Fallout - Recap

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Six weeks prior, in Oakland California. Two teenagers, Yance and Lamar, are playing basketball. They see a burst of light overhead that split up into smaller bursts. One of them slams into the ground nearby. Lamar goes to investigate and a ghostly demonic figure emerges from the crater and enters his body. When Yance comes up, the possessed Lamar demands to know where Kal-El is. Yance doesn’t know what he’s talking about and the possessed teenager vaporizes him with a blast of energy from his hand.

In the present day, Dr. Grohl meets privately with Lana and gives her the black box. As he turns over his files on it, he warns her that Lex and Lionel have started military testing. He warns her to stay away from the Luthors and leaves. Both of them are unaware that Jimmy Olsen is taking photos of their meeting.

Chloe meets with Clark at the barn and they go over photos of all the crash sites. She’s discovered that two teenagers turned up missing at the Oakland site on the same day that Clark escaped from the Phantom Zone. Traces of a vaporized human being were found at the site and contained radiation. Chloe has done some research and discovered that a nuclear plant between Oakland and Metropolis was attacked and the energy drained from the radioactive material. They figure that a phantom is responsible and it’s working its way across the country toward Clark. Chloe goes to investigate further and Clark gets a visitor: Raya. As they talk, Raya assures him that he doesn’t have to feel guilty about leaving her in the Phantom Zone. They also discuss the fact he has to keep his true nature secret.

Jimmy visits Chloe at the Daily Planet and shows her the photos he took of Grohl getting out of Lex’s car. He wasn’t able to get a shot of the person Grohl met with, and isn’t aware that it’s Lana. He asks for Chloe’s help, and she warns him that getting involved in Luthor business can be dangerous. As Jimmy leaves, Lamar arrives. Chloe, unaware of his true nature, directs him to the archives when he asks where they are. He checks the records and finds the information he needs to confirm Clark is Kal-El.

Lex is in his office at the manor when he learns that Grohl has taken the stolen files. Jimmy comes in for an interview that Chloe helped set up for him. He shows Lex the photo of Grohl getting out of Lex’s car. Lex has his guards escort Jimmy out, unaware that he managed to secretly take pictures of the papers on his desk. Realizing that Lana is involved, Lex calls her in but she refuses to answer his questions. She says that now he has to deal with someone working at his own level, and he demands she turn over the black box.

As Clark and Raya race at superspeed, she tells him about his father Jor-El. She’s concerned that Earth will destroy itself the same way Krypton did and wonders about his training. Clark admits that he hasn’t received any training and the Fortress, the only way he can be trained, was destroyed. They return to the barn and fid Lamar waiting for them. He says that he’s actually Baern, an escaped prisoner from the Phantom Zone from another planet. He hits Clark with a blast of radiation but starts to weaken due to the power expenditure. Raya knocks Baern away and goes to help Clark, and the Zoner escapes.

As Clark recovers, Raya explains that in the Phantom Zone, the prisoners knew of Kal-El, son of their captor, as only a legend. Baern has the power to absorb radiation and use it to power himself, and only Jor-El’s crystal can stop him.

Chloe goes to see Jimmy, who is developing the photos he took of Lex’s papers. He doesn’t recognize the writing, although Chloe realizes that it’s Kryptonian. She remembers they were on Zod’s planet-destroying device. Clark and Raya arrive and Raya sees the photos. She recognizes them and realizes that the black box can act as a limitless battery for Baern.

At the manor, Lana confronts Lex over the last bit of the black box and warns him that they’re working on different sides. She tells him to choose between her and the box. He refuses to answer and Lana leaves, only to find Baern outside the door. He slams past Lex and goes for the box, draining its energy and destroying it in the process.

Lex is taken to the hospital for treatment and Lana goes to see him. They both wonder how Baern learned about the box. Clark arrives and tries to learn what happened. Lex is leery of Clark’s questions but is taken away for x-rays. Alone, Lana demands to know what Clark is up to. He shows her a photo of the box and Lana informs him that it was destroyed.

Clark and Raya go to the remains of the Fortress. Raya believes that if they can lure the Zoner there, they can use the Fortress crystals to drain his power.

Martha returns home and finds Baern waiting for her. He’s prepared to kill her but is distracted when he receives the energy transmission that Raya has activated at the Fortress. He travels there and finds Clark waiting for him. Clark uses Jor-El’s bracelet to deflect the first radiation blast but is knocked off-guard. Raya throws herself into the path of Baern’s next radiation blast, giving Clark enough time to focus the amulet and remove Baern’s essence from Lamar’s body. As Raya lies dying, she tells Clark he can use the amulet and the radiation from Baern to repower the Fortress.

At the hospital, Lamar wakes up with no memory of what happened when he was possessed during the last six weeks.

Jimmy admits to Chloe that Lex tried to get him fired from the planet. Jimmy managed to persuade his superiors to just demote him to working in the basement.

Lex demands to know why Lana lied to him but she insists that he did the same to her and now they’re even. Relived that the box was destroyed, Lana can’t help but wonder which Lex would have chosen if Baern hadn’t arrived. Lex doesn’t answer.

At the Kent farm, Clark explains to Martha what happened and admits that he’s decided it’s time to face his destiny. He promises to recapture every one of the escaped Zoners.

In the Arctic, the restored Fortress glows with power.