Combat - Recap

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Announcer Richtor Maddox is sponsoring an underground fight club at an abandoned Air Force hanger. In the locker room, a guy approaches a female fighter, Athena, and they discuss the biggest, meanest fighter, Titan. An alarm goes off and they grab guns and go to investigate. Titan has gone berserk and is fighting an opponent he knows is a Kryptonian: Clark Kent.

46 hours earlier. Clark is finishing a phone call to Oliver when Martha comes in and is worried that Clark has recently been violently recapturing krypto-mutants. Martha wonders if he’s taking out his frustrations on his captives because of Lana’s recent wedding to Lex, but Clark says that without emotional distractions he can finally do his job.

Later, Clark and Chloe get word from Oliver that someone is conducting illegal underground fights using krypto-mutants. They watch and see Titan kill a man using a spike that grows from the back of his hand. Chloe is unable to track the signal although Oliver thinks it’s originating somewhere near Smallville. Clark notices a symbol on Titan and has Chloe freeze the footage, and realizes that it’s a Kryptonian prison tattoo: Titan is a Phantom Zone escapee.

Lex and Lana are celebrating the one-week anniversary of their wedding. Lana apologizes about how she didn’t want to go flying on their honeymoon given her pregnancy. Lex wonders if she’s been pulling away from him but promises to give her as much time as she needs.

Clark superspeeds in to visit Chloe at her apartment. When Chloe admits she’s been unable to trace the fight club, Clark snaps at her. She has learned that the man Titan killed was a Belle Reve prisoner whose corpse was returned to his cell. Clark apologizes and admits he’s learned that there are a number of other people turning up dead, all Titan’s victims. Lois comes by and admits her editor at the Inquisitor wants her to come up a story. Clark and Chloe quickly cover up the case they’re investigating, but after they’re gone Lois checks the computer and comes up with a screen capture. She recognizes the identity marking on the hangar as belonging to Fort Ryan, Hangar 44.

Lois dresses provocatively and goes to the hangar. Athena finds her and Lois claims she works at a nearby strip club. Lois tries to seduce Athena with some success, but when Athena steps away for a few minutes, Lois starts taking pictures. Athena returns, realizes what she’s doing, and attacks her. Lois defeats her but Maddox arrives and captures her.

Chloe has run an ID check on the announcer, Maddox, and discovered that he’s the director at Belle Reve. Since Titan isn’t listed among the Belle Reve prisoners, Clark figures they also recruit outside fighters and decides to infiltrate the club.

Lex is checking videotape of an attack on his Corto Maltese facility, and sees that Green Arrow is responsible. He goes to Lana’s bedroom but discovers her writhing on the floor in pain. He gets her to the hospital where Dr. Albright, Lex’s family physician, is tending to her. Lex has already learned that Lana learned the baby due to complications and tells his wife.

Clark confronts Maddox in the Belle Reve parking lot. Maddox denies knowing anything at first, and then tries to shoot Clark. Clark catches the bullet, convincing him he’s serious about fighting. Maddox takes Clark to the hangar-arena where Clark asks to fight Titan. Maddox wants him to get in a warm-up bout first… and brings in Lois. He starts the fighting, introducing Clark as the all-American “Man of Steel.” When Clark refuses to punch Lois, she tells him to take a dive and punches him without success. Titan comes in to the fight to watch and recognizes Clark. Clark secretly uses his heat vision to take out the broadcast equipment.

As Athena and the guard run in, where the episode started, Titan kills Maddox and knocks down Clark. Lois tries to tackle him and he knocks her out. Clark takes on Titan and is initially beaten badly, but manages to regroup and knocks Titan down… onto his own spike. Titan says “Good fight” and then dies.

Later, Lex sends his man Bartlett to find the fight club. Bartlett reports back that he found the fight club, destroyed, and Titan’s corpse. They have no idea who killed Titan, but an autopsy has revealed that Titan wasn’t a human being.

At the farm, Clark is going over photos of meteor craters and realizes that there are more Phantom Zone prisoners than he was first aware of. He assures Martha that Lois is fine, but is worried that he may have to kill the prisoners because he can’t return them. He admits to his mother that he wanted to kill Titan with his bare hands, and admits his anger is because of Lana choosing to marry Lex. Clark insists he has to do something and Martha tells him that part of being human is learning to let go.

Lex visits Lana in the nursery. He tries to comfort her, saying some things are out of their control. She’s discovered that her physician, Dr. Langston, was killed in a car accident the day of the wedding. Lana wants to see his files to figure out what happened with the baby. Lex promises to do whatever he can to help her get over it. However, later he calls Dr. Albright, gets all of the files, and burns them. He takes a look at the ultrasound of the baby, a tear falling from his eye, and then burns that as well.