Collateral - Recap

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Lois is at the Kent farm, trying to get through to the VRA agency. When someone finally answers, she knocks over a glass running to the floor, but the representative has nothing to tell her. Lois threatens her without success and the representative hangs up. As Lois cleans up the glass, she hears Clark come in the front door and runs to hug him. However, she soon realizes that he seems distracted. Lois explains that the VRA released her a couple of days ago, and Clark explains that the VRA captured the heroes at Carter's funeral, but let them go. She goes to get him something to eat while Clark picks up the glass... and cuts his finger. He tells Lois that the government took away his powers, but he doesn't remember how. Lois doesn't remember anything either. As Clark starts to stand up, he is suddenly overwhelmed by flashbacks of being strapped to a table and someone conducting experiments on him: Chloe. He snaps out of it and tells her what he remembers of her cousin Chloe.

Oliver returns to his office at LuthorCorp and discovers that the VRA has sealed it as an investigation site. He goes inside and pours himself a drink, and then notices a cell phone photo of Chloe. As he looks at it, he has flashbacks of Chloe conducting medical experiments on him, and breaks the glass table.

Clark goes to Watchtower and finds Black Canary waiting for him. He explains that the VRA took away his powers, and Black Canary confirms that they also took away her sonic scream. She tells Clark that she remembers Chloe experimenting on her as well, and figures the VRA could strip them of their powers based on inside knowledge that Chloe provides them. Clark insists that her friend wouldn't betray them, and suggest they check out the facility where they last saw her. Black Canary asks if Clark can do what he has to if Chloe is responsible. Before he can answer, Black Canary gets a page that Oliver has turned up at Met Gen, and it's not good.

Clark goes to see Oliver, who is confined in a padded room in a straitjacket. he tries to reassure his friend, but Oliver warns that the VRA has planted memories in his head making him think that Oliver experimented on them. He realizes that Clark had the same memories, but Clark promises that he'll get him out and leaves. Once he's alone, Oliver notices the lights flicker. The wall of the cell flexes and a woman steps through it: a white-clad Chloe. Oliver thinks that she's hallucinating, but Chloe tells him that she's real and there to save him. He asks about the flashbacks, and Chloe explains the VRA captured the heroes and hooked them all up to a mainframe. Their minds are in a virtual world driven by their subconscious, and she broke in, hacked the system, and inserted herself as an avatar. The flashbacks are moments of reality when she tried to pull them out, but she was forced to stop when she realized that the process would kill them if she interfered from the outside. When she prepares to release him, Oliver points out that he's a prisoner. Chloe explains that everything is mind over matter, and Oliver needs to accept that he's in a fantasy setting so he can manipulate it. Oliver concentrates and the straitjacket disappears.

Outside, Chloe explains that she programmed in an emergency backdoor 800' above Broadway, in front of the Daily Planet. To access it, the prisoners have to accept that nothing the see is real. Chloe spots troopers that represent the computer system's anti-virus program, and that if any of them die in the virtual reality, they'll die in real life as well. She realizes that they've been spotted and asks if Oliver if he trusts her. When he says she does, she steps out into the hallway and shoots the anti-virus avatars.

At the Planet, Clark and Lois try to find the government facility where they were taken. Clark considers whether Black Canary is right, but Lois figures that their teammate would rather blame her cousin then the right-wing government. Black Canary arrives and tells Clark that Oliver escaped with Met Gen, and Chloe went there without contacting on her. She believes that Chloe is still responsible for their plight, and runs footage showing Chloe shooting the two men. Lois doesn't believe it and argues with Black Canary. While the two women fight, Clark gets a text message from Chloe saying to meet her on the roof. He finds her there with Oliver, and they explain what is happening. Chloe tells him that they're experimenting with blocking his powers in the virtual reality so they can do it in real life, forcing the heroes to work for the VRA. She can only get him out if Clark believes her assertion that they're in a virtual world. She tells him that they have to jump into the portal below, and asks if Clark trusts her. Clark wants to know where she's been, but Chloe says that he has to trust her and offers his hand. Clark starts to take it, but then refuses and says he can't. As the troopers break down the door, Chloe and Oliver leaf off the rooftop and disappear into the portal.

