Kent - Recap

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Lois is hard at work at 4:44 a.m. when Clark arrives with Chinese take-out. She says she's not sure if the promotion is worth it, but Clark says he's seen the future where she gets it. They talk about how they keep missing each other due to their work schedules, and Clark finds an envelope with an early wedding gift from Martha: the deed to the farm. Clark wonders if she wants them to start their married life there, or sell it.

At the Kent barn, Clark-L arrives using the mirror box from his universe.

The next day, Lois is at the Kent home when there's a knock on the door. It's Marge Manners, a local realtor, there to arrange for the sale of the property. Lois tries to deter her without success, and suspects that Clark called her in.

Clark returns to the barn and discovers that someone has gone through his belongings in the loft. He sees the mirror box on the table and Clark-L emerges from the shadows to activate the mirror box at superspeed. Clark finds himself transported to a cemetery in the alternate universe.

Clark-L crushes the mirror box and leaves.

Clark observes the funeral, which is for that world's Oliver Queen. His widow, Lois, places flowers on her husband's coffin and then notices Clark. The funeral is interrupted when Jonathan Kent walks up and insists that Oliver destroyed the town by buying out the land. As the mourners escort hold him back, Lois confronts Clark with a piece of kryptonite, mistaking him for Clark-L. Clark tries to explain, and finally convinces her by telling him about their conversation atop the Daily Planet. Lois puts the kryptonite away and tells him that he has to leave, because everyone knows who he is and has kryptonite. Clark-L killed Oliver because he told everyone how to protect themselves. Clark says he has to check on something, and Lois says she'll throw the authorities off of his trail. He thanks her for her trust, and Lois admits that something tells her that she can trust him.

Clark-L gets a text message from Lois saying to meet her at an address. He takes off his Lionel ring and goes to the studio apartment, where Lois is unpacking their belongings from the house. Clark-L plays along as Lois explains that she realized she was going to lose the one place she's called home. He tells her that they'll always be together and she hugs him, and Clark-l redirects the conversation to Lionel's location. Lois admits that they're monitoring Lionel via GPS, but he'll have to talk to Lionel. Clark-L gets Lois to explain that Tess is at the manor. As he starts to go, Lois asks him to check out the view. He sees the telescope and, having no idea of its significance, throws it in with the trash. Sirens go off in the distance and Lois has to remind Clark-L to deal with the emergency. Once he leaves, Lois tries to call and warn Tess.

Tess is away from her phone and showing the contractors around the manor. As they go out to tour the manor, Clark-L arrives and speaks of the family that once lived there. Tess says that it was never a home and offers to let him destroy it, and Clark-L says it won't change the fact she's still a Luthor. He talks about how he knows it's hard to be an outsider and rubs the finger that had his ring on it. Tess quickly realizes that he's Clark's counterpart, and Clark-L realizes that she knows. He tells her that she and Lionel-L are the only two things who matter. The contractors return and Clark-L leaves, saying they have all the time in the world.

Clark goes to the Kent farm and finds the house long-empty. Jonathan uses a piece of kryptonite to weaken Clark and knock him out. .

Lois meets with Emil, who has their world's mirror box and tries to reassemble the pieces to bring Clark back. He fails, but assures Lois that he'll keep trying so they can get Clark back.

Clark-L tries to access the Watchtower computers with the information on Lionel's GPS but discovers that he's locked out. Meanwhile, Tess goes to the Daily Planet and calls to tell Lois and Emil that she'll stall while thy finish the repairs. She finds a dress in her office and an invitation to meet Clark-L at Ace of Clubs that night. Clark-L steps out of the shadows and says that he knows everything about her, and slips away.

