Sneeze - Recap

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Clark returns home from his secret efforts to help rebuild Smallville as Martha watches a broadcast about the recent events of Dark Thursday. Clark blames himself for the destruction since he ignored Jor-El’s warning. Clark goes out to work in the barn but, fatigued and suffering from a cold, has trouble pushing a nail into a board. He sneezes, and the blast of air blows the barn door off its hinges and off over the horizon.

Lois is jogging in the countryside when the barn door slams down behind her.

In Metropolis, Lex and Lana are in his car and discussing her moving in with him at the manor. He notices a car following them but when it turns off, he doesn’t mention it to her.

At the farm, Martha wonders if Clark caught some disease in the Phantom Zone when he temporarily lost his powers. Lois shows up to tell them about the barn door incident and notices that the Kent barn is missing a door. She figures there’s something to investigate.

Lex meets with a private investigator, Robert Pontius, and tells the man to take care of the person following him. He then tells Lana about the surveillance and warns her that Lionel may be involved. He gives Lana the detective’s number to call in case of an emergency.

Clark goes to see Chloe at the Daily Planet. She agrees to help him, but they’re interrupted when he has another sneezing fit, causing chaos. He quickly gets out while Chloe tries to figure a way to divert Lois’ attention.

Lex goes to see Lionel, who denies any involvement. Lionel wonders if someone may have seen Lex during Dark Thursday when Zod possessed him. He offers Lex his help in finding out who is after him but his son angrily refuses. As he leaves via the elevator, Lex is gassed unconscious by a masked intruder.

Clark goes back to the farm to try cold remedies. Lionel visits to warn him that Lex has been abducted. He asks for Clark's help, warning that Lex’s captors might cause him to remember what happened during Zod’s possession and force him to tell them.

A captive Lex wakes up at a warehouse and the man who captured him, Orlando Block, demands to know what he was doing at the Pentagon and how he gained super-powers. He informs Lex that he killed Pontius when he got too close.

Chloe accompanies Lois to the barn door in the field. She tries to convince Lois that it was the result of a mini-tornado, but Lois isn’t convinced. She tries to convince Chloe to publish her story about the barn door in the Planet[/I], but Chloe declines, saying there isn’t any real story there.

Block talks to his helper, Wagner, who isn’t happy with him harming Lex. Wagner warns that their boss doesn’t want Lex hurt. Block doesn’t care and shoots Lex in the shoulder to see if he is invulnerable.

Clark goes to the manor and tells Lana about Lex’s disappearance. When she wonders why he’s interested, Clark ducks her questions. Once he leaves, Lana tries to call Pontius. Clark listens in from outside and goes to Pontius’ office. Meanwhile, Lana goes through desk and accesses his security camera system. She discovers that he’s been taping her in her bedroom, and also finds a tape of Pontius meeting with Lex and the address where he found Block’s car.

Lex finally tells Block the truth, that he was possessed by an alien being, but Block considers it too crazy to believe. He prepares to shoot Lex again, and Lex “confesses” that he developed a serum that gives the user super-powers. He gives Block the access code to the LuthorCorp lab where the serum is supposedly hidden, and Block tells Wagner to get it.

Lionel goes to a penthouse apartment and meets with the owner: millionaire Oliver Queen of Star City. They clearly have a history and Lionel refers to him as an old schoolmate of Lex’s. When Lionel demands answers about Lex’s disappearance, Oliver insists that he isn’t a kidnapper despite the bad times he had with Lex in the past. Lionel warns Oliver that if he’s done anything to Lex, he’ll regret it, but Oliver isn’t impressed.

A still weakened Clark meets with Chloe at the Planet and she finds Pontius’ address for him. They go to check it out. Clark finds a hidden door but is unable to open it using his (weakened) super-strength. Chloe suggests that he try to sneeze it down. Clark is skeptical but tries it and manages to blow it down. Inside they find the address to the warehouse. Chloe wants to go with Clark but he insists it’s too dangerous and superspeeds off without her.

Lana goes to the warehouse but Block captures her. Wagner arrives with the supposed serum and Block threatens to check it on Lex to make sure he’s telling the truth. Lex bluffs, claiming the serum is engineered to his blood type. Block falls for it and gets close enough for Lex to head butt him. Lana grabs the gun and frees Lex, who injects Block with the serum. Block starts shooting and sets off a fire while Wagner runs out, locking the door behind him. As Lex and Lana try to escape, Clark arrives and secretly blows out the fire.

Later, Chloe and a recovered Clark are at the barn planning a day swimming at Crater Lake. Lois shows up and informs them that the Metropolis Inquisitor is going to run her flying barn door story. When they ask her to go swimming, Lois declines, saying it’s too cloudy. When she’s not looking, Clark uses his newly found ability to blow the clouds away.

At the manor, Lana confronts Lex about placing the security camera in her room. Lex insists that they’re for an emergency, not because he doesn’t trust her. Lana insists that he remove them and Lex agrees to remove the one in her bedroom, but insists that the others have to stay as security for both of them.

Wagner goes to meet his employer: Oliver Queen, practicing archery at his apartment. Wagner admits that Block went rogue and ruined the operation, but Lex has no powers. However, he warns that someone intervened who did have super-powers. Oliver tells him to find the individual. Once Wagner goes, Oliver goes back to practicing his shooting… at the Daily Planet globe, a mile away.