Oliver wakes up in the VRA facility and finds Chloe waiting for him. Two men arrive: Rick Flag and Deadshot. Chloe tells them to stand down and they obey. Oliver realizes that Chloe is working with them, and she says that she did what she had to do. Flag has Green Arrow and Deadshot cover the facility perimeters against the VRA troopers coming in. Meanwhile, Chloe reenters the virtual world to rescue the others.

Chloe goes to an alleyway to find Black Canary, who attacks her. The heroine refuses to believe Chloe's explanation and attacks her. Chloe's mastery of the virtual world lets her repel Black Canary's martial art strikes and blade attacks. When the heroine throws a blade, Chloe stops it in midair and asks where Lois can be found.

Lt. Trotter orders her men to move in.

Black Canary emerges from her tube and joins the others to hold off the VRA forces while Chloe frees Clark and the others. Before she goes, Black Canary apologizes to Chloe, and Chloe assures her that it's fine. Chloe worries that Clark has lost his trust in her, and Oliver notes that it's because she left them.

Clark finds Lois, who tells him that Chloe contacted her and explained everything. He refuses to accept her explanation and explains that Chloe left without explanation, and he can't trust her. Lois realizes that Clark has been hiding his resentments, and points out that Clark expected Chloe to trust him all these years even when he was keeping secrets. She figures that Clark's heart is saying that he knows the truth, and he starts to accept that he's trapped in a real world. Only Clark can decide to reject the virtual reality.

Chloe is working at the computers when the VRA break in and Trotter knocks her out. She has one of her men take over Chloe's avatar. It goes to the Planet as Clark and Lois prepare to jump into the portal. The fake avatar insists they're suffering from post-traumatic stress and asks how Clark can let Lois jump to her death. Lois realizes that the avatar is under someone else's control and punches her through the office, knocking it out. She then grabs Clark and heads for the elevator.

Trotter gets word that the transport is ready for her and Chloe. She tells her man to keep Clark imprisoned and then goes with her men as they escort Chloe out. Flag opens fire and Trotter orders her three surviving men to kill Chloe. While she runs off, two of the soldiers prepare to open fire. Deadshot kills them first, while Green Arrow subdues the third man. Black Canary avoids Trotter's fire until she runs out of ammo, and then knocks her out with her Canary Cry.

Clark and Lois get to the rooftop of the Planet but find the Chloe avatar waiting for them. She boasts that Clark is the one who has always refused to accept his abnormalities and let go of what ties him to normalcy. Clark walks past her as the avatar warns him that if he doesn't 100% reject the virtual reality, he'll die. More Chloe avatars appear and Lois tells Clark to trust himself and make a leap of faith, just like he trusted Lois to keep his secret. Clark grabs Lois and then flies into the air, accepting that he can fly in the virtual reality. He soars around the Daily Planet and then enters the portal and returns to the real world.

Later, Chloe comes to see Clark at the farm and admits that she's been out of touch. Clark admits that if she had been there, she would have been captured with him and the others. Chloe explains that she reprogrammed Flag's missile program and then threatened to turn him over to the government unless he worked for her. Clark asks her how she managed to trust him even when she suspected he had a secret, and Chloe figured that he was lying to protect her, and she trusted him. Lois arrives and passes on a message from Trotter and her men are trapped in the virtual reality, ensuring Clark's secret identity. Lois asks Chloe to be her maid of honor at their upcoming wedding, and Chloe accepts.

Later, Chloe comes to see Oliver at Watchtower. He gives her flowers and admits that he stopped looking for her because he thought that's what she wanted. Oliver notes that she could have called him, but Chloe explains that the Fate helmet warned her to stay away. If she had reached out to him, she would have given in and stayed. But she's always dreamed of returning. She assures Oliver that she's staying for a while, and they kiss.

Clark is in his loft reading through Carter's book when Lois comes in. She assures Clark that Carter would have been proud of him, and Clark thanks Lois for letting him believe that he could fly, at least in cyberspace. They kiss and Lois admits the experience was admitting, and Clark hopes they'll fly in the real world. Lois believes he can do the impossible and says that one day he will.