Finale - Recap

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Seven years in the future, Chloe is reading a comic book about Smallville to her son.

In the present, the seething volcanic planet of Apokolips enters the solar system, passing through Saturn.

At the Daily Planet, Clark tries to talk to Lois about the fact she has called off their wedding. She’s busy dealing with the arrival of the President and Clark finally takes away her PDA when she tries to call their friends to notify them the wedding is off. Lois insists that he won’t change her mind and tells him to go out and save the world, and that every moment he spends with her is a moment he’s not helping someone. Clark insists that it’s his future and he needs her at his side, and says that she’ll have to leave him standing at the altar because he plans on holding the wedding.

Chloe and Oliver are setting up the chapel for the wedding, and she asks if Oliver would have married her if Zatanna hadn’t cast her spell. He says he would have, and asks Chloe the same question and gets the same answer. They kiss and Oliver wonders what they’re supposed to do now, and Chloe assures him they’ll make up their own way to continue on. She admits that Lois hasn’t responded to any of her calls, and Oliver suggests that she get Lois there. He says that he’s done what he needs to do and shows her the simple gold wedding rings. As they go, the church font fills with darkness.

At the Luthor manor, Tess is overseeing the rebuilding of the ruins when Granny Goodness comes in. Tess explains that she’s rebuilding the manor to change how the Luthor legacy is seen, and Granny explains that she always wanted to be there for Tess as a loving mother. She saw that Tess was special because she never knew whether Tess would choose the light or the darkness. Granny says that she wants to save Tess’ soul from Darkseid’s Apokolips, and that the rapture will be Tess’ only salvation. When Tess refuses to join her, Granny starts to leave and Tess asks what she means. The prophet tells her that Darkseid’s Apokolips isn’t coming: it’s already here.

Apokolips draws ever closer to Earth.

Martha is looking through her home when Clark arrives. She admits that she gave Clark and Lois the deed to the farm because she hoped they would live there, not so they would sell it. Clark wonders if it’s about Jonathan, and Martha says that she never felt left behind when Jonathan died, and her husband is always with her. She tells Clark to let himself see Jonathan, and Clark says that he did see Jonathan a year ago, but decided he had to move on from both Jonathan and Jor-El. Martha tells him that he can’t cut out the parts of his past that made him who he is now, and if he turns his back on all of his experiences then everything he learned in Smallville will be lost. Clark disagrees and says that he has to put his past behind him to move on. As Clark goes, Martha sees Jonathan as if he were really there.

At the Planet, Lois is checking on the arrival of Air Force One and the non-appearance of the President when Chloe arrives to discuss the wedding cancellation. Lois refuses to change her mind, and Chloe says that Clark needs Lois to ground him. However, Lois worries that she’ll ground Clark, and Chloe assures her that’s not what Clark thinks. She gives Lois a copy of Clark’s vows so she can see what Clark thinks of her in his own words. Lois reads Clark vowing that he'll be with her forever and realizes that she's an idiot.

At Watchtower, Tess checks the computers and discovers that the Watchtower satellites are off-line. Someone has locked her out of the computer, so Tess checks the security footage and discovers that Oliver was the one responsible. Working quickly, Tess accesses the new satellite set up by J'onn J'onzz and discovers Apokolips heading for Earth.

Granny meets with the other two prophets, Desaad and Gordon Godfrey. Oliver comes to see them, the Omega brand glowing on his head. He kneels before them and they give him one final mission: to replace Clark's wedding ring with one made of gold kryptonite and destroy the bringer of light, the one who can destroy the darkness.

Clark visits his father's grave and admits that he thought he had to move on and bury his guilt, but now he's not so sure. Jonathan, speaking to him, says that Clark has to let him and Martha be there for him. Clark worries that where he's been is beyond anything that Jonathan or Jor-El have experienced, and now he needs to go beyond anything he's been to become the hero the world needs. Oliver arrives and talks about how the most important thing about his graduation was that his parents weren't there. Clark says that he's already mourned his father's death, but Oliver points out that he's dwelling on the past instead of focusing on his future with Lois. Clark wonders if he needs to leave Lois behind and if heroes aren't allowed to love. Oliver notes that Clark once convinced him not to go that route, but Clark says that he doesn't belong in either world and he needs to let go of both and take his own path.

Clark goes to the apartment to see Lois, and she shuts him out, saying it's bad luck to see the bride now that the wedding is back on. She tells him that she read his vows and realized she was a fool to give up on the gift they had. Lois slips her vows beneath the door for Clark to read. Before he does, Clark reminds her of her doubts and the fact that her family won't be there, and questions if the stars are aligned in their favor. Lois admits it's a disappointment that her father has been called to a top-secret meeting with the Chief of Staff, but her mother said that her loved ones will always be with her. She asks what Jonathan would say, and Clark says that his father didn't have to say anything because Clark always knew what he was thinking. Lois asks what Clark meant about the star not aligning, but Clark reads her vows saying that he'll be her love and her best friend forever. After a moment's silence, Clark tells Lois that he'll see her at the chapel.

