Labyrinth - Recap

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Clark is working in the barn when Shelby starts barking. Something slams into Clark, stunning him… and he wakes up to find himself in a group therapy session with several patients and a doctor. The doctor, Hudson, says that Clark was telling them about being in a barn. The patients knows all about Clark’s secret identity, the Phantom Zone, and Jor-El. When Clark starts to panic, two guards come restrain him and he discovers that his powers are gone.

Later, Dr. Hudson comes to visit Clark and tells him that he is a paranoid schizophrenic whose parents died during the Smallville meteor shower. Clark wonders if Lex is involved. However, Hudson insists that Clark is getting worse in the five years he’s been at the hospital. He does suggest a treatment that he can give to Clark.

Later, Clark goes out into the general ward and mingles with the other patients. One of them, John, says he’s a Martian and calls Clark “Kal-El.” He warns Clark not to trust anyone before the guards knock him out and haul him away.

Clark decides to escape and knocks out a janitor, takes his uniform, and gets out. He goes to the farm but discovers that Lana is living in the barn loft. Assuming that Clark has been cured, she explains that she bought the farm and now lives there. She has no idea who Whitney is but reminds Clark that he promised he’d never leave her. However, Lana soon realizes that Clark is an escapee and calls the hospital. When Clark wonders where his mother is, Lana tells him that Martha is at the Luthor manor. Clark goes there and discovers his mother in Lex’s office. She explains that she married Lionel after Jonathan died. She tries to get him to turn himself in but he escapes into the woods. One of Lex’s guards captures him but a van pulls up and distracts him. The door open and Clark gets in to find Chloe driving. She takes him to a warehouse and explains that Lex is dangerous and she’s been working against him. Clark insists on going to see Lex anyway and she reluctantly loans him her van.

Clark goes to LuthorCorp and confronts Lex, who reveals that he’s in a wheelchair after losing both his legs. Lex describes how he swerved his car to avoid Clark during one of Clark’s delusional episodes, went off a bridge, and lost his legs. He angrily insists that it would have been better for everyone if Clark had died instead, and then explains that Lionel had Clark committed.

Clark goes to the Talon and discovers that it’s merely an abandoned movie theater. Lana finds him there and admits that Clark did cause Lex’s accident. She insists that it doesn’t matter and shows him the plastic ring he gave her when they were 10. Clark goes to find Chloe upstairs. Chloe warns him that the Luthors are coming and they have to hide until Clark regains her powers. However, Lana comes up and explains that Chloe escaped from the psychiatric hospital several months ago. Lana manages to convince Clark he should go back to the institute. Frustrated, Chloe runs downstairs where LuthorCorp guards are waiting. She tries to shoot her way out and they gun her down. She dies in Clark’s arms, insisting that she’s not crazy until the end.

Back at the hospital, Hudson insists that Clark undergo the treatment. He explains that Clark took the names from various objects and people around him and used them to make his fantasy construct. Finally Hudson shows Clark a piece of kryptonite. Clark backs away but realizes that it has no effect on him. Clark finally accepts that he’s delusional and agrees to the treatment.

Later, the prisoner from earlier, John, tries to get through to a listless Clark. He explains that a Zoner has lodged itself parasitically in Clark’s mind and is trying to force him to surrender. If Clark gives in entirely by taking the treatment, it will take him over entirely. John explains that for Clark to break the delusion, he must trust in himself and kill Hudson. The guards arrive and intimidate John by using a cigarette lighter, then knock him out. They then take Clark to the treatment room where Lana is waiting. She tells him to stop fighting and accept the reality where they’re together. However, as Hudson advances the laser drill, Clark hears a barking noise in the background. Realizing that he’s still in the barn and Shelby is barking, Clark breaks free and strangles Hudson. Hudson’s eyes turn black… and Clark finds himself back in reality. The Zoner flashes out of his body only to be captured. John is there in real life, using a crystal sphere to hold the Zoner. His eyes glow red and he flies off into the sky as Chloe arrives.

Later, Clark discusses what happened and wonders at the fact he was willing to give up everything to be with Lana out of love.

The next day, Clark runs into Lana at the Talon. He mentions having a dream of giving her an engagement ring when they were kids. Lana thinks it’s amusing. Lex arrives to pick up his fiancée and Clark says it’s good to see him. Lex, surprised, admits he appreciates the civility and then leaves with Lana… who looks back at Clark.