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Smallville: Hypnotic

Dr. Milton Fine aka Brainiac returns; this time deceiving Lex Luthor into helping him free General Zod. Using Lex's weakness of spaceships against him Lex accepts the terms... Meanwhile Clark is hypnotized by a young women wearing a crystal that can manipulate brainwaves into becoming her intimate item, only to try to persuade Clark into killing Lex Luthor.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x16
Production Number: 2T6416
Airdate: Thursday March 30th, 2006

Guest Stars
James MarstersJames Marsters
As Milton Fine
Nichole HiltzNichole Hiltz
As Simone
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Episode Notes
Lionel does not appear in this episode.

At the end of the episode during its first airing, there was a "In Memory of Dana Reeve (1961-2006)"dedication along with the website for the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Which can be found here.

James Marsters is billed as Special Guest Star.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The All-American RejectsDirty Little Secret 
Josh KellyAlmost Honest 

Episode Quotes
Lois: (to Simone) I suggest you turn your boy toy back to normal before I reach over and rip out those pearly white teeth of yours.

Clark: I don't know of any other way to say it. The truth is... my feelings for you have changed.
Lana: Clark, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you don't love me.
Clark: I don't love you.

Lana: I have been so stupid.
Lex: You're not stupid. You just put your trust in the wrong person.

Lois: Maybe I can talk to her about my nail-biting issue?
Chloe: I'm afraid it's a little late for that.

Milton Fine: I'm not sure you understand me, Mr. Luthor. If we don't work together, there may not be a Luthor Corp or a government left. Think about that on your flight home.

Clark: I'm asking you nicely - step aside.
Lois: Look, I didn't want to have to do this but if necessary, I'm gonna have to take you down!

Clark: You're crossing a line here, Chloe. And I have always trusted you so how about this time, you trust me? Let me live my life. Back off.

Lex: How's your progress?
Simone: Let's just say that Lana Lang won't be sending Clark anymore Valentine's Day cards.

Chloe: What happened to you, Clark?
Clark: I fell in love.
Chloe: I don't think you fell. I think you were pushed... off a cliff.

Clark: So, you got the dorm room all to yourself?
Lana: All to ourselves.
Clark: That sounds great, it really does... but I have to get back to the farm, it's gonna rain tomorrow, I have to put up some tarps.

Lois: Smallville? What the hell are you doin'?
Clark: Lois, I'd like you to meet Simone... my new girlfriend.

Simone: (to Clark) Ever since I was little I dreamed about my knight in shining armour. Now that dream's actually come true.

Lex: (to Milton Fine) Well, I hate to disappoint you but... I already know what you are. It's not a professor of history, is it? No, it's something much more exciting. Tell me, what's the benefits package of a government operative working for a covert branch of the State Department?

Lana: So, either you're planning an exotic vacation, or this professor is somewhere in Central America?
Lex: He was last seen in Honduras - my jet leaves in an hour.
Lana: Lex, let me come with you, maybe I can help.
Lex: Lana, I appreciate your passion but I have no idea what I'm walking into. I can't risk putting you in danger.

Lex: You think the ship's in Honduras.
Milton Fine: Well, I'm certainly not here for the coffee.

Clark: Simone, with my powers, I could hurt you.
Simone: That's a chance I'm willing to take.

Chloe: I don't get it. I mean if it was Red K, you wouldn't be doing chores. And if it was silver K, you'd be afraid that pitchfork over there was gonna turn you into a shish kebab.

Chloe: Oh my God! I just knocked out Martha Kent!
Lois: Hello? The woman was about to wallpaper her living room with my brain matter!

Simone: Clark, you're gonna kill Lex Luthor.
Clark: (smiling) He's a dead man.

Lois: (to Chloe) Look, I know that you have this whole hero worship thing with the guy but face it, Clark is no different than any other red-blooded male. His brain - it's not his commanding officer!

Lex: Clark, you've been hypnotised! How else could you throw me across the room like that?!

Episode Goofs
Obviously Clark & Lana didn't officially break up in the episode Reckoning.

Cultural References
Chloe: Okay, I am the first person to concede that anything is possible in this universe but Clark Kent lip-locked with another girl?
Lois: Chloe, I'm telling you it was Last Tango At The Talon. Unfortunately, I have front row seats.

This is in reference to the 1972 movie, Last Tango In Paris about an American businessman who begins an affair with a French woman. Their illicit relationship is based solely on sex.

Chloe: (to Clark) Ohh, thank God you're fully clothed! I was afraid I'd be walking in on some sort of Dangerous Liaison.

Dangerous Liaisons is a 1988 movie about aristocrats in France embroiled in games of passion, seduction and revenge.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)  |  Joe Shuster (Superman Created By)
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
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