Tess drives through the streets and tries to call her allies, but interference blocks the call. She starts recording a voice mail but two cars cut her off and men emerge to capture her.

At the chapel, Martha is seated at the front of the chapel. Chloe and Oliver, the maid of honor and best man, come in next. Finally, Lois comes in and hesitates, and Clark comes in behind her and takes her hand. They walk down the aisle together and Clark sees Martha... with Jonathan's spirit at her side. He assures Lois that everything is perfect.

They exchange their vows and Oliver gives Lois Clark's ring. Chloe notices that it's not the same ring as earlier when Oliver showed her. She slaps it out of Lois' hand before she can place it on Clark's finger. Oliver's eyes turn black and Clark has Chloe and Lois get everyone out. The possessed Oliver tells Clark to surrender to the darkness and Clark refuses, so Oliver shoves him through a window. Lois goes back in and Oliver grabs her and throws her at the back of the chapel. Clark returns and catches her before she can hit, takes her outside, and tries to appeal to Oliver's true nature. He shoves Oliver back and he drops the ring into the basin, still filled with darkness. They struggle and smash the basin apart, spilling out the ring of gold kryptonite. Oliver picks it up and Clark says that he won't give up on him. He tells Oliver to be a hero and offers his hand to Oliver, saying he believes in him. Oliver pauses for a moment and then drops to his knees, and the Omega brand fades from his forehead. Clark smiles and assures his friend that he's okay, but they see the sky darken and look outside to see Apokolips eclipsing the sun.

Clark, Lois, Martha, Chloe, and Oliver go to the Kent farm and check Tess' message, revealing that Apokolips is an actual planet. They realize she may know a way to defeat the darkness, while Martha discovers that the government hasn't done anything yet against the imminent threat. Chloe prepares to leave for Star City to access her database there since Watchtower is gone. She hugs Clark and starts to go, and Oliver follows her. Chloe tells him to stay there and be a hero, and they kiss before she leaves.

As Martha and Lois look outside, Clark sees Jonathan in the doorway and follows him out to the loft. Jonathan says that he knew Clark would see him when he's ready, and Clark says he made a mistake by trying to leave them behind. Clark is scared because Darkseid knows his weakness, but Jonathan says Clark now isn't the man he was then. He tells Clark that he'll have to let Jor-El guide him now, and that he'll understand that Clark made a mistake in turning his back on him. Martha comes in and tells Clark that it's been coming for a long time, and he's the miracle they prayed for and that the world needs. Jonathan tells Clark that it's time, and Clark thanks them before superspeeding away.

Tess wakes up on a lab table with Lionel standing over her. He admits that he underestimated her and wonders if she's worried that Clark may not prevail. Lionel says that Clark needs no one and that he's the only one who believes in him. When Tess asks why Lionel brought him there, Lionel explains that his son Lex created a series of clones of himself. None of them were perfect, but some of the pieces were, and Lex has created a masterwork from them. However, Lex wasn't able to find a viable heart, and Lionel plans to take Tess' heart. When Tess tries to leave, a security guard stops her and Lionel assures Tess that he will see the Luthor name resurrected, more powerful than ever. he then turns to look at a wall which conceals Lex's clone body.

Clark finds Tess' car and her PDA hidden beneath the seat. He plays back her last video message.

Lionel's doctors strap Tess to a table and Lionel tells her that he wanted Conner's heart, but Tess has hidden him so he has no alternative but to take Tess' heart. Lionel kisses her one last time and starts to leave, and Tess kicks a scalpel off of a tray. She cuts herself free and knocks out the doctors and the security guard. She then grabs the security guard's gun and shoots Lionel in the chest. As she leaves, Lionel makes his way to the chamber holding Lex's clone body. Darkseid appears and suggests that Lionel reconsider his refusal of the Dark Lord's help. Lionel agrees to let Darkseid bring his son to life in return for his soul, and Darkseid takes out his heart and enters his body.

A few minutes later, Lex wakes up on the table.

Clark meets Lois at the Planet as crowds gather outside to watch Apokolips. Clark says that Tess suspects that the brand marking generated a gravitational force that drew Apokolips to Earth. when they wonder how many people are marked, Clark scans the room with his x-ray vision and realizes that most of them bear the Omega brand. He traces one of the cars that Tess photographed and discovers that it is registered to a genetic company named Preclox with limitless funds. They realize it's owned by Lionel, and track the car's GPS. It shows that it's at Luthor Manor as of 15 minutes ago, and remember that there is a labyrinth of corridors beneath the manor. Clark tells Lois to be careful, and she reminds him that he once said that when you believe in someone it's forever. They kiss and Lois tells him to go save the world.

As Clark leaves, the President calls upon everyone to remain calm while they use a precision plan to deal with the supposed meteorite. Lois realizes that her father was called away on duty. She approaches a Washington beat reporter, Janet Dawson, and says that the President is planning to nuke the "meteor." However, the missile won't have any impact on the planet and the fallout will wipe out Earth's population. Janet doesn't believe her even with Lois says that the Blur will save them. Lois knocks her out and takes her press pass, and leaves for the airport.

