Masquerade - Recap

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At the Daily Planet, Lois is planning out the wedding on a diorama and talks to Clark by phone, telling him that they'll have problems if any of her father's soldiers recognize Clark's "super friends." She asks where he is and Clark claims he's running errands, unaware that she has seen him on a viral web video showing him on Big Ben. Clark runs back to Metropolis and realizes that he's in trouble, and Lois shows him worldwide discussion of the Blur's recent activities now that the VRA has been repealed. She warns Clark that is putting his secret identity at work, and shows him an article she held back about heroes going public. It features his photo on the byline, and Lois warns that people will start to connect him to the Blur. She suggests they find him a new disguise.

Chloe goes to Ace of Clubs and meets Oliver, who is wearing a hoodie and sunglasses to avoid anyone recognizing him. They pretend they're strangers and flirt, but Chloe won't admit that Oliver is her boyfriend. When the hostess calls for the Jones couple to take their table, Oliver notes that he can't get a table using his real name. When the Joneses don't show up, Chloe claims that they're the couple to get a table. Oliver worries they might get caught, but Chloe figures they need a night off.

At the Kent farm, Lois tries attaching a hood to Clark's jacket, but he warns that it won't stay attached at superspeed and he doesn't want to wear a mask. He refuses to stop saving people, but Lois notes that Oliver has had problems when he revealed his face to the world, and now he doesn't have any identity. She promises to stand by him no matter what, but asks if he wants to have his life ruined.

At the club, the hostess brings "Mr. Jones" a cell phone and says it's a call from his wife. She assumes that he's cheating on Mrs. Jones with Chloe, and suggests Chloe ditch the philanderer. Once the hostess leaves, Oliver takes the call and Mrs. Jones say she's found several bodies and doesn't have long. As she tries to free one of them, her eyes and the eyes of the man she's trying to save start to bleed. She turns and screams, and Oliver tries to get answers. Her killer picks up the phone and says that "Mr. Jones" will be joining his wife soon enough. After hanging up, the killer cuts loose all of the corpses and leaves them stacked on the floor.

Chloe and Oliver leave the club, and Oliver suggests they take the Joneses' car. They find two men with guns waiting for them.

Clark is called to the crime scene where the bodies have been found. The forensics photographer, Bert, remembers Clark from other crime scenes and explains that a DWP worker found them in an abandoned tunnel, and they were dumped a few hours ago. He comments that the Blur on the viral clip looks a lot like Clark, but Clark dismisses his suspicions. When he falls through a hole in the floor, Clark pulls him up with one hand and then claims that it was an adrenaline thing. Bert insists that he's a hero.

Next, Clark goes to Met Gen where the coroner, Blayne, is examining Mrs. Jones' corpse. He apologizes for the mess and explains that Mrs. Jones died from system-wide hemorrhaging like the others, and there's no indication it was murder. Blayne casually suggests that the killer gave in to his or her "dark side." Clark notices black speckles on the corpse's right hand and points them out to Blayne, but he says that he popped a black ink pen.

The men toss Chloe and Oliver in the trunk. As the car goes on its route, Oliver realizes that Chloe has forgot it's their first anniversary of what she describes as "whatever it is they're doing." He points out that they spend every waking moment together, but she still doesn't know what they have between them. Their abductors stop the car and take them to an apartment, and demand an explanation. The head man explains that they know they're not the Jones. Oliver and Chloe take on their attackers and eventually knock them out. After they kiss, the couple checks out the men and realize that their FBI agents. Files indicate that Mr. and Mrs. Jones are undercover agents on a stakeout. Among the FBI agents' files are x-rays of persons with Omega brands on their skulls.

The next morning, Chloe and Oliver go to the sex club that was under investigation by the FBI. A FBI agent went there for relaxation and had an Omega on his skull that turned up during a routine checkup. Oliver climbs up to a window and tells Chloe to stay behind. Once he's out of sight, "Mr. Jones," Agent Vactor, shows up and arrests Chloe for impeding a Federal investigation. As he handcuffs her, he starts to hear voices whispering in his head. He hemorrhages to death and Desaad comes downs the stairs of the club. He realizes that she knows about him and telekinetically slams her into a wall, knocking her out, and says he plans to know much more about her.

