Descent - Recap

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Lionel arrives at his office at LuthorCorp and Lex is waiting for him. Lionel's son demands to know about the Traveler and the deaths of the Veritas group, and insists that Lionel deliberately took him to Smallville on the day of the first meteor show, as a sacrifice to the Traveler. Lionel suggests that Lex might be the Traveler, noting how he's survived so many mortal injuries over the year. Lex insists that he's a survivor, just like Lionel taught him, and he plans to get the box from Zurich. Lionel warns that there will be no redemption for Lex if he does, but Lex demands the key. He's realized that Lionel has the locket holding it and takes it from him, then shoves him out the office window where he falls to his death as Lex looks down upon him.

Chloe and Clark are trying to locate Brainiac by accessing computer systems and satellite stations but are unable to find him or Kara. Lois comes in to reveal that someone has fallen to their death at the LuthorCorp building, then heads out to report on it. Chloe and Clark follow as Lex testifies to Captain Sawyer that he heard Lionel yell and then jumped to his death. As Lex leaves after identifying his father's body, he suffers a vivid hallucination and sees his young self on the street. Young Lex accuses him of killing their father. Lex sees Clark watching him and just walks away. Clark insists to Chloe that Lionel wouldn't have committed suicide despite his recent mental instability, and they wonder where the locket is that Lionel mentioned to Clark.

Lex goes back to the manor where his assistant Gina expresses her condolences. Lex remembers how Lionel humored his obsession with flying and told him of how the right man could make anything possible. He's examining Lionel's locket and Gina assures him that she'll never tell anyone. However, the locket is empty and Lex figures that Lionel gave the key to someone. Gina notes that Lionel went to visit Chloe at the Daily Planet and Lex tells her to prepare a helicopter for Zurich. As she leaves, Young Lex appears and condones him for killing Lionel over a necklace.

Clark goes to Lionel's office and opens the vault, where he finds a container with Kryptonian symbols saying it's for him. Clark opens it and finds a message from Lionel who warns that there are two keys that hold the secret to controlling Clark.

Lois meets with Jimmy at the Planet and has found a photo of Lois... with the LuthorCorp building in the background, and Lionel falling to his death. There is a vague shadow in the window but Jimmy needs a more powerful computer to resolve the image. They upload it to the Isis Foundation computers and call Chloe for help.

Chloe returns to her office at the newspaper and finds an envelope in her drawer with the key in it. She sees Lex coming and hides the key in the desk while shredding the envelope. When Lex comes in she expresses her condolences but Lex asks if Lionel left her everything. Chloe denies knowing anything but Lex finds the key and wants to know what Lionel told her. Chloe claims she doesn't know why Lionel hid it there without her knowledge, but Lex doesn't believe her and has her fired. Gina suggests that Lex go back to the manor then searches Chloe's computer files. As she does so, Jimmy and Lois leave a text message on Chloe's phone about Lionel's photo and Gina spots it. She goes to confront Lois and Jimmy and takes them to a service area. She knows they have the photo and uploaded it to Isis, and shoots Lois when she tries to attack her. She locks them in a freezer and goes to get the photo.

Clark and Chloe go to Isis and he goes to look for the key while Chloe works on resolving the photo image. Clark finds the locket in Lex's study but Lex confronts Clark and tells him to get out. Ignoring the urgings of his younger self to confide in Clark, Lex taunts Clark with the fact that he may have caused Jonathan's death, then wants to know why Lionel trusted Clark and ignored him. Clark warns Lex that he won't get away with Lionel's murder as he has evidence.

Chloe determines that Lex is Lionel's killer but Gina knocks her out from behind then destroys the photo file. She hides as Clark arrives and overhears them as they discuss the fact that Jimmy and Lois are in danger. Gina watches as Clark super speeds away. He goes to the Planet and uses his hearing to find Lois and Jimmy in the freezer, unconscious. He thaws them out with his heat vision and leaves before they can see him.

Gina goes to her car while calling Lex and leaving a message that she knows who the Traveler is. However, a mysterious man poisons her and leaves her dying body in her car.

Lex makes plans to go to Zurich while contemplating the key. Young Lex warns him that there's still good inside of him, but Lex says that he is going to eliminate the "weakness" in himself. He takes his younger self and throws him into the fireplace.

The next day, Clark studies a photo of Jonathan as Chloe comes in and tell shim that Lionel's funeral is closed to everyone. When Clark wonders whether his destiny is worth the death of three men that have been father figures to him, Chloe tells him that he can't let their deaths be in vain. Clark goes to the graveyard where Lex is contemplating his father's grave. The two men look at each other and then Lex walks away as Clark sprinkles dirt over Lionel's coffin.