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Clark is trapped in the Phantom Zone, a barren desert full of criminals that were sent there by Jor-El. His only hope of escaping lies with a mysterious woman. Back on Earth, Zod plans to use Kryptonian technology to create New Krypton. Martha and Lois land near the Fortress of Solitude where Jor-El instructs Martha to kill Zod.

Episode Info

Episode number: 6x1
Production Number: 2T6423
Airdate: Thursday September 28th, 2006


Special Guest Stars
Terence StampTerence Stamp
voiced Jor-El
Terence StampTerence Stamp
voiced Jor-El

Guest Stars
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
As Jimmy Olsen
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
As Jimmy Olsen
Leonard RobertsLeonard Roberts
As Nam-Ek
Leonard RobertsLeonard Roberts
As Nam-Ek
Pascale HuttonPascale Hutton
As Raya
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El


Trapped within the Phantom Zone crystal, Clark looks down towards Earth helplessly. He smashes his fists against the crystal but to no avail. The floor gives way and Clark falls by strange crystal formations and eventually into an open desert-like area, tumbling down a grey sand dune. He picks himself up to find his lip bleeding. Wandering around the barren landscape, some kind of being flies past. Clark calls out to see if anyone is there but no-one answers. The being returns, it's a phantom and starts to attack Clark. His face begins to bleed and more phantoms join in as he's dragged across the floor. A veiled figure appears holding a crystal that emits a powerful beam at the phantoms who quickly disappear. Clark offers his thanks and the figure swiftly kicks him in the face, knocking him unconscious. The figure pulls down its veil to reveal a beautiful woman's face. "Welcome to the Phantom Zone," she says...

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Episode Notes
Aaron Ashmore, who plays Jimmy Olsen in this episode, has an identical twin brother named Shawn who played Eric Summers in 'Leech' and 'Asylum'.

This episode takes off where 'Vessel' left off.

This episode marks the first appearance of Jimmy Olsen.

Episode Quotes
Clark: Thank you.
Raya: (after kicking Clark in the face) Welcome to the Phantom Zone.

Lana: We have to help them.
Zod: Help them?
Lana: With the powers Fine gave you, you could end the riots. You could save everyone, Lex.
Zod: Lex Luthor is dead. My name is Zod.

Chloe: Clark... you don't think Zod actually...
Lionel: It's the dagger. The dagger that Jor-El gave to Clark, it might still be there at the farm. We can use that to stop Zod.
Chloe: You mean kill him? Kill Lex?

Chloe: But you're Jor-El's oracle. I mean, don't you have access to some sort of Kryptonian-English dictionary?
Lionel: The connection that I felt with, uhh, Jor-El and the Fortress... is gone! I can't feel his presence anymore.

Lionel: Here. (hands Chloe his gun) Take care, Miss Sullivan.
Chloe: You, too, Mr. Luthor.

Chloe: (sighs) Clark... wherever you are, I could really use your help right now.

Lana: Let go! Where are you taking me?
Zod: Zod doesn't take orders, he gives them.

Zod: I already told you, Lex is gone.
Lana: I don't believe that.
Zod: Do you really think Zod cares what a primitive like you believes?
Lana: If Lex is really dead... then why waste your time with a primitive like me?
Zod: To bear witness to the end of the human era... and the rebirth of Krypton.
Lana: Krypton?
Zod: A shining jewel in a vast, dark universe.

Jor-El: Martha Kent.
Martha: Jor-El. This is the Fortress Clark told me about. Why did you bring us here? Why did you crash our plane?
Jor-El: You were taken as pawns by the BRAIN InterActive Construct. The being you know as Milton Fine.

Martha: What happened to my son, Jor-El?!
Jor-El: Banished forever by Zod.
Martha: Bring him back. You have to bring him home!
Jor-El: Not within my power. His destiny is now his own.
Martha: I've lost my husband and now my son because of your games!
Jor-El: We have both lost much, Martha Kent. But you must put aside your anguish if you wish to save your world. Kal-El's mission must be completed.

Martha: You want me to murder Lex?
Jor-El: Zod has taken over his body and given him all the powers of a true Kryptonian.
Martha: How am I supposed to do that?
Jor-El: You must find a way or all is lost.

Jor-El: Everything you have done for Kal-El, you have my deepest gratitude. I could not have wished for a brighter light to guide my son. Farewell, Martha Kent.

