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Smallville: Vortex (2)

After Clark rescues Lana from the eye of the storm, he discovers the storm's wrath has unleashed the spaceship into the fields and buried his father alive along with the unscrupulous reporter who has discovered Clark's secret. Meanwhile, Lex is wracked with guilt over his father...

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x1
Production Number: 175051
Airdate: Tuesday September 24th, 2002

Director: Greg Beeman
Writer: Philip Levens

Guest Stars
Jerry WassermanJerry Wasserman
As First Doctor
Julian D. ChristopherJulian D. Christopher
As Second Doctor (Dr. MacIntyre)
Mitchell KostermanMitchell Kosterman
As Sheriff Ethan
Rekha SharmaRekha Sharma
As Dr. Harden
Tom OTom O'Brien
As Roger Nixon
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Episode Notes
This episode was originaly intended to be the Season 1 finale (which is why Season 1 has 21 episodes, while season 2 has 23 episodes).
It was later decided that it would be wiser to end the season after part 1, as a cliffhanger.

John Glover joins the main cast after guest starring throughout season 1.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
ColdplayIn My Place 
StretchTime And Time Again 

Episode Quotes
Lionel: I saw your eyes, son. What you were thinking. Life would be so...easy...if I was out of your way.
Lex: Dad, I'm sorry.

Chloe: God. And you walked away with a small bump on your head. That's amazing, even by Smallville standards.
Lana: No, it's impossible.

Lex: I was thinking that maybe my life would be better off if I just left him to die.
Clark: You saved him, that's the important part.
Lex: No. My father won't see it that way. Forgiveness is not in his emotional lexicon. If anything, he'll probably see my saving him as a sign of weakness.
Clark: What are you going to do?
Lex: Help my friend find his dad.

Clark: Uh, Chloe? I've been wanting to apologize for leaving you at the Formal.
Chloe: Oh, didn't I tell you that leaving in the middle of a tornado to save a friend, totally gets you off the hook? Besides, I mean, I know you'd do the same thing for me.
Clark: Oh, in a heartbeat. So how can I make it up to you?
Chloe: Actually, you know, I've been thinking, it's funny how a natural disaster puts your life in perspective, but I think that it might be better if we just stayed really good friends. Anything other than that, just gets too complicated.
Clark: Uh...yeah. Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
Chloe: You do?
Clark: Yeah...yeah, uh, our friendship is so important to me, um, the last thing I'd want to do is screw it up.
Chloe: Good. Great. Perfect. I'm really glad we got that straightened out.

Pete: Listen,'s okay to feel bummed out. Last night was supposed to be special...and it got ruined.
Chloe: It was just so close to being perfect. Ugh, listen to me, I sound so pathetic! A tornado hit, people are in real trouble and I'm upset because Clark didn't fulfill my wish-fulfillment fantasy. You must think I'm an awful person.
Pete: Yeah, you're a real monster. Come on.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)  |  Joe Shuster (Superman Created By)
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
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