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Smallville: Descent

Lex seeks the key in Lionel's locket so that he can uncover the secret of Veritas that will give him control of the Traveler. In his quest, he takes the last final step to evil by killing someone close to Clark.

Episode Info

Episode number: 7x16
Production Number: 3T6316
Airdate: Thursday April 17th, 2008

Alternate Airdates:

Canada Apr 16, 2008
Greece Nov 02, 2008


Guest Stars
Anna GalvinAnna Galvin
As Gina
Connor StanhopeConnor Stanhope
As Young Lex
Jill TeedJill Teed
As Captain Maggie Sawyer

Co-Guest Stars
Don BroatchDon Broatch
As Mystery Killer
Shaw MadsonShaw Madson
As Lex's Henchman
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El


Lionel arrives at his office at LuthorCorp and Lex is waiting for him. Lionel's son demands to know about the Traveler and the deaths of the Veritas group, and insists that Lionel deliberately took him to Smallville on the day of the first meteor show, as a sacrifice to the Traveler. Lionel suggests that Lex might be the Traveler, noting how he's survived so many mortal injuries over the year. Lex insists that he's a survivor, just like Lionel taught him, and he plans to get the box from Zurich. Lionel warns that there will be no redemption for Lex if he does, but Lex demands the key. He's realized that Lionel has the locket holding it and takes it from him, then shoves him out the office window where he falls to his death as Lex looks down upon him...

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Episode Notes
Kristin Kreuk and Laura Vandervoort do not appear in this episode.

Episode Quotes
Lex: I’m sure there were moments King Arthur regretted pulling the sword from the stone. But, he never gave up his quest. So, why did you? Or have you already found the Traveler that you and the less fortunate members of Veritas were looking for?
Lionel: The Traveler, why doesn't it surprise me that you've fallen for Patricia Swann's vivid imaginings.
Lex: I didn't imagine the deaths of Virgil Swann or Oliver Queen's parents.
Lionel: You think I can control the fate of individuals? (scoffs) You give me too much credit!

Lex: I remember everything, Dad!
Lionel: Those are the memories of a small boy, in shock, trying to cope with the trauma of a meteor shower.
Lex: A trauma brought on by my own father! My life changed forever that day. You sacrificed me for the Traveler. Why?

Lionel: What if I told you now that you were the Traveler? You're right, your life truly changed that day. I told you in the helicopter that you were destined for a great future, that's why I've been so hard on you, trained you so relentlessly. Think, Lex, think. You have survived mortal injuries so many times, how else can you explain it?
Lex: Because I was trained never to accept defeat. When I get my hands on that box in Zurich, I have a feeling all my questions will be answered.
Lionel: Lex... I know how strong it is, the attraction of the dark power. But, it will destroy you. I can’t let you go down that terrible path. You must not open that box.

Lex: I've swept every possible place you could've hidden it. I finally realised there's only one person you would trust it with... yourself.
Lionel: Lex, Lex, if you open that box, if you get hold of that secret, there will be no redemption for you. No redemption, ever.
Lex: I was raised in your shadow. Now, you're gonna die in mine. No-one will even remember your name.

Chloe: Not that I want to speak ill of the dead but Lionel Luthor left a lot of damage in his wake, Clark. Remember he locked you in a kryptonite box?
Clark: Lionel did a lot of things, Chloe, but he'd never commit suicide.
Chloe: I don't know about that, Clark. He was beyond disturbed when he came to the Daily Planet today.
Clark: That doesn't mean he'd take his own life. He was pretty rattled the last time I saw him, too, he was desperate to give me something - a locket.
Chloe: What does a locket have to do with Lionel Luthor falling forty storeys from his office window?

Lionel: In my lifetime, I've known many famous and powerful men: presidents, sultans, kings. And I believed that I was superior to them all. But I've come to know the truth, Kal-El. My greatest accomplishment is that I have dedicated myself to protecting your life and serving you. For that, I am grateful.

Clark: Jor-El died getting me on that ship. My dad died of a heart attack from the powers he took on protecting me. And now Lionel's been murdered protecting my secret.
Chloe: They did die for you, Clark. But ultimately, they died for all of us. There was a reason those men were in your life--each of them added something to the man that you are today.
Clark: How could Lex have done it? How does a son murder his own father?
Chloe: Total absence of love. Some say that's the definition of evil.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)  |  Joe Shuster (Superman Created By)
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
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