Justice - Recap

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Chloe is at the Daily Planet and talking to Clark by cell phone. He’s in South America on his search and she asks him to come back. Dr. Caselli arrives to talk to her and she tries to find out what he knows about the release of prisoners from Belle Reve. He takes out a gun and prepares to shoot her, but a figure moves in at superspeed and disarms Caselli. Clark comes in and Chloe realizes something else rescued her. Clark goes after the mysterious savior and discovers it’s Bart Allen.

Later, Chloe tells Clark that a LuthorCorp lawyer arranged for Caselli’s release. Bart checks in with them and flirts with Chloe. When he and Clark are alone, he claims he’s working as a courier. Clark doesn’t believe him but is willing to join Bart in a quick superspeed trip to Mexico.

Lois and Oliver go to Oliver’s penthouse but he gets a call and has to cancel their night together. He suggests that once he takes care of a few things, they take a long vacation together. Once she’s gone, he reviews the text message, which says “Game on.”

Lionel goes to the manor to talk to Lex about the fact that someone has raided six LuthorCorp facilities connected to the 33.1 project. Lex assures him the mainframe is secure but Lionel isn’t as confident. Lex also has security camera footage revealing that someone with superspeed attacked the Mexico facility. Once they leave, Bart superspeeds in and downloads info from Lex’s computer. He then goes to a nearby location and meets with his ally: Green Arrow.

Clark goes to see Lionel and asks how he’s involved with Caselli. Lionel claims not to know the doctor and asks if Clark was at the Mexico facility. Clark says he isn’t but realizes who was. He goes back to the Kent farm where Bart is staying, eating with Martha. Bart claims that he can’t tell Clark what’s going on yet but Clark isn’t satisfied.

Clark goes to Chloe and tells her about Bart’s abilities. She manages to track one of his calls to a Queen Industry company. Meanwhile, Bart breaks into another LuthorCorp facility to download files. However, Lex has anticipated the attack and set an electrical trap that knocks Bart out.

Clark goes to see Oliver looking for answers. Oliver explains about the 33.1 project and says he has his team working on it. He introduces them: Victor Stone and Arthur Curry.

Bart wakes up in a cell but refuses to answer Lex’s questions. Lex responds by activating pressure plates that force Bart to keep moving or he’ll get a lethal jolt of electricity.

Oliver explains that he and the others are trying to find the missing Bart. They’ve pinpointed his location to within a hundred miles. Clark suggests they get Chloe to help and he goes to solicit her aid. Chloe agrees to assist and locates Bart at the Ridge Facility. Clark goes there and breaks in while Chloe meets with Oliver to tell him what she’s learned. However, while checking the computer files she learns that the owner stores meteor rocks there.

Clark breaks into the facility and opens a lead-lined vault, and is overwhelmed by kryptonite radiation.

Green Arrow and his teammates, codenamed “Cyborg” and “Aquaman,” break into the Ridge Facility. Chloe, acting as “Watchtower,” coordinates them from Oliver’s penthouse. Cyborg overrides the alarm systems by interfacing with them while Aquaman comes in via the harbor entrance. Cyborg goes in one direction while Green Arrow takes off in another.

Bart begins to slow down from exhaustion, setting off increasing levels of electricity.

The team takes out the guards and Green Arrow finds Clark. He cuts off the radiation and then tells Clark to rescue Bart while he plants explosives. Aquaman and Cyborg team up and Cyborg taps into the main computer. Clark gets to Bart and rescues him just before he collapses. Lex arrives at the facility and realizes the intruders are present, and sounds the alarm. Green Arrow confronts him and warns that the facility will blow up in ten minutes. He fires an arrow, scarring Lex, and then leaves.

Still monitoring the base, Chloe confirms that Lex has evacuated all the employees. Green Arrow and the others get out and Green Arrow activates the charges, destroying the facility.

The next day, Lois goes to Oliver, ready for their vacation. He tells her that he can’t and refuses to postpone, although he admits she’s the first person he cares enough about to even consider it. He warns that there are more important things then her that he has to handle. Lois warns him that she won’t wait but Oliver can’t promise he’ll be back anytime soon. They share one last kiss.

At the manor, Lex meets with Lionel as they review their losses. Lex insists that they need the 33.1 project to fight back with their own super-powered individuals. He wonders if Clark was involved but Lionel lies and provides Clark with an alibi.

Green Arrow’s team meets with Clark and Chloe at the barn. Oliver reveals that the data that Cyborg downloaded reveals 33.1 laboratories across the world. They’re going to follow the data trail and destroy them, and want Clark to help. Clark says he’d like to join them but he has to deal with the Zoner problem that he helped create. They shake hands and the team of heroes departs.