Siren - Recap

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Chloe is using the <i>Daily Planet</i> computers to intercept Lex's computer transmissions and save the contents to a disk. However, a costumed blond woman watches her from the shadows then attacks her once the disk is finished. Chloe runs for the elevator while calling for help over the radio headset. She gets to the roof but the woman gets ahead of her and attacks her. Before she can attack, Green Arrow arrives and pins the mysterious attacker to the wall with an arrow. However, when he fires three more arrows, she opens her mouth and emits a "sonic scream" that destroys the arrows. Slipping out of her jacket, she cuts the disk free from Chloe's pocket, jumps off the roof, rappelling down to safety and making her escape.

The next morning at the Kent farm, Clark and Lana are still uncomfortable after the revelation that Lana cared for the phantom clone. Meanwhile, at the <i>Planet</i> Lois is sparring with new employee, columnist Dinah Lance known as the "Voice of Justice." Dinah taunts Lois about her ex-boyfriend Oliver Queen is back in town. Lois is less then thrilled. Clark comes in to talk to Chloe about his problems with Lana, and finally figures out was going on. He then goes to confront Oliver, angry that the millionnaire is putting Chloe at risk by paying her to help him.

The masked woman meets with Lex and turns over the disk. Impressed, he asks her to take on a new mission: bring him Green Arrow, who has been attacking his facilities.'

Lionel goes to the Isis Foundation to visit Lana and try to recruit her to help him get the goods on Lex, who had Grant Gabriel killed. Lana isn't interested and Lionel tries to blackmail her by saying he'll tell Clark that she held a female technician prisoner after Brainiac attacked her.

At the <i>Planet</i>, Dinah breaks into Chloe's desk and finds her iPhone showing a call to Oliver Queen. Meanwhile, Clark visits Lana at the Isis Foundation and asks for help to locate the mystery woman using her footage from Lex's manor. The woman isn't on the tape, and Lana confesses to Clark about the woman she held prisoner, taking away Lionel's leverage. She complains that she can't live up to Clark's standards, but a furious Clark says that she keeps falling in love with killers like Lex and Bizarro and then he stalks off.

Lois goes to see Oliver at his clocktower penthouse and he has dinner laid out for her. Lois is eager to get back together with her but they're interrupted when the mystery woman bursts in using her sonic scream. The blast knocks out Oliver and shatters the wall concealing his hidden weaponry. Lois sees it all just as the woman knocks her out. She then ties them together and when they wake up, Lois complains about how Oliver kept secrets from her. The woman knocks Lois out again and then accuses Oliver of being a terrorist attacking Lex's operations. Oliver tries to explain but the woman doesn't believe him and calls Lex to make the payment via wire transfer. While she does so, Oliver starts cutting himself free with a hidden arrow blade.

Clark goes back to the <i>Planet</i> to apologize to Chloe for blowing up at her earlier. Chloe figures out that someone working at the <i>Planet</i> tapped into her computer when she was intercepting Lex's file. Checking the building's computer records, Chloe determines that Dinah Lance was using the computers that night. using her computer, Chloe photoshops canary-blond hair onto her photo, confirming she's the mystery women, who they nickname "Black Canary." Chloe then locates the wire transfer from Lex to Black Canary and stops it. A furious Black Canary goes to see Lex but Clark comes after her and tries to explain she's in over her head. She is skeptical of Clark and attacks, but bounces off of him. She then uses her sonic scream, deafening Clark with his super-hearing, and makes her escape.

Lana goes to confront Lionel and tell him he can't blackmail her into helping him. She insists that from now on she's going to live an honest life for Clark, and Lionel wonders if she can do it.

After Clark recovers, he and Chloe go to Oliver's penthouse where he's escaped and left Lois behind. She tries to cover for Oliver's secret ID, unaware that Clark and Chloe already know it. Meanwhile, Black Canary goes to Lex's manor and reveals she's checked up on Lex's operations and they're not what Lex claimed. Lex shoots her but Green Arrow arrives and the two men spar back and forth, gun against arrow, fist against fist. Black Canary manages to recover enough to dispose of a guard and then throws a knife at Lex, while Green Arrow fires arrows as well and Lex shoots back. Clark arrives at superspeed, takes in the situation, and deflects the bullets and arrows before getting Black Canary away. The knife takes Lex in the shoulder and Green Arrow bids him better luck next time before leaving.

Later, Lois goes to see Oliver as he cleans up the penthouse and asks for her another chance. However, she says she can't handle someone who has a dual identity like his and walks away, crying. Later, she's eating ice cream at her apartment over the Talon when Clark comes in to console her. Lois admits she has feelings for Oliver but she recognizes he has a higher calling, just like her father. However, she doesn't want to live with someone who has no room in their life for anything else so she broke it off so she wouldn't have to go through that again.

Black Canary sets up a meeting with Clark and Green Arrow, and admits she screwed up and is prepared to retire. However, Oliver suggests she should join his "league" instead, and she strolls away with him, considering it.

Back at the Kent farm, Clark finds Lana packing to go stay with Chloe. Clark confesses to some of the crimes he's committed in the past so he'll seem less perfect, but Lana admits she's been dishonest as well. She wonders if Clark really believes she's the one for his future, and Clark asserts it is, but Lana isn't convinced.