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Smallville: Combat

Clark and Chloe locate another Zoner in a fight club which prompts Clark to seek a way in, knowing he'll probably have to expose himself. Lois catches wind of the fight club and desperate for a good story, she manages to get in but is put up against a fighter she wasn't expecting.

Episode Info

Episode number: 6x17
Production Number: 2T7717
Airdate: Thursday March 22nd, 2007


Special Guest Stars
Glen JacobsGlen Jacobs
As Titan (as Kane)
Glen JacobsGlen Jacobs
As Titan (as Kane)

Guest Stars
Michael EklundMichael Eklund
As Richter Maddox
Michael EklundMichael Eklund
As Richter Maddox
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Erica DuranceErica Durance
As Lois Lane
Erica DuranceErica Durance
As Lois Lane
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Michael RosenbaumMichael Rosenbaum
As Lex Luthor
Michael RosenbaumMichael Rosenbaum
As Lex Luthor
Kristin KreukKristin Kreuk
As Lana Lang
Kristin KreukKristin Kreuk
As Lana Lang
Annette OAnnette O'Toole
As Martha Kent
Annette OAnnette O'Toole
As Martha Kent


Announcer Richtor Maddox is sponsoring an underground fight club at an abandoned Air Force hanger. In the locker room, a guy approaches a female fighter, Athena, and they discuss the biggest, meanest fighter, Titan. An alarm goes off and they grab guns and go to investigate. Titan has gone berserk and is fighting an opponent he knows is a Kryptonian: Clark Kent...

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Episode Quotes
Lana: Lex, I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted to go on this honeymoon but like I said before, I don't think that flying off to some foreign country is good for the baby.
Lex: Are you sure that's the only reason you gave up a week in paradise? Ever since the wedding, I-I feel like you've been pulling away from me.
Lana: Everything happened so quickly - this pregnancy, the wedding. I still feel like I'm trying to catch up. I just need a little time.
Lex: Take as much time as you need. We have the rest of our lives together.

Chloe: Clark... slow down! I don't have enough money to hire a full-time maid to clean up every time you decide to blow in.
Clark: What'd you find?
Chloe: The URL and the password that Oliver gave you are both null and void, which means that the fight club promoters must be rotating them in order to maximize security and profit.
Clark: You have nothing!
Chloe: Don't bite my head off. You know I always have something up my sleeve. I'm starting to think that, uh, super-sleuthing might be my latent krypto power.

Lois: My dad's a general. Before the base was mothballed and sold off, I came here all the time with him.
Athena: A general, huh? I bet he's proud of how his little girl turned out.
Lois: Come on... help a girl out? I'll leave your name at the front door. You can watch my act. I do a killer stars-and-stripes routine.
Athena: I've always been a sucker for a girl in boots.
Lois: Lucky me.
Athena: Wait right here, kitten. I'll be right back.

Athena: You're a very nosy girl, kitty cat.
(Lois knocks Athena's gun out of her hand and punches Athena)
Athena: Pretty nice moves... for a stripper.
Lois: Oh, honey, I learned even better ones as an army brat.
(Lois and Athena briefly fight before Lois overpowers Athena)
Lois: For your information, my daddy is proud of me... kitty cat.

Chloe: Clark, these bouts are televised live. You can't risk showing people your...
Clark: I don't have a choice, Chloe.
Chloe: Clark, he can kill you.
Clark: Not if I kill him first.

Lois: Look, not too hard, just enough to make it look real. All they want is a fight. So, when I hit the mat, Maddox will come back in. We make our getaway.
Clark: I'm not going to punch you, Lois.
Lois: Fine! Then, you take the dive.
(Lois punches Clark and reels back in pain)
Lois: That is not a six-pack under your shirt, that's a steel kegger.

Titan: (to Clark) Time to die, Kryptonian.

Clark: And, then what? I don't know how to return them to the Phantom Zone. The only way to get rid of them... is to kill them like I did Titan.
Martha: Clark... from what you told me, that was an accident.
Clark: That's what I keep telling myself.
Martha: Well, what if it wasn't? He would have killed you.
Clark: So, I just killed him first? How does that make me any different than Titan?
Martha: What you're feeling right now is what makes you different - regret, remorse for a vicious creature who would have murdered you and Lois without a second thought? Those feelings are what make you human, no matter how much you deny it.
Clark: And, what about the anger? I wanted to kill him, Mom. I wanted to kill him with my bare hands. I've never felt rage like that before.
Martha: You were angry before you ever heard of Titan. We both know that's not what this is about.
Clark: How could Lana do it? How could she marry Lex?
Martha: I don't know, Clark, but she made her choice.
Clark: Or someone made it for her. I have to figure out what happened. I gotta do something.
Martha: Honey... I understand how much this hurts but part of being human, of being in love... is learning to let go. If you can't, I-I'm afraid the anger you're feeling will always be there.

Lana: I called Dr. Langston to tell him what happened. They told me he was killed in a car accident.
Lex: My God. That's terrible, when?
Lana: The day of our wedding. Lex, why is all this happening?
Lex: Some things in life are just... out of your control. Sometimes, you have to let go and leave it in the hands of a greater power.
Lana: I lost our baby. I'm-I'm so sorry.
Lex: Hey... it wasn't your fault.
Lana: I have to know for sure. I need to get my files from Dr. Langston's office.
Lex: We will. Lana, how can I make... how can I help make the pain go away? What can I do?

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
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