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Bless You. Not!
Season 5 had a powerful start. 5.02 Mortal was weak in the plot, but had some strong scenes and a good actorwork. Howevere, this years's second episode turned out to be a complete crap.

First of all, I hated Lana. Again. After a whole season premiere episode of not hating her. The only thing that is bigger than her selfishness is her stupidity. God, why didn't she die in 'Reckoning'? WHY?!

The teaser made me laugh. Clark Kent came home and... SNEEZED! Wow, this is just so very intriguing that I'm half asleep already.

The story of Lexnapping, shooting him for the damned hundredth time and Chlark saving him is so unoriginal that it makes you want to quit this show during the first half of the episode. the only thing that stopped me from that was Chloe and her great, as always, interaction with Clark. hey rock, really. Which is probably the reason why the crappy plot doesn't let them to be together. Who'd care about Lana or Lois if such a strong couple was around?

The new superpower... ah, whatever. But blowing so much air without even damaging Chloe's and Lana's hair-style is really a superpower.

This episode gets 3 blown out barn doors out of 10.
The only good thing about it is Chlark, but 5-8 minutes of good don't balance the rest of this crapisode.
Review posted on Saturday, October 14th 2006 6:40 am
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