Booster - Recap

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Lois and Clark are walking to work and Clark is complaining about his glasses. She tells him that either Clark or the Blur need to wear a disguise if the Blur wants to go public again, and advises him to tone it down. They notice a teenager, Jaime Reyes, fumbling with his backpack and Lois says he’s a perfect example of what Clark should do. Clark admits that he was like that in Smallville, and doesn’t want to go back to that. She tells him to get over it, and Clark say she should focus on the new promotion she’s trying to get. Lois puts the glasses back on Clark and they continue to the Planet.

Jaime runs to catch up with his fellow students and trips on the street, and a transport SUV from Kord Industries heads directly for him. Clark hears the skid but before he can get there, a new hero arrives to stop the SUV with a golden force field. He poses for a photo op with Jaime and announces himself as Booster Gold, the greatest hero no one has ever known. As he announces his autograph session, Jaime picks up his backpack from near the SUV, unaware that a blue scarab-like creature has crawled into it. Meanwhile, Booster accepts a round of applause, comments on Clark’s glasses as if they were old friends, and flies off into the sky.

Clark catches up to the Lois at the planet, but Lois dismisses his suspicion that Booster knows who he is. However, Clark isn’t convinced. They hear a commotion in their office and discover that Booster is sitting at Clark’s desk, waiting for Lois to arrive. He wants Lois to make a hero out of him like she did with the Blur, and knows all about the promotion. Lois isn’t interested in him and tells him to get lost. Booster’s “agent,” a computer program named Skeets, says that he’s running late, and the supposed hero leave. Cat arrives and gushes over Booster, saying that he isn’t hiding anything like the Blur. She tells Lois that she’s up for the promotion as well. Once she leaves, Clark complains about Booster, but Lois says that he’ll soon burn out and focuses on changing Clark’s new image.

Jaime is with the other students on the street and manages to spray himself with pop. A girl, Dora, comes over and offers him her pop. Lois watches as Jaime awkwardly accepts it, only to discover she set him up and shook it. As he throws it away, Lois removes the “kick me” sign from his back and tells him to stand up for himself, giving him the opposite advice that she gave Clark. She tells him to confront the bullies but he quickly backs down and runs off after the others. As he enters an alley, Jaime clutches at the back of his neck as he feels a sudden pain as the scarab climbs out of his pack and enters his spinal column.

Later, Clark is watching Booster’s newest ad when Lois arrives with flowers and says that Clark is ruining his image by sending them. When he explains that he didn’t, Lois realizes that Booster sent them and wonders if Clark is jealous. Clark notes that booster has been at every crime and accident scene in the last 24 hours, but only sweeps in at the last minute to make the save and get the glory. However, Clark prefers to focus on Kord Industries. Their CEO, Ted Kord, is making a press statement about a high-tech device that went missing when his truck crashed into Booster. What isn’t public is the fact that Kord Industries recovers discarded super-weapons. Clark goes to recover the missing tech lost because of Booster’s carelessness, while Lois tries to find out more about Booster.

Booster is signing autographs when Cat comes to see him, but he’s unimpressed with her and her promise to get him the spotlight. Skeets informs Booster that Lois got the flowers, and Booster says that he should have come back a long time ago. Lois arrives and tells Booster that Metropolis already has a hero, but Booster points out his many fans and says that people want someone to look up to. As Cat listens in, Booster says that everything is for sale and he’s there to replace the Blur. As Lois leaves, Skeets warns Booster that usurping Clark’s heroic role may not be a good idea, but Booster says that after everything else that has happened, it’s his last chance to become someone by grabbing Clark’s place in history.

As Lois takes the elevator, Cat gets in and tells her to stop stealing her story. Lois has no interest in Booster or Cat, but Cat feels Booster is a better hero of the people because he’s gone public.

At Kord Industries, Ted Kord is coordinating efforts to find the scarab when Clark comes to see him. When Clark reveals he knows about Kord’s involvement with super-weapon recovery, Ted becomes suspicious and Clark starts stammering and feigning clumsiness, and then quickly leaves. When Ted gets a call from Booster, Clark listens in via super-hearing as Booster says that he’ll recover the weapon in return for Ted setting him up to receive the key to Metropolis, and Ted agrees. Clark then uses superspeed to steal the plans for the scarab. As he stops to read it, he discovers that Lois is replacing the Booster billboards with Blur billboards.

