her, and Clark sounds like Lois with his conspiracy theories about assassins. Cat warns Clark against vigilantes and insists that they can come out of hiding any time they want to, but they don't want to. Clark shows her the bullet and offers to take her to Chloe's apartment in Smallville.

At the apartment, Oliver is searching for clues to Chloe's whereabouts. He finds a photograph of Chloe and a small vial filled with liquid. He hears Cat come in and dons his Green Arrow costume, and then confronts her. He easily disposes of her self-defense weaponry and stops her from escaping, and Cat accuses him of being part of the group that were torturing people at the old brewery at the docks... where Oliver was tortured. He takes her cell phone with the photos and leaves.

Clark sneaks into Tess' office to check on Cat's personnel file, and learns that she's using an assumed name. Tess comes in and suggests that Clark go to see Lois, but he insists that he trusts his girlfriend. He tells Tess about the explosion and the bullet, which has the letters R, A, N, and T on it. She checks the files and realizes the killer is a Checkmate target that they never captured, an assassin nicknamed Deadshot who never fails and never leaves any witnesses.

In a secret workshop, Deadshot calls his superior and complains that he wasn't warned about his target's real nature. His boss tells him that he's handed him the target of a lifetime, but Deadshot figures that it's fate... and finishes a bullet with the name "Clark Kent" on it.

Cat has put on a bulletproof vest as protection and is packing to leave when she hears someone outside. She grabs a knife but realizes that it's Clark. She tells him to get a bulletproof vest, and explains that Green Arrow attacked her. Cat figures that the vigilantes don't want a reporter exposing the truth about them, and Clark points out that she's hiding secrets of her own. She denies it and starts to go, and Clark asks why she changed her name. She shows him a photo of her son, Adam, who is with her parents. Cat says that she thought she'd found her Prince Charming, and Clark admits sometimes it's hard to stay away from someone you love even when it's the right thing. She explains that she had to get Adam away from his father, and she changed her name so he couldn't find her while continuing her journalistic campaign. Clark points out that the vigilantes do the same, but Cat hopes that her son may someday see her as a hero. Clark gets a text message from Tess to meet her at the Planet, and tells Cat to stay there. As he goes, Cat notices Lois' closet of disguises.

Carter and Lois drink, and she talks about how she didn't want to hold stand in the way of Clark's destiny. Carter suggests she might be the one destined to make Clark's burden easier, and admits that Clark isn't aware that she knows about his powers. Lois worries that she might give away Clark's secret, but Carter tells her that every great relationship comes with a great burden, but also the strength to bear it. As Lois leaves, Carter gives her a book telling the story of the Egyptian prince Khufu and Shayera. They were murdered by an evil man, but reborn in subsequent lifetimes only to die again. Eventually Khufu left and returned years later, to find Shayera waiting for him. Carter sees Lois as Shayera and starts to kiss her, and she slaps him and goes.

Clark meets with Tess at her office, and she explains that her techs uncovered all of the letters on the bullet, and it spells out "Clark Kent." Tess suggests that Deadshot may have just been testing Clark, and that the only place he can aim is at someone that Clark will save. Clark realizes the target is Cat and prepares to leave, but Tess confirms that Cat has gone to the Metropolis bus station.

At the bus station, a disguised Cat calls her parents and tells them to get Adam ready to leave. Deadshot easily finds her and assures her that her son won't miss her. Cat hits him with some luggage and runs away down an alleyway, and Deadshot follows her, cornering her in an alleyway. He then turns around as she runs to the end, and discovers a giant skull and crossbones on the wall. At the other end is an automated sniper's rifle. Deadshot confirms that Cat is in the sites and activates the remote trigger. Clark arrives, knocks him out, and then runs to block the bullet with his back. He then shoves Cat down and puts the bullet on her bulletproof vest so she thinks it protected her. She thanks Clark for being a hero, and says that they need heroes standing out in the light to inspire them. As she leaves, Clark is unaware that the bullet has left nanites on his skin.

In Egypt, Adjib brings Carter water to wash his face. He's unaware that it contains the same nanites, that bond to his skin. The "servant," her eyes flaming, smiles in satisfaction and leaves.

Oliver goes to the brewery and finds his captor, Rick Flag, waiting for him. Flag draws a gun and admits that he's impressed that Oliver didn't break. He warns that people are getting nervous about vigilantes taking power from the men in power, and that everybody thinks the people in group are dead. Flag offers Oliver membership in his group, but Oliver draws his crossbow and shoots him in the leg. In response, Flag gets off a shot, grazing Oliver and attaching more nanites to him. Oliver beats Flag and demands to know where Chloe is, and Flag says that Chloe traded her self for Oliver, and then killed herself with a cyanide pill rather than reveal anything.

Later, Oliver is looking at the vial of liquid when Clark arrives. He explains that Chloe turned herself in and then faked her own death. The vial holds an antidote to cyanide. Clark realizes that Chloe used Fate's helmet to see the future and knew what she had to do. When Oliver blames Clark for letting Chloe go, Clark insists that they have to trust Chloe. Oliver blames himself for protecting everyone except the person he loves, and wonders if it's all worth it when they're branded as vigilantes. Clark points out that Chloe and Lois chose to leave, but Oliver wonders if it would have happened if they emerged from the shadows. He insists that something has to change.

Flag, disguised as a prison guard, come to see Deadshot. Deadshot is less than thrilled that he's rotting in jail. The woman from Egypt, Plastique, arrives and releases Deadshot. She informs Flag that their costumed counterparts are tagged, and they can follow them at will. As they go, Flag promises that they'll show the heroes what it means to mess with the Suicide Squad.

Carter apologizes to Lois for getting caught up in her story. She realizes that he was telling his own story, and shows him the note from the book, addressed to Carter from Shayera and dated 1824. He asks her not to tell Clark about the aborted kiss and she agrees. When Lois wonders why he told her his story, Carter says that he's been having visions of Shayera, which means that he'll soon be dying and joining his lover in a new life. However, he wanted to show Lois his destiny before going to fulfill his own. Lois insists she's not like them and her future is in Africa. Carter speaks of Nietzsche, and notes that the philosopher spoke of people becoming supermen by embracing their destiny.

Clark goes out onto the top of the Daily Planet and throws away his plane ticket, and stands looking over the city... wearing a bright red jacket with his family symbol on it.