Cure - Recap

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Jimmy’s getting Chloe a coffee at the Talon but she’s depressed and even the offer of tickets to a concert won’t cheer her up. Chloe is further distracted when she spots a familiar face: Sasha Woodman, who tried to win the Smallville High class presidency by controlling a swarm of bees with her krypto-mutant power. Chloe confronts her but Sasha says she underwent an operation that removed her super-power, as well as her memories of the last six years. Chloe leaves and as Sasha goes to her car, a familiar person meets her: Dr. Curtis Knox, the person who operated on her. However, he chloroforms her unconscious and takes her away.

Lana is making pancakes for Clark when Kara comes in and they talk about keeping powers secret. Clark comes down but they’re interrupted when John arrives… and attacks Kara. She prepares to fight back but Clark breaks them up. John was on Mars and attacked her father. Kara storms off and after Lana heads out, John warns Clark that Kara is his enemy and her father Zor-El tried to kill Jor-El on Krypton. If she gets the crystals, they’re all in danger. However, they’re unaware that Kara is using her super-hearing to listen to them.

Dr. Knox comes to Luthor Manor to talk to his employer: Lex. Lex has had Knox researching a cure for meteor infection and wiping their memories of Level 33.1, accuses Knox of running unauthorized experiments. Three of the patients have disappeared since their cure but Knox denies knowing anything about them. He goes back to his apartment… where Sasha is laid out on an operating table. A woman lies unconscious on a nearby bed. Knox begins to operate on Sasha as she screams.

Jimmy comes to see Chloe, who is secretly doing research on Knox. She cancels their date and he storms off, then snaps at Clark when he comes in asking her for help. She then goes to Knox and asks him to cure her.

Lana, who is living at the Kent farm, is using the computer to transfer funds when Clark comes in. She quickly hides what she’s doing and when he asks about Knox, she says she heard about him from when she was married to Lex, and that Knox is doing research on the meteor-infected.

Kara visits Jimmy at the newspaper and tries to find out what Lois learned about the spaceship in the grain silo. Lois is on assignment but Jimmy agrees to help access the video. Clark confronts Chloe who finally reveals that she’s going to undergo surgery to remove her superhealing ability. Clark eventually accepts her decision despite the fact she will forget all about him and what they’ve gone through.

Knox takes Sasha’s body to the Smallville fertilizer plant but Lex is waiting for him and demands that he stop murdering his patients. Knox scoffs at him and Lex has no choice but to gun him down. However, Knox gets back to his feet, pulling the bullets out of his chest. He knocks out Lex but Clark arrives and shoves Knox into an electrical transformer. Believing him dead, Clark takes Lex to the hospital.

Kara is eating Chinese foot with Jimmy as they wait for the video to recompile, and they discover that the video shows a government operation. Kara asks Jimmy to keep her investigation a secret from Clark and he agrees. Chloe comes in and sees them together and believes the worse, turning around and leaving after dropping an envelope in the garbage.

At the hospital, Lex explains that Clark didn’t kill Knox, and notes that Lois embezzled $10 million from him. Chloe prepares to undergo the operation with Knox but soon figures out something is wrong. When she tries to run, Knox chloroforms her and straps her to an operating table in his apartment. He reveals that he plans to remove her krypton-irradiated heart and transplant it into the other woman, Sophia. That way his love will have immortality the same way he does.

Clark talks to Jimmy and they figure from the abandoned note that Chloe is going to get the operation. Clark goes to Knox’s office and meets with Lex. Lex has determined that Knox is immortal and been alive for over a millennia. Together they figure out that Knox is living at an old hotel that he owned in the 1920s. Clark superspeeds to the place and confronts Knox, but the doctor’s meteor samples weaken Clark enough that Knox is able to fight him hand-to-hand. However, he accidentally damages the medical equipment and Sophia dies as Knox hovers over her, crying.

At the Kent farm, John reveals that he disposed of Knox without going into details, and warns against Kara. Kara flies in and Clark is forced to choose between the two of them. He goes with John and Kara angrily flies off. Clark then explains what happened to Lana and asks her about the stolen $10 million, but she lies and says that Lex is lying. Afterward, Lana goes to a secret headquarters, filled with surveillance equipment all trained on Lex.

Chloe comes to visit Jimmy and he tries to find out what is wrong, but she won’t reveal the secret of her super power. Jimmy says he can’t handle it any more and leaves a crying Chloe.