Prophecy - Recap

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Clark arrives at Lois' new office and she admits that she is a bit overwhelmed with her new promotion and planning for the wedding. She has laid out her office with a map of Metropolis and explains that their catering company has been bought out by a company known as Marionettes Ventures. The company has bought out a number of local companies and all of the owners have abruptly left town. Clark asks her to go with him to tell Jor-El about the wedding.

The couple goes to the Fortress and Clark explains that the head of the house has to approve all life unions. Jor-El announces himself and Clark declares his desire to start a life bond with Lois. The construct asks Lois if she plans to marry Clark and she says that she does, and Jor-El says that first they must both understand. The Fortress vibrates and debris rains from the ceiling. Lois is hit by a piece of the ceiling and knocked down. When Clark tries to rescue her, he discovers that his powers are gone. However, Lois raises the debris with Clark's super-strength.

On the Celtic coast, Oliver descends into a series of underground chambers with walls covered by alien characters. Kara is there, trapped in a force field, and explains that they are the symbols of Apokolips. When he tries to free her, she warns that the force field will disintegrate anyone who touches it. Oliver notices the symbol of the Bow of Orion on a column and admits that he's looking for it without Clark. Kara says that she's looking for it to protect Clark, and Oliver says that has his own reasons for finding it. Oliver asks for a translation of the symbols and Kara explains that it is a prophecy written by Orion. When she touched Orion's symbol, she was caught in the force field. The prophecy heralds the end of the world, and that a balance must exist between light and darkness. To wield the power of the Bow, hands must right the balance of the two sides. Oliver spots the symbol of Omega and realizes that he needs to touch it to restore a balance. When he asks Kara if she wants him to proceed, Kara says that if Clark trusts him, then it's enough for her. Oliver touches the symbol and the force field disappears.

Back at the Planet, Lois is practicing with her powers and superspeeding through her work. Clark doesn't believe that things can go well as they appear, and is unhappy that Jor-El involved Lois in one of his trials. Jor-El told them that the power exchange would last until sunset, at 6:58. Lois is much more accepting and then gets up on her desk to overlook the map of Metropolis. She realizes that all of the buildings are along the main line for Metropolis' water, and Marionette Ventures now has the water rights. There is only one store left along the line that hasn't been purchased, Theron Layne. Lois starts to superspeed off, but then suggests that Jor-El wants to teach them patience and agrees to drive there.

Clark is watching the store when Lois returns from a cheese run. She explains that she was distracted when she saw a news broadcast about a hostage situation in Wisconsin, and went to help. Lois assures Clark that she pulled it all off without a hitch. The owner close her shop in the middle of the day, and Clark suggests that Lois use her new super-hearing to find out what the Marionette thugs are doing. She tries to focus and hears a cry for help from a kitchen fire. Clark tells her that the fireman can deal with it, but Lois says she can't ignore all the emergencies that she can hear. Things resolve themselves and Lois wonders how Clark can deal with all the emergencies, and he explains that he has learned to prioritize. Lois refocuses on the clothing store and hears the store owner under attack. She runs in and knocks the attacker back through a wall, and then claims that she works out. Clark removes the intruders mask and realizes that it's Courtney: Stargirl, with a glowing star-shaped diode on her neck.

Oliver and Kara explore the tunnels and find more writing saying the Bow is in the inner sanctum. The prophecy will allow the Bow's wield to banish the Darkness, and Oliver figures that he is the intended since he's a bowman. Kara asks again why he's seeking the bow, and Oliver admits that he wants it to change his fate. She warns him that it only worked for Orion after he found the strength to turn away from the Darkness and his father, Darkseid. A believer in the Light raised Orion, and the latter eventually swore to serve the light. They find a drawing of Orion and several symbols, and realize that they will both have to make a bank shot to hit the appropriate symbols and open the inner sanctum. Oliver loans Kara one of her bows, and she asks if he trust her to make the shot. he echoes her line from earlier, that if Clark trusts her than he does, and they both shoot, opening the sanctum. As they start to enter, Kara gets a telepathic message from Jor-El summoning her to the Fortress. She tells Oliver to retrieve the bow and give it to Clark and then leaves.

