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Shimmer - Recap

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On the football field, Clark is talking to Lana, who explains that she got out of gym class by volunteering for the blood drive. He hesitantly says goodbye to her. Meanwhile, on the stands a student, Troy Turner, grabs a notebook from Amy Palmer and teases her about the love letter she's writing to Lex. Amy's brother Jeff comes over and tells Troy to give the notebook back, Amy refuses to back down and grabs the notebook back, and Troy warns her that just because she lives at the Luthor manor with her parents, who work there as servants, Lex isn't going to slum with the help. Jeff repeats his warning and Troy asks what he's going to do about it, and Jeff just walks away.

In the shower, Pete and Clark exit from the shower when Clark grows weak for a moment. Nearby, Troy is getting dressed when his shoe falls off the bench, seemingly by itself. A locker door opens and a shoe throws itself at Troy, and then a locker door slams in Troy's face. A barbell then rises into the air and beats Troy repeatedly. When Clark and Pete come to investigate, the barbell drops to the floor and Troy says that a ghost attacked him. As they go to his help, a silhouette briefly appears in the steam from the shower.

At the Beanery, Clark tells Chloe what happened, but she doesn't believe it's a ghost. They overhear Lana arguing with Whitney about how he's been avoiding her recently, and he refuses to talk about it. She angrily walks away and comes over to Chloe and Clark, who pretend they didn't hear anything without success. Chloe volunteers to give blood, and Clark passes on that but still offers to help organize the volunteers. As Lana leaves, Chloe suspects that Clark has an ulterior motive but he insists that he's just being a friend.

At the manor, Victoria calls her father to say that they're on schedule but Lex is playing hard to get. Lex listens to the entire thing, as he's working with Victoria to take over both companies. Amy arrives with drinks and explains that she's covering for her mother. Lex introduces Victoria and says that she'll be staying with them, and a shocked Amy spills her drinks on Victoria's legs. Victoria accuses her of doing it on purpose, but Amy denies it. Once she leaves, Victoria warns Lex that Amy is jealous and insists that he send her and her parents back.

Amy goes to the servant's quarters and her mother goes inside after her. As Jeff comes in, Amy insists that Victoria is the one bothering Lex. Her mother warns her that they both have to know their place, and Jeff assures her that they know. Once she leaves, Amy thanks Jeff for backing her up, and he warns her to be careful. He goes and Amy takes out Lex's wristwatch that she's stolen and puts it on.

At the farm, Clark is working on the publicity for the blood drive. His parents warn him that he can't donate, and he worries that he looks like a wuss. Jonathan admits that there are times when Clark will have to be less than honest with people, and Martha wonders if Clark is volunteering to be with Martha. He says that Whitney has left Lana, and figures that she deserves someone who knows how great she is.

Lex is searching his lounge for his watch when the door opens and Clark arrives with tulips from the farm. When Lex comments that their Victoria's favorite, an invisible force knocks them onto the floor.

Victoria is breaking into Lex's computer to get at the LuthorCorp files.

Clark notes that Lex and Victoria are getting close, and Lex admits she's no Lana. As he continues to look for his watch, Clark says that he's fighting for Lana on Lex's advice. Lex explains that his watch is missing, and it's the one that his mother gave him. Clark looks around with his x-ray vision and doesn't see it, He goes to check the library and finds Victoria at the computer. She quickly logs it off, but before Clark can say anything, they hear a noise from upstairs. They meet Lex and run upstairs, and find a door slamming by itself. Lex and Clark approach it, and it stops moving. When Lex goes inside, he's thrown back by something. They enter Victoria's room and discover that the sheets have been ripped apart, and someone has written repeated messages on the wall, telling her to leave.

The next day, Clark tells Chloe what happened. The police insist that it's vandals. Chloe comments on him working with Lana on the blood drive, and warns that once he takes it further than friendship, there's no going back.

At the manor, Victoria and Lex are kissing when Lionel storms in and says that his son has disappointed him. He sends Victoria way and she goes to run a bath. Lionel then warns that the Hardwicks are old enemies of the Luthors, and Victoria is trying to swindle Lex. He insists that empires are destroyed from within, but Lex says that it's none of his business. Lionel warns him that if he sells out his family, he'll be entirely alone. Outside the door, Victoria is listening in when Amy comes by. She goes outside and complains to Jeff that Victoria doesn't deserve Lex.

That night at the Lang house, Clark and Lana work out the schedules for the blood drive and finish their work. Clark claims that he has a thing about needles, and she promises to keep his secret. When she brings up Whitney, Clark asks her to thank him by not bringing up her boyfriend's name. He notes that Jonathan and Nell used to date, and Lana is glad that Clark is there for her. They start to kiss, but Nell comes out and makes it clear it's time for him to come. As Clark goes, he invites her to come to his loft to watch the sunset the next day, and she accepts.

