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In the aftermath of the dam's destruction, Clark and Lois investigate the area and discover that the disaster released a spacecraft... and a mysterious blonde woman. Meanwhile, Lex is freed from prison and sets out to determine if Lana is dead or not, and who was responsible for her murder.

Episode Info

Episode number: 7x2
Production Number: 3T6302
Airdate: Thursday October 04th, 2007

Alternate Airdates:

DE (RTL) Sep 24, 2008


Special Guest Stars
Terence StampTerence Stamp
voiced Jor-El

Guest Stars
Michael Cassidy (1)Michael Cassidy (1)
As Grant Gabriel
Kim CoatesKim Coates
As Agent Carter

Co-Guest Stars
Peter BryantPeter Bryant
As Lex's Assistant
Dean RedmanDean Redman
As Policeman
Richard KeatsRichard Keats
As Doctor
Tom McBeathTom McBeath
As Lex's Lawyer
Dawson DunbarDawson Dunbar
As Schoolboy
Theresa LeeTheresa Lee
As Asian Lab Tech
Jamie SchwanebeckJamie Schwanebeck
As Unknown (as Jamie Scott Schwanebeck)
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Erica DuranceErica Durance
As Lois Lane
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Michael RosenbaumMichael Rosenbaum
As Lex Luthor
Kristin KreukKristin Kreuk
As Lana Lang


As Clark and Lois go to check out the dam, Clark tells her that he doesn’t plan to stay in Smallville once Lana’s funeral is done. Before Lois can pursue the matter, they spot what appears to be some kind of spacecraft. Pieces of kryptonite are scattered around the area and Clark hangs back. Lois goes in closer but a mysterious blonde woman appears at superspeed. She knocks Lois back, crushes her cell phone, and then tells them to stay away. She knocks Clark back and tells him and Lois to leave, then flies up into orbit. As she hovers in space, she takes out a Kryptonian device with the symbol of El… and a picture of a baby...

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Episode Quotes
Clark: What's wrong, Lois? I thought you'd be happy to get rid of me?
Lois: Are you kidding? Who am I gonna pick on?
Clark: I'm sure you'll find someone.

Lois: You can't break up with me, Clark, we're not even a couple.

(to Clark)
Kara:You can't be Kal-El. He's a sweet chubby baby who laughed when you tickled his feet.

Clark: Kara, Krypton is gone.
Kara: What do you mean, gone?
Clark: It exploded. You and I are the only survivors.
Kara: No. Planets don't just explode, Kal-El.
Clark: Ours did. I'm sorry.
Kara: No. This yellow sun has fried your brain cells.

Grant Gabriel: Tell me about your close encounter.
Lois: Can't share a trade secret. I work for your rival, the Inquisitor.
Grant Gabriel: Our rival? This is the Daily Planet, read in virtually every country across the globe. We have no rival.

Chloe: (about Kara) I should have known you were Clark’s cousin from all the primary colors.

Clark: Chloe, not only is she strong as I am... she can fly.
Chloe: Whoa. It sounds like we got ourselves a true-blue Supergirl.
Clark: Well, define "super." Nearly every Kryptonian I've come across has turned into a cold-blooded killer.
Chloe: Yeah. What is it with you people? Are you the only half-decent member of your Kryptonian race?

Clark: Those doors would have opened if you'd have just waited.
Kara: We don't have time to wait for ancient technology. Between the two of us, we can cover more ground. Of course, it would help if you could defy gravity. Explain to me again why you can't fly.
Clark: I'm not sure.
Kara: I guess the humans are right, Kal-El. Girls do mature faster than boys.
Clark: It's Clark, remember?

Lex: I'm impressed.
Lana: I did learn from the master. As soon as I heard you'd freed yourself, I laid out the breadcrumbs and waited for the wolf to come knocking. Tell me, Lex. How were you planning on getting your revenge?

Lex: I always knew you were smart, Lana, I didn’t know you were brilliant.

Grant Gabriel: You like water, Lane?
Lois: As much as the next girl.
Grant Gabriel: 'Cause I'm giving you a waterfront view. This is your new desk, right here, right across from cousin Chloe.
Chloe: Excuse me?
Grant Gabriel: If you're lucky, Sullivan, some of her passion may rub off on you, maybe put a little fire on that torch you let burn out after high school.
Lois: Am I hearing things, or did you just offer me a job?
Grant Gabriel: Welcome to the Daily Planet, Lois Lane. You play your cards right, you'll be out of this basement quicker than your cousin. Nothing like a little family rivalry to keep the bullpen hopping.

Grant Gabriel: This is the fork in your road, Lane. In a dozen years, you'll either be Lois Lane, star reporter whose name is synonymous with the Daily Planet, or Lois Fill-in-the-Blank, married to an insurance adjuster in the sticks with four kids and forty extra pounds. You won't be able to look at a newspaper because it will always remind you of what could've been. Which road sounds better to you?

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
Executive ProducerBrian Robbins  |  Mike Tollin  |  Miles Millar  |  Joe Davola  |  Alfred Gough  |  Ken Horton (1)  |  James Marshall (3)  |  Darren Swimmer  |  Todd Slavkin  |  Brian Peterson (1)  |  Kelly Souders
Co-Executive ProducerJohn Litvack
Supervising ProducerTim Scanlan
ProducerRob Maier (1)  |  David Willson  |  Jae Marchant
Co-ProducerAl Septien  |  Turi Meyer  |  Tom Flores
Production DesignerJames Philpott
EditorRon Spang
CastingDeedee Bradley  |  Coreen Mayrs  |  Heike Brandstatter
First Assistant DirectorMairzee Almas
Second Assistant DirectorMark Bunting
MusicLouis Febre
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)  |  Joe Shuster (Superman Created By)
Director of PhotographyBarry Donlevy
Story EditorCaroline Dries
Production ManagerScott Graham (3)
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
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