Clark arrives at the manor and finds Lex waiting for him. He tells Clark not to worry about Tess, and explains that he has finally accepted that he would be second best to Clark, the chosen one. Lex tells Clark that they will both be great men, defined by their rivalry, and they will always be on opposing sides. He knows all about Darkseid and that Clark is the bringer of light, the one destined to defeat him. When Clark worries that he can't save the world on his own, Lex says that they both know who can. Clark apologizes for not saving Lex and then superspeeds away as Lex smiles.

At Watchtower, Oliver brings the monitors online and locates Darkseid's three prophets. He then goes to a compartment and removes his costume and his gear. The prophets, Granny, Desaad, and Godfrey, are gloating at the imminent triumph of their lord and master. Green Arrow arrives and they realize that the mark has been lifted. They say that he was so close to rapture, and ask if he has the power to vanquish Darkseid and free the other branded ones. Green Arrow admits that he doesn't but that he has friends who can. Before they can blast him, Green Arrow shoots and fires three arrows, destroying their corporeal bodies.

Aboard Air Force One, Lois tries to get past a Secret Service agent and talk to the President. He stops her and Lois distracts him by directing his attention to the planet in the sky. She slips by and finds the Secretary of Defense meeting with the President's advisors. Lois says that she has information they need to know and he agrees to hear her out. She explains that Apokolips is a planet, not a meteorite, and that their nuclear attack will destroy a third of Earth's population. However, Lois realizes that they already know what will happen, and that they've got their family to safety. They are traveling with the President to a secure bunker to meet with their families. Lois says that they have another option, and reminds them that the people voted in support of vigilantes. She asks them to give the Blur the chance to save them, and the Secretary gives her five minutes.

Clark goes to the barn and takes out the control crystal for Jor-El. A figure enters the barn: Lionel, his corpse resurrected as a container for Darkseid. Darkseid says that Clark is the bringer of the light and can defeat him if he allows it. He telekinetically grabs Clark and throws him away, and Clark finds himself in a mindscape as Jor-El assures him that he has always had the power within him. Images of all of Clark's trials flash before him, and Jor-El tells him that he is ready. Clark snaps back to reality, concentrates, and slows in mid-air. He then flies at Lionel's possessed corpse, smashing it and forcing Darkseid out of the body.

Tess arrives at her office at LuthorCorp and finds Lex sitting at her desk. He admits that he knew she was his sister since before they met, but it was their father who did most the abusing. Lex embraces her and says that he loves her... and then stabs her in the stomach with a knife. He tells her that he's saving her from becoming him, and Tess tells him that Clark already did that. She touches Lex's cheek with one gloved hand, leaving a trace of liquid, and explains that the substance is from the research at Summerholt, and will wipe out all of his memories to the current moment. As Tess dies, Clark looks down at her as one by one his memories of his life fade away. Going to the window, the "new" Lex looks out as above him, the cataclysm knocks away the "UTHO" of the company sign from their X support, leaving the name "LXCORP."

Clark flies into the Fortress and Jor-El At the Fortress, Clark flies in and Jor-El tells him that he is immensely proud of him. As he returns Martha's suit to Clark, he tells his son to remember that it was his time in Smallville that made him the hero he is. Jonathan appears and hands Clark the suit, telling him to always hold onto Smallville. Clark takes the suit, concentrates, and then flies up through the roof, donning the suit as he rises.

As Apokolips touches the Earth, the tidal forces strike Air Force One, throwing everyone inside across the cabin. Lois crawls to the window and looks out, and sees a red-and-blue-figure grab the wing and stabilize the plane. Clark comes to the window and smiles at Lois briefly, and then flies off. Lois grabs a camera and records herself describing the event, and then gets the President on film as he emerges from his cabin.

As Apokolips descends toward Metropolis and the people gather, Oliver looks up to the sky as a red-and-blue blur flies up into the sky. Clark grabs the planet and pushes it out into space and the brand disappears from the inspired onlookers. As they cheer, Clark shoves Apokolips off into the depths of space.

Seven years later, Chloe finishes telling the story of Superman to her son. He asks her to read it again but Chloe says there will always be stories for another day. As she leaves, her son looks at the bow and arrow on his table, arrows with red-and-yellow fletching. Chloe goes out and calls Lois, who confirms that she received her "something blue" present. Lois goes to see editor Perry White, who is busy dealing with machinations of Lex Luthor to buy out the Daily Planet. Photographer Jimmy Olsen, Henry James Olsen's younger brother, asks Lois for advice and she tells him that he has big shoes to live up to. On a nearby news screen, the election of Lex Luthor to the Presidency is announced.

As Lois goes up the stairs, Clark "accidentally" bumps into Lois. He shows her the wedding rings and Lois asks if he's ready. Clark says that he's been ready for seven years. However, a reporter runs in with a report of a bomb in an elevator. Clark tells Lois to tell the minister that he'll be a few minutes late and runs to the roof, removing his shirt to reveal a familiar S symbol beneath.