Homecoming - Recap

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Clark is at his barn loft reading articles condemning heroes. As he wonders if Jor-El was right, Lois comes up and Clark apologizes for being out of it for the last three days. She notes that the Blur took a vacation as well, and mentions the articles. Clark figures the world doesn't want to put their hope in people that might let them down, and Lois insists that the Blur would never let people down. When Clark wonders why stands by the Blur, she insists that's what you do when you believe in someone. She suggests that he needs a pick-me-up and invites him to their Smallville High five-year reunion. When he wonders why she wants to go, Lois points out there she was there more than any other high school. She suggests that they go even if they're not dating, and says that she'd like to go there. When Clark hesitates, she figures that nothing could go wrong.

At Smallville High, the guidance counselor is going over all of the student files, and complaining about how so many meteor freaks had their lives ruined, and that all of them were tied with Clark. She looks at a doll of Clark and starts stabbing it, but suddenly time freezes. Brainiac comes in and extends a metal tentacle into her head, and says that he'll deal with Clark.

Clark and Lois arrive at the reunion, and Lois eagerly recognizes all of the students. Clark bumps into the counselor and knocks her books to the ground. As he picks them up, he remembers his first year in high school when he bumped into Lana. He gives the counselor her books back, and she enthusiastically hugs him and says they have a special treat for him. As Clark and Lois go inside, they fail to notice one of Clark's old roommates arrive: Greg "Bugboy" Arkin.

Inside, Lois discovers that no one recognizes her. At the badge desk, the woman in charge, Susan Capra, greets Clark but has no idea that Lois was a student there. As Lois looks for her badge, she sees Lana's and realizes why Clark is uncomfortable being there. Clark assures Lois that Lana won't be there, and notices a badge for Chloe. He goes to the Torch office and sees the blank wall, and remembers Chloe explaining her Wall of Weird to him. Two students, Zoe and Clayton, come in and recognize Clark as Chloe's friend. They wonder what happened to her and figure there's a conspiracy involved, and realize Lois is the woman who dated Oliver Queen. Lois assures them, and Clark, that she'd date another hero anytime. The reporters then explain that they have the Wall of Weird on the Internet, and tell Clark their theory that the Blur was born and raised in Smallville. Lois hastily tries to change their mind, but they insist that Chloe's stories about freak incidents were written just before the Blur became active. Clark tells them that the Blur may not be back, and Lois hastily talks about how the Blur is a role model. Clayton admits that she's right, and says that if the Blur had appeared, he would have stolen Clark's thunder.

Clark discovers that he's been made Homecoming King and is less than thrilled. As the audience cheers, Clark notices Greg in the crowd. However, time suddenly freezes for everyone except hm. A glowing portal opens and Brainiac steps through. He apologizes to Clark, and assures him that he's only there for him at this special moment when Clark's life changes forever. Brainiac teleports Clark away and time goes back to normal, leaving Lois to wonder where Clark has gone.

Brainiac takes Clark to a forest in winter and explains that he's now a member of the Legion of Superheroes, Brainiac 5, and that Clark saved him from destroying the world. Now he's come back to keep Clark from doing the same thing. Brainiac 5 explains that both of them were created by Jor-El to save Earth, and both of them became corrupted. Clark wonders what he means and Brainiac 5 offers to show him what he means. He takes Clark to Jonathan Kent's gravesite on the day he was buried. The Legionnaire explains that was the defining moment in Clark's life, when he started blaming himself for Jonathan's death. When Clark insists he was the one who chose Jonathan to die, Brainiac 5 shows him Jonathan beating Lionel Luthor but then suffering a heart attack. Brainiac 5 explains that Jonathan set his own destiny, but Clark won't let himself believe that. He asks why Clark won't forgive himself, and insists that Jonathan made the choice to protect Clark, as any father would.

Next, Brainiac 5 shows Clark the present, where Oliver is in his apartment watching newscasts about his recent announcement that he's Green Arrow. Clark notes that Oliver made his choice, one that affected the rest of them. They watch as Oliver checks to see if Clark called him. Brainiac 5 points out that Oliver needs Clark, and that Clark dwells on the past, punishing himself and everyone around him. He tells Clark to help Oliver and let the past go.

