Arrow - Recap

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Martha attends a fund-raising party with Lionel, and wearing a necklace he loaned her and insisted on her wearing there. Meanwhile, Lois antagonizes one of the guests and her date, Oliver, quickly gets her out. He steps out to get a drink while Martha gives a speech. However, a masked bowman wearing green comes in and takes her necklace. Lois goes after the thief, who is escaping up an elevator shaft on a motorized crossbow winch/pulley. In the struggle she manages to grab a ring from a chain around his neck before he escapes upward.

Later, Milo, head of Safetex Security, questions Lois on what happened. She doesn’t mention the ring to Milo, but shows it to Oliver. Clark, who has heard about the robbery from his mother, comes to check it out and meets Oliver. The two of them start sniping at each other over Lois.

Lana and Lex return from a jog and Dr. Grohl asks to meet with Lex privately. He explains that he’s tested the fragment of the disk and that it has enough power to solve the world’s energy problems, or be used as the ultimate weapon. Lex tells Grohl to keep working on the project.

Lois visits Chloe at the Daily Planet after hours to ask her help analyzing the wring and the inscription. The mysterious bowman robber knocks them out with a gas arrow and then leaves with the ring. He goes to Oliver’s penthouse apartment and puts the ring in front of a photo of Oliver’s parents.

Lionel comes to see Lana and all but admits he knows about the piece of the artifact. She says she’s moved into the manor because she knows about his involvement, and warns Lionel she plans to keep an eye on him. Lionel warns that none of them may survive Lex’s attempts to tap into its power and suggests they work together to destroy it.

Oliver reads about Lois’ article on the “Green Arrow Bandit” and realizes she’s trying to lure the bandit to come after her. He warns her against it and tries to convince her to leave on a weekend trip, but she refuses.

Clark visits Lionel and realizes that all of the recent thefts have taken place at locations where Safetex maintains the security. The one place that hasn’t been hit yet contains a jeweled necklace.

That night, Green Arrow enters the building and diverts the electric eye beams. Clark arrives and tosses him to the floor with his superstrength. Green Arrow warns Clark that he’s on the wrong side then shoots a taser dart into a guard as he responds to the alarm. Clark is forced to let Green Arrow escape as he goes to help the guard.

Lana visits Dr. Grohl and tells him that he’ll receive a visit from Lionel. She suggests that he pretend to listen to Lionel’s offer but then bring the information to her and Lex. Grohl is reluctant to betray Lionel and Lana threatens to ruin his reputation unless he cooperates with her.

Chloe is trying to resolve the photo images of the robberies when Clark visits her. Meanwhile, two men attack Lois at the Talon. She manages to call Chloe for help before they capture her. Clark superspeeds there and Oliver arrives a few seconds later. Clark thinks that Green Arrow abducted Lois, but Oliver points out that someone is selling the items on the black market. Chloe calls Clark with news of what she’s discovered. She informs him that the image in the photos is the Queen family crest. Clark superspeeds to Oliver’s penthouse and uses his x-ray vision to find a hidden chamber. Inside it is Green Arrow’s archery equipment. There’s also a computer tracking system locked onto Lois’ PS system.

Lois’ captors take her into the sewers and interrogate her about her knowledge of Green Arrow. She refuses to answer and they start torturing her by dunking her head in water. Milo, the Safetex owner, arrives and admits he wants her information on Green Arrow and revenge on her for her story making Safetex look incompetent. She passes out from the torture and Mio tells his men to dispose of her. However, Green Arrows and takes them out, and then gets Lois to safety.

Lana arrives at the manor and Lex reveals he knows how she threatened Grohl. He appreciates her abilities on his behalf. Lana warns him that Lionel is involved and admits she knew about the artifact. However, she insists that he work with it so that they have a weapon to protect themselves and the Earth if necessary.

Lois wakes up to find herself atop a rooftop with Green Arrow watching over her. He explains that he saved her but she attacks him with the intent to find out who he is. Clark arrives and uses his heat vision on a nearby sign to distract her so Green Arrow can escape. Clark intercepts the bandit and says that he knows who he is, and advises him to return what he stole.

The next day, Clark checks with Chloe. She's learned that Green Arrow returned all the stolen items and someone has made anonymous donations to the charities. Clark has deleted Chloe's photos of Green Arrow and asks her not to pursue the matter. She figures he knows who Green Arrow is.

At the Talon, Oliver and Lois meet and talk about Green Arrow. Lois thinks that he's a criminal and a threat.

At the manor, Lex meets with his father and admits that their combined efforts to test Lana have been successful. However, Lex warns that he isn't going to let Lionel get any closer to the project. He wonders if Lionel has fooled himself into believing he's the good guy he tries to be to the Kents.

Clark finds Oliver waiting for him in the loft. He warns Oliver that he's going to hurt Lois, but Oliver ignores his advice. He gives the necklace to Clark and tells him that Lionel purchased it from a black market dealer. Clark disagrees with Oliver's approach as Green Arrow, insisting that the ends don't justify the means. Oliver says that there are people in the world that need their help, and Clark can't just stand back and be reactive. He tells Clark to call him when he's ready to help.