Toxic - Recap

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Clark and Chloe are attending a rainforest preservation fundraiser using Clark's press pass. Chloe is amused that Clark is spending time with her, since she thought he'd been spending much more time with Lois recently. Clark denies it and notes Lois isn't there because she's working on an assignment and trying to stay on Tess' good side. Chloe is suspicious of Tess and Clark admits her connection Lex (who knows Clark's secret identity) worried him, but he isn't worried about her… yet. Oliver arrives with a date but collapses in front of the news cameras. Clark gets to his side and Oliver tells him that he only has 12 hours to live.

Clark and Chloe take Oliver to Isis despite Clark's objections that he should go to a hospital. Oliver asked them not to and Chloe insists that they should do what he says. Clark reluctantly agrees and goes to find the woman who came in with Oliver. Chloe calls Davis for help and he arrives and tries to stabilize Oliver. Davis believes Oliver should go to the hospital and warns that if Oliver doesn't show improvement in an hour, he's taking him there. Clark tries to call Adrianna on Oliver's speed-dial but gets no answer, and wonders why she disappeared after Oliver's collapse.

Lois is working on a serial killer story and turns it into Tess. The CEO thinks the big news story is Oliver's collapse. Lois angrily defends Oliver as a humanitarian but Tess knows that Lois had a past romantic relationship with him. She considers giving the story to someone without a personal stake, but Lois convinces Tess to let her cover the story.

Clark returns to the fundraiser and tracks Adrianna by dialing her cell phone and listening with his super hearing. However, he finds that EMTs are taking her away: she apparently OD'd in a bathroom.

Chloe watches over as his fever increases and he start to become delirious as he remembers his past…

The Past

Oliver wakes up on the shores of a deserted island. Unable to eat insects, he tries to capture a wild boar but fails. Oliver's forced to create a makeshift bow and arrows, as well as a green hood out of clothing scraps to protect his face from the sun. He slowly masters the art of archery until he can split one of his own arrows. After two years, he hears men and goes to investigate. A group is unloading crates on the island while repairing the boat. He starts to move in closer but touches a flower and passes out.

The Present

Lois arrives and assumes Oliver is drunk. Chloe points out the medical equipment and convinces Lois that Oliver shouldn't go to the hospital. Oliver starts muttering one name under his breath: "Mercer."

The Past

Oliver wakes up in a tent to find his chest covered with leeches. A woman is administering them: marine biologist Tess Mercer. She tells him that the leeches extrude an enzyme that negates the poison. Oliver notices a guard and Tess explains that the men are pirates who kidnapper her and Megan.

The Present

Clark is at the hospital tracking down Adrianna when he runs into Davis. Davis has given Oliver an hour and now plans to bring him in for treatment. He notes that Adrianna received the same poison but is now fine due to standard adrenaline treatments. However, Adrianna goes into convulsions from the adrenaline and then flatlines.

The Past

Tess explains that she and Megan were kidnapped after the pirates killed the rest of their boating party. The head pirate, Marcos, comes in and recognizes Oliver as a spoiler rich kids whose yacht sank two years ago. Now that he has a more valuable prisoner, Marcos shoots Megan dead and then prepares to kill Tess. Oliver throw himself in the way, insisting that they can kill him instead. Marcos considers it and decides to keep both of them prisoners… for now.

The Present

Lois is standing vigil over Oliver and talks about their relationship, admitting that she hasn't totally accepted their break-up yet. Meanwhile, Chloe researches the poison and determines it's from a plant in the South Pacific. Clark realizes that she went through all the data without computers and she has a new superpower. Chloe starts tapping into LuthorCorp's computers using her mental abilities and finds a lab that is working on an antidote. She then explains to Clark that her mental abilities increased after Brainiac attacked her. Clark is concerned about the side effects but Chloe just wants to use her newfound ability to save Oliver.

Clark goes to see Tess to see if she can provide the antidote. Tess initially denies having any such lab. However, when Clark mentions that Oliver is the victim, she admits there was such a lab but it's been relocated to Brazil and they can't get an antidote in time.

Davis arrives at Isis while Lois tries to cool Oliver down. Oliver has only minutes left and Lois insists that he do whatever he can to keep Oliver going even a few seconds longer.

The Past

Tess is crying over Megan's body and remembering the bracelet she gave to her friend. Oliver takes it off of Megan and gives it to Tess, then take an elastic band from his hand. He also has a short sharpened piece of wood that he dips in some of the flower sap. He tells her that he swore to change is life if he ever got the island, and he's changing today. Now that the pirates' boat is ready for departure, the guard takes Oliver and Tess to the beach. Oliver knocks him out then uses the elastic band as a makeshift bow to shoot the poisoned mini-arrow into Marcos. Oliver tells Marcos where he can find the antidote then departs the island with Tess.

The Present

Oliver flatlines despite Lois and Davis' best efforts. Clark arrives with the antidote, claiming he got it from Queen Industries. Davis administers it and Oliver recovers. Regaining consciousness, he tells Clark that Tess is the killer's next target.

Tess is walking to her car when she sees a knife thrust into one tire. Realizing it's a trap, she's too late to get out before Marcos grabs her. She fights back but Marcos gets the upper hand, stunning her. Clark arrives and uses his heat vision to swing an electrical support into Marcos and knocking him out. Tess recovers consciousness and is left with nothing but suspicions and an unconscious pirate.

Later, Oliver visits Tess at the Luthor manor. She ran the story about his supposed drunkenness and Oliver isn't happy. However, he'd rather discuss their past relationship. He sees that she's still wearing Megan's bracelet from the island. She sincerely admits that she's glad he's alive, then not-so-sincerely claims it's just so she wanted a business rival to sharpen her skills against. Oliver is angry that she's now working for Lex and she says that she did what she had to for herself. She also notes that he didn't say goodbye on the day he left. Oliver prepares to leave but Tess gives him one thing: a file on Lionel Luthor.

At the Daily Planet, Clark tries to comfort Lois, who at first denies having any problems over her ex-boyfriend's near-death experience. Finally she breaks and admits she hasn't totally gotten over Oliver. Clark can sympathize, thanks to his relationship with Lana. Lois thanks him for caring and then goes back to work.

Chloe returns to Isis and finds Davis looking at the computer files and data she gathered to save Oliver. He figures that she has enhanced intelligence and wonders if her fiancé Jimmy knows. She admits he doesn't and asks that Davis keep it a secret from Jimmy. He agrees, admitting that they all have something they don't want others to discover.

Clark finds Oliver drinking and asks how he knows Tess. Oliver lies, claiming that he just assumed the killer was targeting CEOs. He then reveals the file Tess gave him: it has information proving Lionel was responsible for the death of his parents. Oliver accuses Clark of hiding the information from him and Clark reluctantly admits he did so because he didn't want Oliver to overreact. Oliver says he wouldn't have killed Lionel and his life changed during his trials on the island. However, Clark hasn't come up against a real trial yet, or even trusts his friends or faced his destiny.

Someone has bailed Marcos out of jail and he's catching a cab to the airport to get out of the country. As he gets in, someone scratches him with a poisoned flower. As he collapsed into his seat, Tess tells him that she paid his bail so she could get her personal revenge on him. She tells the driver take to the hospital where they’ll administer the same adrenaline treatment Adrianna received earlier. Tess then drops the flower in the street and drives off, satisfied.