Brainiac 5 takes Clark back to the reunion, Lois roams the crowd and wonders where Clark has gone, then tries to get a drink. The woman manning the punch bowl, Maddy, asks who she is there with, and Lois finally admits she's there with Clark. Maddy is impressed, and talks about how she thought Clark was going to end up with Chloe or Lana. When she discovers Lois isn't engaged to Clark and isn't seeing him currently, she wonders if Clark even likes her. Clark listens and Brainiac 5 asks if he cares about him. Clark insists that he's always protected her after what happened to Lana, and Brainiac 5 points out that Lois doesn't seem protected. He warns Clark again not to dwell on the past and miss seeing the present. Clark sees Greg approach Lois and say he has a message from Clark. When Brainiac 5 refuses to intervene, Clark grabs his ring and there's a flare of light. He finds himself in the Daily Planet... in a future where Superman is a hero.

Clark bumps into Lois, who gets him into an office and tells him to put his glasses on to keep his disguise. As she leaves, Clark asks her about the reunion but she says they need to discuss it later and not let people know they're together. Two reporters, having seen Clark without his glasses, think he's someone else, but go away when they see him with the glasses. Clark goes to his desk and discovers that someone else is there, Lois gets Clark into her office, which is also his office. He tries to explain that he's a different time, but Lois misunderstands and tells him that she knows he's an alien and that the Kents raised him. She then assumes that she forgot the anniversary of when he told her his secret, but when it turns out that's not right, she wonders if Clark has been exposed to kryptonite. He asks her where the Legion ring is and she reminds him of what happened the last time she touched it. Lois then heads off for an appointment, but tells Clark to check his trunk at the barn if he needs the ring. She shoves Clark into an elevator and sends him off.

In the elevator, Clark finds himself face-to-face with... his older self. His future self explains that he knew Clark would be there because he went through the same thing, and tells Clark that he has to be on the roof. He has to deal with a nuclear reactor while Clark deals with the crisis on the roof. The future Clark speeds and Clark goes to the window to watch as Metropolis' hero defuses the nuclear explosion. Clark hears Lois send out a mayday from the roof, where her helicopter is going down. Clark grabs the helicopter and pulls it back up, and Lois knocks out the pilot before he can see their rescuer without his disguise. He thanks her for protecting his secret and they kiss, and Lois assures him she'd do anything for him. She thanks him and Clark says he has to go. As she leaves, Brainiac 5 arrives and says he intended to be there, but Clark interfered with the ring. He needed Clark to learn that his darkness lies in fearing the future as much as lamenting the past. Brainiac 5 tells him that the future will be fine as long as he sheds the past.

Brainiac 5 returns Clark to the reunion and they watch as Greg tells her that Clark helped him and many others by setting them straight. He asks Lois to thank Clark on his behalf and goes. Brainiac 5 returns to his own time and Clark pulls Lois out onto the dance floor... just as the music stops and the reunion ends. Lois insists that it's okay and she has things to do tomorrow.

Later, Clark goes to his father's grave and admits that he never stopped blaming himself for what happened. He takes his father's watch and buries it, and the darkness with it, so he can be there for the people who need him now. Clark says goodbye to his father and goes.

At his Luthorcorp office, Oliver prepares for an exclusive interview with a reporter. The reporter puts him on the defensive, wondering if he became a vigilante just to find something to do. Clark comes in and Oliver rallies, explaining that he decided to give something back and protect the city... and he's not doing it alone.

At the Torch, Zoe and Courtney receive a text message from Chloe, saying that she's proud they're carrying on her fight.

Clark invites Lois to the barn, and she discovers he's placed up a dance ball. She assures him that she understands deadlines, and Clark says that he missed her. Lois wonders if it's a good idea, but Clark calls her over to dance. She finally gives in and they stumble until he has her put her feet on his. Clark says he loves her, and Lois says it back to him. She says there's something she needs to talk about, but Clark says to wait until later. As they dance, Clark lists up into the air