Kara goes to the Fortress and Jor-El explains that the Bow is Clark's destiny, not hers. He wants her to choose between leaving Earth and letting Clark embrace his destiny, and stay and help him but risk Earth's future. Jor-El acknowledges the strength of her will and asks her to choose, and informs her that her destiny is in another place and time. Meanwhile, Jor-El is confident that Clark is ready and that now is his time. When Kara worries that she will lose Clark, her last remaining family member, Jor-El tells her that sometimes the greatest sacrifice is to give up what one holds dear.

At Watchtower, Tess analyzes the diode and concludes that it is a mind-control device. Courtney tells them that she and J'onn confirmed that the shareholders at Marionette Ventures are Dark Archer, Roulette, Metallo, and a man named Manta. Clark explains what they've learned about the company gaining control of the city's water supply, and the scanner turns up initials on the diode: W.S. They realize that Winslow Schott, the Toyman, created the diode. Lois immediately superspeeds off to confront the villain.

Lois goes to the Toyman's cell at Stryker Island, and he claims that he's reformed. She doesn't believe it and wonders why he's remaining in jail, and the Toyman explains that people underestimate him when he's in cell. Lois takes his hidden PDA and warns that the Blur and his team know all about his mind-control diodes. The Toyman notices her engagement ring and says that the Blur gave it to her, and Lois tries to bluff it out without success. The villain describes how Lana Lang, the Blur's first love, was willing to sacrifice everything for the hero, Clark Kent. Lois denies Clark's connection to the Blur and the Toyman tells her that his villains are closing in on the Blur. Lois confirms that there are still 18 minutes until Clark regains his powers, and the Toyman offers to call off his villains if she'll allow him to put a mind-control diode on her. She agrees and puts on the diode, and the Toyman orders her to kill the Blur instead.

Oliver finds the Bow of Orion in the inner sanctum. As he reaches for it, the letters on it change to English, saying, "The only true power comes from within." As Oliver reaches for it, Granny Goodness enters the chamber and telekinetically snatches it away. She destroys it with ease and explains that the traps were designed to keep the prophets out, and the Bow was the one weapon that Darkseid couldn't defeat. When Oliver advances on her, she forces him to bow down and says that Oliver has real potential and they have bigger plans for him. Granny Goodness says that he won't remember there encounter as the Omega brand appears on his forehead.

The Toyman contacts his villainous allies at Marionette Ventures: Metallo, Dark Archer, Solomon Grundy, Manta, Captain Cold, and Roulette. He has them passes out mission folders with information on each of their chosen heroic opponents, and informs them that with their nearest ally, they will take control of Metropolis.

Courtney calls in to inform Tess that she has a ferry ready to get them to Stryker Island to check on Lois. As Clark heads for the door, Lois smashes her way in and they realize she is under the Toyman's control. With 20 seconds left until sunset, Tess tells Clark to stall. He tells Lois that he knows how stubborn she is, and that he loves her. She tries to overcome the spell but then turns back and prepares to hit Clark. He catches the blow just as his powers are restored to him. Clark pulls off the diode and confirms that she's okay.

The Toyman calls his employer and says the Blur is no problem, but Clark superspeeds in and tells him that he's failed. He warns that he could tell the world who he really is, but Clark says that if he wanted to do that, he already would have. Clark warns the Toyman that no matter how many villains team up against him, he'll always be there to stop them.

Clark returns to the Fortress and Jor-El asks if he found his gift illuminating. In response, Clark figures that Jor-El is still trying to control him, but Jor-El insists that they aren't riddles. Clark decides to take control of his own destiny, and he has come to the time when neither of his fathers can guide him. He removes the primary control rod and goes, leaving his hero suit within the Fortress.

Oliver is in a field, his eyes black, digging up a piece of golden meteor rock.

Clark meets with Lois, who says that she understands that Clark's calling is 24-7. Outside, Kara watches them from hiding. After a moment she takes out a Legion flight ring. Crying, she wishes Clark good luck and then activates the ring, traveling into the future.

Lois admits that she's weak, and that she let Toyman control her to save Clark because he's her greatest weakness. Clark insists that she's his strength and assures her that the trial is over, and now they have to create a future for themselves. However, Lois tells him that she has realized she can't marry Clark and make her vulnerable, and that she can't take anything from his life without putting others at risk who needs him. She tells him that she can't marry him.