Booster is rehearsing the ceremony for the key when Jaime comes to him for help. The hero gives him an autographed poster and sends him away, and then asks for a volunteer among his Boosterettes to give him the key. Cat has slipped in as one of them and volunteers, and Booster chooses her.

Backstage, Jaime writhes in pain as the scarab generates a suit of battle-armor and sets out to destroy everything in its path.

At the Planet, Clark asks Lois what he’s doing, and she warns him about Booster’s plans. Clark shows her the scarab plans, and explains that when they brought in the scarab, it bonded with one of the technicians, Dan Garrett. Garrett killed three people and died when they took it off, and now it’s loose in Metropolis. Lois wants Clark to debut as the Blur, but admits they can’t do it until Clark establishes his mild-mannered persona. Booster calls Lois and Clark takes the call, and Booster says that he knows Clark is the Blur. Clark wants them to work together to find the scarab but Booster isn’t interested.

Clark superspeed to his location and warns that he’s putting other vigilantes at risk by ruining the public’s trust in them. As they talk, Clark notices that Booster has a Legion flight ring. Booster admits that he stole the ring and he’s from the future so he’ll know exactly what to do thanks to Skeets, his historical data droid. Clark warns him that he’s changing history and Skeets has no history of the scarab, but Booster insists he can handle it and no one will get hurt. He accuses Clark of being jealous that the people are choosing him over Clark. Booster invites Clark to don his suit, come in, and show him up, because the records show that whoever gets the key will become the city’s hero. Clark refuses, saying that it’s not the suit that makes the hero. He believes that Booster can become a hero, but he isn’t one yet. Booster goes into the studio

Booster calls Cat and the mayor up on stage for rehearsal, and the scarab battle suit comes in and fires blasts, destroying the stage. Jaime, trapped inside the armor, tries to stop it without success. Booster ducks for cover and Skeets warns him that Clark was right and they’ve altered history so it has no record of the new timeline. Cat sees Booster and begs him to help, as the battle suit prepares to kill her and the mayor.

Clark arrives and enters a phone booth to change into his Blur costume. He runs inside and blocks the energy blast, and Cat realizes that it’s the Blur that saved her, not Booster. Meanwhile, Booster blasts the beetle battle armor back and tells it to surrender. It grabs him by the throat and the helmet retracts, revealing Jaime inside. Jaime begs him for suit and Booster apologizes, admitting he’s no hero. However, he says that Jaime can be and tells him to fight for control of the armor. Jaime concentrates and forces the armor to retract back into the scarab. The boy hugs Booster, who spots Clark watching from the shadows.

Later, Clark meets Booster, who admits that he screwed up. He explains that in the 25th century, he was a sports hero who gave it all up when he threw games for money and got caught. Booster stole the power suit, the Legion flight ring, and Skeets. When he came to the past, he made all the same mistakes. Clark says that Booster helped Jaime, and the boy will need someone to watch over him once Ted removes the scarab. Booster agrees even though it won’t mean front-page headlines. He then tells Clark to find a better name for himself, something that starts with an S, and Clark says he’ll think about it.

Ted and Lois meet with Jaime, and Ted says he’s impressed with Jaime for taking control of the scarab. When the CEO offers to remove it, Jaime says that he wants to keep it and become a hero. Booster comes over and suggests that Lois interview Jaime, the real hero of the day.

Later, Lois gets her promotion and Cat congratulates her. The young reporter than apologizes, saying she wanted to be the voice of a hero as well. Lois tells her to be a great reporter by being herself, and then notices that Cat has a box of belongings. Cat explains that she’s moving in to the basement. Clark arrives and Lois introduces his new desk buddy. When Clark knocks over Cat’s box, Cat says that he’s nice but he’s no Blur.

That night at the farm, Clark says that he can handle wearing the glasses. However, he worries what people will think of her when she marries the mild-mannered Clark Kent. Lois tells him that they can make it work and kisses him.