Rage - Recap

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Lois and Oliver are at his apartment making out and she pauses to change clothing and surprise him. While she’s gone, Oliver hears a car alarm in the street below and sees two carjackers going after a couple. He swings down as Green Arrow and rescues the couple. He knocks out one man and goes after the other as he tries to escape in his car. Oliver stops him by shooting the steering wheel, but the first man recovers and shoots Green Arrow in the chest. Above, Lois returns and wonders where Oliver has gone.

Martha and Clark come home from shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. However, Clark isn’t happy because of his father’s death. Martha says that they still have a lot to be thankful for and they’ll have their closest friends come. Lois arrives and complains about Oliver disappearing on her again. She also mentions that they have a story on a witness who reported Green Arrow being shot by a carjacker.

Lana suggests to Lex that she wants to work with the LuthorCorp halfway house for convicts. Lex insists it’s too dangerous and tells her to find a different project.

Clark goes to see Oliver only to discover that he’s unwounded and as good as ever. Oliver insists that nothing happened the previous night. However, Clark notices that Oliver has left his Green Arrow sitting out in plain sight. When he points it out, Oliver snaps at him and notes that Clark isn’t doing anything about the current crime wave. Oliver tells him to get out and smashes a water glass in his hand but doesn’t seem to notice it. Once Clark is in the elevator, he uses his x-ray vision to watch Oliver as he injects himself with a drug. Once the drug takes effect, the cut from the glass heals almost instantly.

Clark goes to see Chloe and finds Lois at her apartment. Oliver has sent her flowers but Lois still isn’t happy. Clark tells her that her boyfriend is using drugs and Lois admits it’s possible. However, she refuses to abandon him and goes to see him.

Oliver meets with Dr. Pamela Black, a Queen Industries scientist. She warns him that the new drug they’ve been working on, RL-65, causes violent behavior in lab rats. Dr. Black tries to quit but Oliver takes more of the drug and refuses to let her resign.

Lionel goes to see Martha and tell her he won’t be there for Thanksgiving dinner. They discuss what’s been between them recently and almost kiss, but Lionel backs away, apologizes, and leaves.

Clark slips into Oliver’s penthouse and steals the syringe. He takes it to Chloe to analyze. Lana arrives for a lunch date with Chloe and ends up meeting Clark. The two of them are clearly uncomfortable together. Clark leaves out as soon as possible and Lana asks Clark to check out the LuthorCorp halfway house. Chloe agrees and Lana faints.

Lois goes to the penthouse to confront Oliver over his drug usage. She finds him dressed as Green Arrow and figures that he broke in. She attacks him but he shrugs off the blow and slams her into a glass table. Panicked that he’s out of control, Green Arrow leaves while the badly injured Lois manages to call 911.

Lana goes to see a doctor and tells him her symptoms.

Martha goes to LuthorCorp to see Lionel and admits there is something between them, but she doesn’t want to figure it out now. Regardless, she reaffirms her invitation to him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Clark goes to the hospital to see Lois. She describes what happens and is worried that Green Arrow may have done something to her boyfriend.

Green Arrow tracks down the second carjacker and threatens him. The man jumps off a ledge and falls to the ground five stories below… and then gets up, unharmed. Green Arrow captures him and forces the carjacker to reveal that he stays at the LuthorCorp halfway house. A female doctor gave him and the other residents injections.

Lex goes to see Dr. Black. She’s busy destroying the RL-65, realizing that it’s being used against her wishes. Lex points out that he’s been financing her research and that he can’t let her quit.

Chloe finishes analyzing the drug and tells Clark that it causes rapid healing but outbursts of rage. Dr. Black is the expert in the field and work for Oliver. They go to her laboratory and find Black dead. Chloe finds a green arrow and wonders if Oliver is involved, but Clark finds Black’s file on the LuthorCorp halfway house. They figure that Lex was the one secretly financing Black’s research and Green Arrow will go after him next.

Clark goes to the manor to find Lex and discovers that Lana is there, trying not to cry. He suggests she let him help but Lana says it’s none of his business and tells him to leave.

Lex is leaving his office when Green Arrow arrives and stuns his security guard with a taser-dart. Green Arrow insists that Lex sign over his money to the Metropolis charities and tells him that he knows about his involvement with the halfway house. Lex goes for a gun and the two men shoot and hit each other simultaneously. As Clark arrives, Green Arrow injects himself with the RL-65 and heals the bullet wound. He tells Clark they should let Lex die but Clark refuses. He knocks Green Arrow aside and injects Lex with a dose of the RL-65 from his briefcase. Clark slips away with Oliver, and Lex wakes up to find himself alone and unharmed.

Later, Clark visits Oliver, who admits he’s been trying to make himself a better superhero by gaining abilities similar to Clark’s invulnerability. Clark admits he’s impressed with the abilities that Oliver has and invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. Oliver initially refuses because Lois will be there. Clark says that if Oliver is meant to be with Lois then he won’t stand in the way.

Lana goes to see Chloe and admits she regrets the decisions she’s made recently. Finally she tells Chloe that she’s pregnant and her friend hugs her in congratulations.

At the Kent farm, Chloe arrives and tells Clark that the police investigation revealed that one of the convicts at the halfway house killed Black. However, she doesn’t tell Clark about Lana’s pregnancy. Oliver arrives and manages to apologize to Lois. As the two of them get back together, Lionel arrives and they sit down for dinner. Clark tells them about the Kent family tradition of each person saying what they’re thankful for. Clark starts by saying he’s grateful for his mother and father. Chloe takes a text message from Jimmy saying he couldn’t make it but he misses her. The two couples are happy together.

At the manor, Lana and Lex have a formal Thanksgiving dinner. An unhappy Lana says that everything is fine and doesn’t tell Lex that she’s bearing his child.