Clark: Where is here, exactly?
Raya: Jor-El created this place to hold criminals from the twenty eight known inhabited galaxies.
Clark: This is a prison? That makes you an inmate.
Raya: I may be trapped here but I'm not one of the prisoners.
Clark: What am I supposed to trust you? Running a little low on that lately!
Raya: Good. In the Zone, trust can get you killed. Or worse.

Clark: Why didn't he and my mother come with you?
Raya: Because he wouldn't stop trying to save Krypton and your mother wouldn't leave his side. This is all I have left of your father. Every day he still saves my life.

Raya: Zod is a soldier, he will kill you!
Clark: If there is a way for you to save everyone you loved, wouldn't you risk dying?
Raya: You truly are your father's son.

Jimmy Olsen: (after being shot at) Chloe? Hey! This isn't 'cause I didn't call you back, is it?
Chloe: Jimmy Olsen.

Zod: You had feelings for this human?
Lana: Yes.
Zod: His feelings for you were also strong. They left an unpleasant taste when I consumed his essence.

Zod: The black ship would've sent the pulse around the world reshaping its crust.
Lana: Into what?
Zod: My home.

Zod: Perhaps I underestimated the females of your species.
Lana: Maybe you just underestimated me.
Zod: (after Lana tries to stab him) You shouldn't play with things you don't understand.

Raya: His blood, the blood of the House of El, is the key to open the gateway.
Clark: I trusted you!
Nam-Ek: Trust is for the weak.
Raya: You're right. (slashes Nam-Ek's throat)

Zod: (to Clark) I don't know how you escaped the Zone... but you were safer where you were. (punches Clark repeatedly) Do you really think you can win, Kal-El? You're an idealistic fool, just like your father!

Zod: So easily beaten. Disappointing.
Clark: I won't let you destroy Earth... like you did Krypton.
Zod: Jor-El couldn't stop me and neither will his son.
Clark: Then I'll die trying.
Zod: But you won't be the only one. These humans you care so much about. Swear your allegiance to me and I'll allow the ones you love the most to live! Kneel before Zod. Kneel!

Clark: My father sends his regards.
Zod: Jor-El! Nooooooo!

Clark: Hey, how you feelin'?
Lois: Bad enough to know I'm still alive.

Lois: You know, honestly? I didn't even remember the plane going down. The cabin lost pressure, I was gasping for breath... and then I was in this palace of ice. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I was bathed in this warm light and I knew everything was gonna be okay.
Clark: Lois, you were, uhh... hurt pretty badly. Maybe you were hallucinating?
Lois: No, it was real. I think I died and went to heaven.
Clark: Then I'm glad you're back.

Lex: Look, I can never make up for what happened. All I can do is move forward and try to rebuild everything I've damaged.
Lana: That might not be easy.
Lex: Well, nothing worth it ever is.

Clark: Um, Chloe... before I left... there was this moment that we, um...
Chloe: You mean when I laid one on you? Don't worry, Clark, it was the end of the world, it's not like I'm expecting us to hook up.
Clark: Um, yeah, me-me, neither.

Chloe: I'm sorry... Jimmy Olsen, this is Clark Kent.
Jimmy Olsen: Actually, it's, uhh... uh, James... Olsen.
Chloe: Really? Since when?
Jimmy Olsen: Since... now.

Clark: I took Raya's crystal to the Fortress for safekeeping. I tried to talk to Jor-El but he wouldn't... he wouldn't answer. The Fortress is dead. Everything's changing... dad's gone... can't talk to Lex... Lana's... I don't know where to go from here.
Martha: I didn't either when I was your age. Just follow your heart and you'll always do the right thing.
Clark: Maybe some Kryptonians believe the same thing. Jor-El sacrificed himself trying to save Krypton. Raya died saving me.
Martha: Every world needs its heroes, Clark. They inspire us to be better than we are. And they protect us from the darkness that's just around the corner.

Episode Goofs
When Clark has been struck onto the field by Zod, blood is smeared across his cheek as he rises from the ground. When he's standing, the smeared blood is gone.

Cultural References
Lana: The Pentagon?
Zod: There's something there that I need.

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense in Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Episode References
Nam-Ek: Kal-El. (pulls out a knife)
Raya: Nam-Ek, wait! Don't kill him.
Nam-Ek: Why should I spare his life? The one who sent me here!

Clark sent Nam-Ek to the Phantom Zone in the season 5 premiere, Arrival.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)  |  Joe Shuster (Superman Created By)
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
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