On the other Earth, Jonathan has tied up Clark and keeps the kryptonite nearby to weaken him. Clark tries to explain who he is, but Jonathan says that the day Clark-L came in the meteor shower, his farm was destroyed and he couldn't keep up on his bills. Oliver then came there and bought up the property in Smallville to obtain the meteor rocks. Clark realizes that Jonathan has been living alone in the abandoned house, hanging onto his land, and Jonathan says that he found a chunk of gold in the meteor rock. He never found enough to buy his farm back, but now he plans to turn in Clark for the reward and use the money to buy back his land. Clark asks about Martha, and Jonathan angrily says that she gave up on him when he needed her the most. When Clark says that his Jonathan always said he was nothing without his wife, Jonathan angrily kicks Clark to the floor. Clark explains that on his world, Jonathan and Martha were married, found Clark on the day of the meteor showers, and raised him. He asks Jonathan to untie him so he can show him one thing.

Clark-L arrives at the nightclub and finds Tess wearing his gift dress. They sit down and Clark-L explains that he revealed his identity because he knew she would figure it out, and she couldn’t hide it. He notes that she has a habit of lying to herself, just like the Tess of his world, and Clark doesn't appreciate her as a partner or a woman. Tess asks what he wants, and Clark-L says that he wants her and Lionel. She refuses to help him murder Lionel, but Clark-L says that she needs someone to save her. He offers to defeat Lionel for her, and then she can leave the life that she's too afraid to dream of, with him. Clark-L explains that he wants a second chance because everyone on his world knows how to kill him. This time he plans not to draw attention to himself, but he has to kill or be killed... and warns Tess that he'll dispose of her if she won't help him.

On the other Earth, Clark finds the shotgun that his grandfather hid, proving he is who he claims. He then tells Jonathan that he was the man who taught him to be fair and honest, and was a hero even though he has no powers. Jonathan puts away the kryptonite and tells Clark he needs to get away before the authorities arrive, and he's just an obsessed man. Clark tells him that Martha was his home, not the farm, and it's better to risk everything than hold onto nothing. As the police arrive, Jonathan tells Clark goodbye and good luck, and calls him "son." As they move forward to embrace, Clark is pulled back to his world when Emil finishes repairing the mirror box, and asks where he can find Clark-L.

Clark-L takes Tess to her office to access the tracking program. She asks what he plans to do with Lionel, and Clark-L briefly wraps his hands around her throat and says to leave their father to him. She programs his GPS and tells him to follow it to Lionel. He superspeeds away and Tess reroutes the signal. Clark-L returns seconds later with a bottle of champagne, and tells her that he knows she betrayed him and a Luthor must die that night. He grabs her and pushes her through the window, dangling her above the street. Tess insists that Lionel is her father and couldn't betray him, and admits she wants a life with him. Clark-L says that he could never trust her and starts to drop her, but Clark whisks her away at superspeed. He returns and Clark-L attacks him, shoving him through a wall. He assumes that Clark is no match for him without his dark side, and Clark superspeeds away.

Clark-L follows his counterpart to the Fortress, and Clark explains that their birth father is there and Lionel lied. The alternate Clark says that he grew up fine without Jor-El's life lessons, but Clark insists he can still find redemption. He points out that Clark-L could have killed Tess in an instant but he didn't, and tells him to go back to his world and show the people there what he can give them. Clark asks Clark-L to trust him, and then calls out to Jor-El. Jor-El teleports Clark-L back to the Fortress in his world, and the Jor-El construct there activates and welcomes him home.

Later, Emil checks Clark's info about the gold kryptonite and confirms for Tess that it exists, and that it can strip a Kryptonian of his or her powers for good. He then asks her about her dinner with Clark-L and notes that he looked tempted. When he says it's not the Tess he knows, Tess says that he may not know her. Emil responds by saying that she may not believe it yet, but she is the person who wouldn’t kill her father.

At the farm, Clark looks over the property. Lois comes out and notices that he's wearing his father's jacket for the first time. Clark insists that he doesn't need things to remind him of his past, and says that on the other world, all he was doing was trying to find his way back home. Clark says that he didn't call the realtor, and Lois figures that she came on her own when she saw the "for sale" posting. He admits that he's been trying to hold onto things that used to protect him, and Lois says that she'll go wherever he needs to be, because he's her home.

On the other world, Jonathan goes to Martha Kent's apartment. He hesitates and then rings the doorbell.