At school the next day, Clark tells Pete what happened, and his friend teases him about it. As Clark goes to his locker, he overhears the school counselor telling Whitney that his mother called and told her what was happening. Whitney says he doesn't need any help. When he drops his books, Clark comes over to help and notices he has a bag with a prescription on it. Checking with his x-ray vision, Clark confirms that it's amlodipine, which is used for chest pains. At the Beanery, Clark is looking up information on amlodipine when Amy comes over and asks for Clark's opinion on Victoria. She says that she saw Victoria in Lex's bedroom, going through his things, and says that Victoria didn't see her. Amy admits that Lex is the only one who has ever treated her like she was actually there.

That night, Victoria is running a bath. She gets in and leans back, but hears something at the door.

Downstairs, Lex is checking his computer when Clark comes in. He explains that he saw Victoria at the computer, and Lex says that he already knows, and they're playing a game. Clark wonders why Lex is keeping her around, and Lex says that it's complicated. When Clark mentions Amy's feelings, Lex dismisses it as a crush and asks about Whitney. Clark tells him about the heart medication, and Lex knows about it because his mother took it before her surgery. She gave him the watch when the time was close so that he'd know she was there with him.

In the bathroom, the door opens and then closes. Victoria calls out for Lex but gets no response, and an invisible attacker grabs her and tries to drown her. Clark hears the struggle and runs upstairs, and gets Victoria out just in time. The same invisible attacker throws Clark back, and he uses his x-ray vision to see the attacker slip out the door, stepping on a piece of glass in the process.

The next day, Clark has Chloe analyze the blood, and they realize that the attacker must be invisible rather than a ghost. There is also a green liquid on the glass that smells like roses. When she gets some of the green substance on her fingers, they turn invisible. They realize that there's no point in calling the police without a suspect, and Clark figures that Amy is the likely suspect as someone who hated Victoria. Since Amy gave blood, Chloe goes to get a sample and compare the blood type to the blood on the mirror.

As Clark goes to class, he spots Whitney sitting alone in the cafeteria. He points out that Whitney and asks about the heart medication. Whitney reluctantly admits that his father is in Metropolis for tests, and that he didn't want to burden Lana with extra pain. Clark says that Lana is stronger than Whitney thinks.

At the Beanery, Clark meets Lex, who says that Victoria is resting in Metropolis until they get answers. He tells Lex about Whitney's father, and asks Lex what he'd do. Lex says that he would go for it, but he likes Clark because he won't. Amy comes over and comments that Victoria is gone, but Lex explains that she'll be back in a few days. As they talk, Clark uses his x-ray vision and discovers that Amy is wearing Lex's missing watch. Once Clark tells him what he saw, they go to talk to Amy's mother. They search Amy's room and find a hidden shrine dedicated to Lex, and the watch inside. Lex says that he doesn't want the publicity, but says that he'll pay for Amy's mental treatment and says that the Palmers have to leave.

That night, Clark meets Lana at the loft to admire the sunset. Lana asks if he was trying to tell her something the other night when Nell interrupted, and Clark says that he would never hurt her. He admits that if he said what he was feeling, he'd hurt her despite how strong she is, and says that she needs to talk to Whitney. When Lana wonders why Clark is directing her back to Whitney, he says that he doesn't want to lose her friendship.

Lex is saying goodbye to the Palmers, and Amy insists that she just wanted to be close to Lex. Mrs. Palmer tells Lex that Jeff will pack the rest of the belongings and her husband will be back in the morning to pick up everything else. Once they leave, Lex calls Victoria and starts to leave a message, but the invisible attacker knocks the phone out of his hand, and then punches him.

Martha asks Clark how things went and he assures her that they're still friends and he's okay with that. Chloe arrives with the blood type results and confirms that Amy's blood doesn't match the attacker's. However, it does match her brother Jeff's.

Jeff drags Lex into the manor and ties him up, and demands to know how he could send Amy away. Lex realizes who it is, and Jeff insists that he's had enough of fading into the woodwork. He hits Lex and explains that he scared Victoria to get her to leave. He grabs a sword and throws it at Lex's head, just missing. Clark arrives and calls out, and Lex hears him. Jeff knocks him out as Clark comes into the library. He blames Clark as well, and explains that he found a weird green rose with an oil that lets him become invisible. Jeff hits him with a mace, which shatters, and realizes that Clark is special. Clark knocks him into a scaffold and the paint falls on him as he's knocked unconscious.

The police take Jeff away, and Lex figures that his attacker will be going into therapy for a long time. Lex says that he's not worried about Jeff's destruction of the weapons: his mother never liked them.

Later, Clark uses his telescope and watches as Whitney tells Lana what he's going through, and she hugs him.