Sleeper - Recap

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A black-clad figure sneaks through the ventilation shafts of a building containing the Ace of Club, an exclusive nightspot. He finds a man carrying a briefcase and descends behind him, then knocks the man out with a taser. He uses the man's own eye to open the retinal scanner lock, and then downloads the database inside of it. Once he's completed the operation, he gets into an elevator, goes to the club, and removes his suit, revealing a man in a tuxedo: Jimmy Olson.


Jimmy is at Chloe's apartment making breakfast for Chloe. She says she has to pass, as she has a meeting, and Jimmy accuses her of not being concerned with their relationship. She apologizes, saying she's busy taking care of the Isis Foundation now that Lana is in the mental institute after Brainiac's attack. As she leaves, Jimmy is unaware that a woman is watching him from across the street.

Chloe goes to Isis and tries to penetrate the government data banks to track down Brainiac and Kara. Clark arrives and admits he's been spending his time watching over Lana rather than tyring to stop Lex from getting the box in Zurich. He suggests Chloe access a satellite to see if Brainiac and Kara left Earth entirely. She agrees and says that he should check out Dr. Swann's journals, as he was decoding the signals that Jor-El sent to Earth.

The woman watching Jimmy, Vanessa Weber, approaches Jimmy and identifies herself as a member of the NSA. She says that they've identified Chloe as the mysterious hacker invading government databases and she threatens to arrest Chloe unless he helps her find out what Chloe is up to. Jimmy doesn't believe that Chloe is involved with terrorists as Weber claims, but reluctantly agrees to help and Weber gives him some high-tech spy equipment to complete his mission.

Jimmy goes to Isis to see Chloe and she apologizes for having to duck out on him. When he offers to help her move her things, she tries to get him away from her notes and files. She gets a text message from Clark and covers with Jimmy by saying it's her building manager, then ducks out.

Lex prepares to go to Zurich when his henchman informs him that he has been red-flagged for air travel by the U.S. Government. Lex tells his man to make sure that nothing stops him for leaving for Switzerland.

Jimmy sneaks into Isis and accesses the computer, and finds that Chloe has been breaking into NSA files. He installs a spyware program and leaves. Meanwhile, Chloe meets with Clark, who reveals that he's found a new page in his journal from 1989: a page that wasn't there before. The decoded transmission says to save Lana and the Fortress and appears to be contemporaneous. Clark insists on going to the Fortress to get answers from the Jor-El computer, despite Choe's concerns. When he goes to the barn to get the teleport key, Jimmy shows up and asks him about friends keeping secrets. Clark wonders if he's talking about him but soon realizes that Jimmy is talking about Chloe. Clark notes that if he trusts a friend, then he needs to trust them completely. Clark then goes to the Fortress and tries to get a response from Jor-El. Instead Kara speaks through the system and says that she sent the transmission and says that she has gone back to Krypton.

Chloe is at Isis trying to access the satellite information and discovers that a major nexus center is in Metropolis, at the same building where the Ace of Clubs nightclub is holding its grand opening. After leaving a message for Clark, she detects an intrusion in the computer and identifies the source as Jimmy.

Jimmy tries to leave a message for Chloe out of guilt, but Weber finds him first and tells him that she is the one monitoring Chloe's computer. Now that she's confirmed Chloe is tapping into NSA files, she wants Jimmy to go with her to the Ace of Clubs and gives him a hidden camera so she can monitor what happens.

Jimmy and Chloe go to the Ace of Clubs and she sets her phone down. Jimmy puts a government tracking device next to it and invites her to dance as a distraction. Jimmy manages to tap the call and grabs his device, then slips away claiming he's going to check with the parking valet. After he's gone, Chloe slips away and goes to the government satellite center. She's unaware that Jimmy has put on a stealth suit, slipped back into the building, and knocked out the man to get Chloe's information.


Jimmy gives the information to Weber at the nightclub, but she determines it's fake information that Chloe slipped him. She has her men haul Jimmy away and goes to deal with Chloe personally. Chloe has found the information on Brainiac's departure and determines what planet he was heading for with Kara. Weber comes in and takes her prisoner, ties her up, and starts beating her for information on the terrorist cell she's working for. Jimmy knocks out his guard using one of Weber's devices then goes into the center and takes out the other man. Weber tries to knock him out but Chloe takes her down and rescues Chloe. They go to Chloe's apartment and Jimmy insists on knowing the truth. Chloe doesn't trust him since he stole the information, but he points out she's been lying to him all along. She finally gives in and says that he can ask her anything he wants. Instead he decides to trust her completely and they kiss. He then assures her that the government won't be coming after her.

Lex gets to Zurich and acquires the safety deposit box. Using the two keys, he opens it and finds a secret compartment with a sealed envelope. Inside it is a metal plate with a series of metal dials that lay out constellations. As Lex studies it, the bank security guard tries to garrote him but Lex manages to save himself. The man says Lex isn't one of the box's owners, and Lex knocks out the man and leaves. Back in Metropolis, Lex tells his people to identify his attacker and find out if he's connected to his project in Quebec. Jimmy comes in and asks for help, but Lex tells him that he's already gotten the government off of Chloe. He says that he considers Jimmy part of his family along with the rest of the newspaper staff, and suggests that Jimmy should be just as willing to do anything to help him.

At the Kent barn, Clark and Chloe go over the satellite photos and Chloe points out that Brainiac and Kara apparently passed through a warp in space that leads to a red star: Krypton in the past. Together they figure that Brainiac has traveled into the past to destroy Clark in the past. Chloe notes that now Clark must go back in time to save himself, before it's too late.