At the Planet, Chloe tries to negotiate her wedding dinner and handle news stories, and sends staffer Jeff to go to a bakery to bargain for frosting. As he leaves, Jeff bumps into Clark, who brushes him aside. Lois refuses to say anything about what happened with Bert at the morgue, and Clark tells her that Blayne couldn't find any connection between the victims. However, Lois has the crime scene photos which show a stamp on each victim’s hand. Clark realizes that Blayne was covering his tracks.

Clark goes to the morgue and confirms that no one knows Blayne, and then goes to Watchtower and determines that the stamp was made by an anonymous buyer. Oliver arrives, looking for Chloe, and recognizes the symbol on the stamp as the mark from Desaad's club. He explains what he's discovered and they realize that Desaad is an agent of the Darkness. Clark figures that since there were no Omega brands on the people at the morgue, Desaad must be killing the people that he can't convert... and now he has Chloe. Oliver checks the business records and confirms that the club is registered to an address, and he prepares to go. Clark says that he needs to stay behind because he's in no condition to face the Darkness. After Clark leaves, Oliver prepares to go anyway.

Chloe wakes up in an old building as rain pours down, and discovers that she's chained to the ceiling. The rain stops and Clark comes in. He frees her and then says that he's having second thoughts about being with her. He asks for one kiss, but she refuses and realizes that something is wrong. "Clark" disappears and Oliver comes in, and says that he wants to run away with her and leave others to leave the good fight. He asks her to take his hand, and Chloe realizes that what she is seeing isn't real. Lois appears and accuses her of envying what Lois and Clark have, and Chloe realizes that she's being tested with lust, sloth, and now envy. "Lois" points out that Chloe has given up everything she has and she wants it back, but Chloe tells her to get out of her head. The room reverts to its normal appearance, and Desaad says that he plans to prey on her weaknesses and convert her. He releases her and warns that Chloe's more vulnerable than she thinks. He puts a knife in her hand and tells her to kill him before he kills her friends. Chloe realizes that he's using wrath, and refuses, and a white-clad "Chloe" appears. She insists that they need to kill to save the world, and that it feels good to be better than the others who lost to Desaad. Chloe tells counterpart to stop, but it continues to taunt her concerning her pride. Chloe throws the knife away and Desaad says that she's become useless to him.

Before Desaad can kill her, Clark superspeeds her away and then returns. Desaad says that he's a servant of Darkseid, and Clark has become much more self-assured since he faced Godfrey and Granny Goodness. He boasts that the Omega brands have always been there, but refuses to explain further and ruin the "surprise." Desaad then pins Clark to the wall with a burst of black energy and goes to his car. Oliver arrives and fires an arrow into the tire, and then beats Desaad. Desaad, undeterred, says that it was easy to find Oliver's weakness.

Clark frees himself and runs to stop Oliver, assuring his friend that Chloe is safe.

The next day at the Planet, Clark tells Lois that he had his name removed from the article. He admits that he was wrong for risking his identity, and he needs to wear a mask. However, he's been reluctant to conceal the face of the man Lois loves. The Blur is who he really is, and "Clark Kent" is just a name. He has a plan, and tells Lois that he'll don glasses and use Clark Kent as a mask. Clark admits that he'll have to make his persona way too normal to raise any suspicions, and when Darkseid returns, he'll be hiding in plain sight. As Lois takes Clark to a cake testing, he bumps into Jeff. This time Clark feigns clumsiness and Jeff brushes past him.

At watchtower, Chloe confirms that she isn't contaminated by the Darkness, and is going through her high school photos and yearbook when Oliver arrives. She admits that she's always defined herself by someone or something else, and she hasn't felt like Chloe since high school. Chloe wonders if she's going to lose the last bit of herself she has left, but Oliver assures her that he'll always know who she is. As they go, Oliver says that he'll be in the spotlight for the rest of his life, and he won't hide from who he is anymore. Chloe tells him that he doesn't have to do it alone, and finally says that she's his girlfriend. As Oliver goes back to turn off the equipment, he steps in front of a scanner... unaware that there is an Omega brand on his forehead.